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Phoros Woodlands (フォレス森林地帯, Foresu Shinrin Chitai) is a location in Rune Factory 5.


This is one of the largest areas in the game to explore and has many areas of interest and many valuable monsters to tame that should be a priority for any new Earthmate. Get a Cluckadoodle for Egg, a Buffamoo for Milk, a Hornet for Honey.

This area has five locations that a wanted monsters, will appear at once you have taken the mission from field captain Livia and have acquired a SEED Seal.

Inner Locations

  • Arch Stone - The central region of the Phoros Woodland connecting Keron Pond and Bandit King's Old Base with an inaccessible tower known as the Guiding Tower... and The Mine Quarry/ Thundering Wastes regions.
  • Bandit King's Old Base - This area is blocked until you progress the story past a certain point and is located just past the Resilient Palm Tree, Field of Flowers and Long Peninsula look for the Big Baobab Tree (This tree looks like an large radish) and the fairies spawn from a nearby gate that will attack you.
  • Death Fungus Peak - going west from the The Mine Quarry will take you near a grassy knoll that spirals upwards. There are Orange and Indigo grass spawns and monsters, some treasure chests and a spot that overlooks the arch stone. Continue to the top to find a large grassy area with a giant killer mushroom the Death Fungus and a chest that gives 800G.
  • Guiding Tower - an inaccessible tower (until phase 3 of the game) located near the Arch stone in the central region of the Phoros Woodlands. After Phase 3 starts this location is still called Guiding Tower but the doorway will be Unlocked allowing entry into the Rigbarth Maze if you've used your directive to do so..
  • Keron Pond - This area can be described as a large body of water with numerous spots where the fish are visible with a single park bench. It is an ideal location for a romantic date! It is so scenic that even monsters come to this location for dates! A Wooly and a Fleecy are always present when visiting this spot each day. They gaze upon the water together, until Ares or Alice decides to ruin their date and gets too close when they both become hostile. Apart from those two monsters, fairly close to this location is a monster gate that will spawn many monsters and make fishing an unpleasant experience. Be sure to defeat them if you wish to have a peaceful fishing experience.
  • Mamadoodle Den - if you follow along the cliff wall just northeast of Bandit King's Old Base you'll eventually come to a dead end which usually houses 2x Mamadoodles. Be careful this path has very little room and has more monsters to fight than you'd expect. (this area is referred to as the Mamadoodle Den because that's what you find at the end but it does not pop up like locations do).
  • The Mine Quarry (The North-East most corner of Phoros Woodlands) If you follow the second path ( a canyon) near the Bandit King's Old Base you'll encounter a fork in the road that leads to a boot shaped dead-end apart from monster spawns and some random items there is nothing interesting here, should you press onwards to the northeast corner you'll encounter an area known as The Mine. It has 4x Clay Stone veins, 1x Stone veins, 3x Bronze Ore veins, 4x Iron Ore veins, 4x Amethyst Ore veins, and 1x Rune Crystal vein to recharge RP as very rarely give you a Rune Crystal to make equipment out of. Additionally there are branches and stones scattered that you can turn into materials.
  • Phoros Uplands - The northwestern portion of the Phoros Woodlands where the Verdant Waterfall is
  • Resilient Palm Tree - has good access to (Ocean-type) fishing and access to a monster gate that usually spawns a Ribbitee and 2x Fleecy. near this area is a large upper level with a forked path easy monsters and various drops. The large peninsula has 5 mushrooms and 1 crate spawn. There is a very large field of flowers as well with fairies to fight and 2x Green Grass. Be sure to look carefully at tree tops there are often items you can snag with you Seed Seal up top. Pay close attention to where your character is looking as they will often stare in the direction of an item you can pick up and sometimes for whatever reason the item just doesn't show up on the map.
  • Terra Dragon - The entrance to your Terra Dragon (not to be confuse with the Earth Dragon) Entrance.
  • Thundering Wastes - Directly north of the Arch Stone is the entry into the Thundering Wastes and the Terra dragon entrance is nearby if it is unlocked.
  • Timeworn Caverns - has two sides accessible only from each respective side. The western side provides plenty of area to fish. The eastern side It has 2x Amethyst rocks to mine and 4x Black Grass nodes and 1x Antidote Grass to collect. A wanted monster spawns just at the entrance if you have undertaken that request.
  • Vacation Home - After phase 3 of the game, you unlock the Extra Directives and one of these extra directives will allow you to build a Vacation Home near the Peninsula near the Resilient Palm Tree area.
  • Verdant Waterfall Bridge - The bridge over Northwestern waterfall that makes the river flow throughout most of the Phoros Woodlands region until it drains down into the Timeworn Caverns.
  • Windswept Agora - The south-eastern side of the Verdant Waterfall Bridge



If you follow the middle path from Rigbarth's east exit and continue past the first fork (the southern one that leads to Whispering Woods), towards the second fork (where the path veers sharply to the south-east) and continue following the middle path to the third fork (where you are now in the Phoros Uplands) you will notice a small path going to the south. There is a large tree stump and a lot of medicinal herbs, grasses and bamboo shoots and a sign nearby. Randomly, if you search the ground near the stump you can sometimes find an invisible item spawn for tree seeds (apple, grape, orange, twinkle). It is best to search this location daily as acquiring tree seeds early on (especially because they take forever to grow) can help solve some pesky requests the townspeople submit.

The area past the Cluckadoodles, Buffamoos, and Hornets near the bridge, near the Timeworn Caverns has a path leading upwards to an orc ambush and an Apple Tree you can harvest from on the left.


There are many treasure chest with random treasure in this area most in plain sight. There are even invisible chests that are blue that you need to use a SEED Crest effect to see.



Near the Resilient Palm Tree on the high upper level is a vast area with a crate that can be destroyed and weaker monsters to fight.

Near The Mine Quarry on the upper ledges is an Iron Box to smash, it will contain random items usually better than a wooden crate.

Circle Items



  • Iron Ore
  • Earth Crystal
  • Amethyst
  • Emerald


Shooting Star


You can fish anywhere in this region where there is water except on some really tall cliffs.


Mysterious NPC

If you throw a piece of rubbish into Keron pond, such as boot, or can, an NPC named Pixie who has an appearance similar to the Pixie monster and will scold you and say "Hey, If your going to throw something in here, I'd rather it be a Star Strawberry". She absolutely detests regular strawberries.

It is unknown what this character's impact on the game is, if there is any impact, or if there is any benefit to your game for encountering it. Perhaps this just a secret, an easter egg, or a nod to the series' roots from the Harvest Moon franchises. Harvest Moon usually had a romanceable Harvest Goddess that you interacted with by throwing an offering into the Harvest Spring. Perhaps, it is a reference to the Kappa who was also romanceable in certain titles.