Rune Factory Wiki

*Rushing Waterfall: Padova Mts. - Flowing River, Padova Mts. - Freezing Cave, Padova Mts. - Tomb. Till all the fields in these places.

  • Only a warror [sic] who fells the ruler of the giants shall be allowed to enter.
    • Receives: The condensed power of the earth. A Recipe for LEVELIZER
  • Defeat 4 Tundras at Padova Mts. - Shrine!
    • Defeat 5 High Ogre Vikings at Padova Mts. - Icy Path! They're active in the dark of night.
      • Defeat 6 Dark Slimes at Padova Mts. - Blocked-Off Cave!
  • Flowing River: A gem that is as blue as the ocean. Bring me 4 of them.
    • The king of all gems. Bring me 3 of them.