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Pandora (パンドラ, Pandora) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.


Pandora is first encountered as a stone statue found while completing Mikoto's "Something Hidden Beneath the Waves" request. Shortly after her statue is brought to the main character's home, Sierra will ask to meet at the port entrance of the seaside caves after dark. During this event, the main character will see the ghostly visage of Pandora in the cave. The next night, the main character is awakened by Pandora and the adventure begins to restore Pandora. She'll live in Aden's house until she reaches Friend/Love level 1, during which she'll materialize, move to the Church, and live in the westmost room.

Unlocking Pandora

If you accept the request 'Something Hidden Beneath the Waves' from Mikoto, go to the island on the map. When you go there there will be a group of goblins, defeat them then open the treasure chest, pick up the statue then go home. There should be a scene where you put the statue in your house. You should also tell Mikoto that you found the island. After this go talk to Sierra, the music will change and she will claim that there is a ghost by Fenith Port and that you should go and investigate with her. Agree and then go there after 6 PM. There should be a group of people there, go near them and watch the scene. After, go to bed and the next day she will be living at your house. After this, to restore her you must get her heart level up to 1 and on her 1st friendship event you will achieve this.


An evil mistress who is always trying to take over the world but is never taken seriously. She enjoys calling her friends minions, not revealing her happiness that begins to grow on the island. Over time, a dark secret of which even Pandora is unaware of is revealed (which is available when playing as Aden).

Family: None (But it's said on some sites, fan and official, that there is a demon in her body named Belzagor who is actually her father).


Loves Rune Crystal

Gems (Sapphire, Ruby, etc.), Medicinal Herb

Standard Spirits
Hates Rosery

During the month of summer, she wears a blue one-piece swimsuit with white frills.


This is a rune crystal Bwha ha ha another step towards my full restoration!

Jewels possess magic. I will take possession of this one

Giving tribute is the mark of a faithful minion


Early mornings she can be found in the bath house then makes her way towards the Church inside a room that you can not enter until 9am. She is often back and forth between the main character's home and the Church.

Heart Events

Pandora will ask you to help her with something. If you agree Aden will pull her stone body to the wedding bell. She will ask Aden to help with the spell that will restore her. After she does it she will be in her true body and immediately after, starts bossing Aden around and showing her true colors.

Apparently instead of a spell gone wrong it was actually a spell to turn the world to stone. This will make Aden angry for being lied to and will say that he should take her down right now for the sake of the world and everyone in it. But this makes Pandora happy, saying that he will be a feisty minion. She then declares Aden Minion number one, which makes Sonja upset but Pandora says that she can be number two which makes Sonja happy again. Aden thinks that it is ridiculous to get upset over what number minion she is, and as he's about to leave Pandora says that he wasn't very nice to Sonja when she was a statue. Aden then starts making up excuses, saying he 'would have been more careful if he had known it was a person.' She then says that she will be monitoring him more carefully, which slightly upsets him again.


  • Pandora actually has two descriptions. The one above and A witch who turned herself to stone while practicing magic.
  • She likes her name, claiming it's perfect for inspiring fear.
  • If both Mikoto and Pandora are present in the bathhouse, Aden can overhear Mikoto saying she would slay a sorcerer bent on conquering the world. However this does not apply to Pandora - suggesting that Mikoto probably doesn't fear her.
  • She tells Aden that the reason she travels around the island so much isn't because she has no place to go, but that she simply wants to admire the island that will ultimately become hers. This is most likely a lie designed to save face, since she has no real attachment to the island (no job, no house, no initial friends save Aden/Sonja) and is wandering simply because she has nothing else to do. It also explains why she spends so much time at Aden's house; Aden and Sonja are her only friends.
  • Although she starts off with no friends aside from Sonja/Aden, she appears to grow some relationship with Kelsey and Quinn, spending some time with them in the church on a regular basis. This is probably because as children they are more quickly & likely to accept her, and also because their rooms are directly next to each other. Also, since they're kids they, like her, don't have any true obligations and have a lot of free time.
  • And also, Pandora is somewhat naive / immature in her views of the world, giving her, Kelsey, and Quinn similarities in personality.
  • Should Kelsey's birthday be coming up, Pandora will order you to bring him a gift and state that she already got one for him.
  • Pandora hates the cold, and believes the Winter Festival was a ill-conceived idea.
  • She calls her birthday (Winter 24th) the "Pandora Day of Honor". However, she is confused when people call it the "Night of Holies" (which is a nod to the fact December 24th is Christmas Eve.)
  • She is indirectly the reason Aden and Sonja arrived on Fenith island, which is explained in the mainstory.
  • In one of her requests, she reenacts a wedding ceremony (with Aden as the "groom") at the church. Through her mumbling, Aden learns that Pandora wanted to know how her parents felt like when they got married in the same ceremony. When Aden asks about her parents, Pandora refuses to tell him, and she walks off. This may be considered one of the first hints that Pandora is interested in Aden romantically (given her choice of "spouse"), but she also doesn't seem particularly interested in Aden so much as the ceremony itself, so it's debatable.
  • Pandora and Quinn shares the same English voice actor, Hunter Mackenzie Austin.
  • She gets angry when someone calls her a ghost.
  • She has two official description; one when you first meet her and one after you revive her.
  • She was lost at sea for 400 years.
  • She occasionally has aches from being a statue for so long.
  • She thinks that Winter is the perfect time to conquer the world.
  • She dislikes the Dragon Festival because she thinks that she is just as entitled as the Arch-Dragon and then declares that it is now called Pandora Thanksgiving Day.
  • Her name might be based off of Pandora from Greek Mythology.
  • She seems to know where the turnip head monster came from when you wear a Turnip Head when speaking to her. Most people are confused or just laugh.
  • During Aden's theme, Pandora's eyes are light pink, while usually her eyes are purple.