Festivals (For Aria)

Flower Festival :
Orland: Today's the Flower Festival. The cherry blossoms are all over the town. Orland

Aria: It's pretty, isn't it. By the way, Orland...

Let's go look at the flowers together.

Aren't you having fun?

Aria2 Aria: Aren't you having fun?
Orland : Are you having fun? Is it fun to look at flowers? Orland
Aria Aria: Yeah, I think it can be fun. Orland

Orland: Really? I don't care much about it either way.


If you choose "Let's go look at the flowers together."...

Aria Aria: Let's go look at the flowers together. All right?

Orland : Flower wathching... Sure, let's go. (Spoken "No, I don't mind")

Aria Orland: Let's go to Alvarna Academy. Orland
Aria Orland: You go on ahead. I'll meet you there. Orland

After walking to front of school...

Aria Aria: (We're supposed to meet here.) .

Orland walks up.

Orland: I'm here now, Aria. Orland
Aria Aria: Yeah, I just got here too, Orland. Orland
Aria Orland: I was worried that I made you wait. Orland
Aria2 Aria: Well, let's go over to the cherry tree. Orland

They walk over...

Orland: It's in full bloom today. Orland
Aria2 Aria: It's pretty, isn't it? Orland
Aria2 Orland: Yeah, I guess so. Orland
Aria2 Aria: I love the cherry blossoms. Looking at them just makes me happy. Orland
Aria2 Orland: Really? They don't make me feel anything in particular. But I guess they're pretty. Orland
Aria2 Orland: Don't you think it's good to feel happy? Orland
Aria2 Aria: Yeah, I guess. Orland
Aria2 Orland: I'm not really that interested in flowers, but it's not like I hate them or anything. Orland
Aria Aria: Oh. Orland
Aria Aria: Well, what are you interested in, Orland? Orland
Aria Orland: I want to become more important than everyone else. If someone can help me with that, then I'm interesed in it. Orland
Aria2 Aria: That sounds like a lot of work. Orland
Aria Aria: What are you going to do when you're someone important? Orland
Aria Orland: ... Orland
Aria Orland: It's better to be someone who's important rather than someone who's not. Orland
Aria Aria: Oh. Well, you've got a lot of work to do. Orland
Aria Orland: Since I'm studying a hundred times harder than you are. Orland
Aria Orland: Yeah, I know. I don't need you to tell me, Aria. Orland
Aria Orland: Well, I'm going home now. I guess I had a little fun. Orland
Aria2 Aria: Yeah, thanks for coming here with me. Orland
Aria2 Orland: Yeah, thanks. Bye. Orland
Aria2 Aria: See you later! Orland



Kyle's back

I think your father is just like you.

First, second talk

  • The first talk may depend on the encounter area, and the time of the day.
  • The second talk may depend on season, or today weather.
Eagle's Inn 2F
Snowy Winter's holiday

1. Why did you come to my home?

Are you looking for something to do!

2. All this snow in winter makes it so hard

to get around. Cammy and Roy always
throw snowballs at me, too It's also