Outfits can be bought from Evelyn at her store, but more appear after beating one of the dungeons. Besides "Swimsuit", Micah will always be shown wearing "The usual" in conversations, regardless of the clothes he is currently wearing. On Micah's wedding day, he will be wearing his "Tuxedo" even if it has never be purchased.

Micah's Outfits





The Usual

No purchase required


Micah The usual



Buy from Evelyn

Green Outfit


Buy from Evelyn
Green Outfit


30000G Will become available after marriage

Cobalt Outfit

3000G Defeat first boss
Yellow Outfit 3000G After second boss
Yellow Outfit
Black Outfit 8000G After third bosses
Black outfit
White Outfit 8000G After third bosses
White outfit
Red Outfit 3000G Defeat first boss Red
Blue Outfit 3000G Defeat second boss
Blue Outfit
Purple Outfit 8000G After third bosses
Purple outfit
Wooly Costume 24000G After fourth boss
Wooly Costume
Chipsqueek Costume
Heavy Armor 14800G After fourth boss
Heavy armor

Villager Outfits

Only eligible bachelorettes will change their outfits under two circumstances.

  • Your wedding day, in which they will dress up in their wedding dress;
  • At the beach in Summer, they will wear their swimsuits. Monica and Evelyn will also change into swimsuits at the beach, though, despite not being eligible bachelorettes.

If you have a bachelorette in your party, you can get her to either change into her swimsuit (the cut-in portrait visible while speaking to them also changes; this includes Monica and Evelyn) by selecting the swimsuit icon or by recruiting her into your party, or you can get a bachelorette to wear her wedding dress (the cut-in portraits does NOT change here) by selecting Tuxedo. In either choice, you must bought the Tuxedo and Swimsuit clothes from Evelyn.


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