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Orland (オルファス, Orphas) is a bachelor in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Orland doesn't seem to like talking very much. He enjoys bugs. He is also intelligent, and gets annoyed when you talk to him at school.


Most of his traits come from his father, especially his hatred of humans.


He can date and have a pretend wedding with Aria.


Something for You

Reward: Spinach Seed

A Request From: Orland
I have something to give you. Come see me.
Talking to Orland, he gives you spinach seed. Roy gave it to him, but he doesn't need it. She is reluctant, and she is given the choice to accept it or not. If she takes it, he'll give it other and say to do whatever she wants with it.If she says she can't take it, he'll say that he'll throw it away, then. He then gives you the option again. If you refuse, he'll drop the subject. If she accepts after refusing once, he'll tell her to calm down and says she should have just taken it to begin with. Then gives her the seed.

A Request From: Orland

I have something to give you.

Come see me.

Something for You

(Requirements: Have talked to Orland)


Yes? Do you need something?


Um, I saw your posting on the bulletin board...


Ah, of course, the board. Well then, to business. This bag of SPINACH SEED is for you. Roy gave it to me, But I don't need it. Here, take it.


But...this was a gift from Roy, right? Are you sure you should just give it away?


Do you want it or not?

[You have the options of saying: I'll take it. I can't take it...

[I you say I can't take it...]


Roy gave it to you... I just can't take it.

A Message from the Teacher

Reward : 100G

A Request From: Orland
I need you to run an errand for me.


Talking to Orland, he asks Aria to bring a little crystal to Barrett. He asks Orland to bring it to him. He asks that she let him know when she's done it.

After giving the little crystal to Barrett, Barrett will become annoyed and ask why he wouldn't do it himself. Nonetheless, he thanks Aria and asks her to tell Orland to do it himself next time.

Going back to him, he thanks her. She tells him that Barrett said to do it himself next time. He says that he doesn't have time for that. He gives her 100G for her trouble.

I Secretly Want Something

Reward : Cherry Grass Seed

A Request From: Orland
This is kind of a secret request.
Talking to him, he says that he's a bit of an insect buff and wants an insect jaw for his collection. He asks Aria to get one for him. She says that she's surprised to find that out about. He becomes defensive and tells her not to tell Roy, because he can be annoying. She agrees to keep it a secret. He says that she can get an insect jaw from a Hornet.

After giving the insect jaw to Orland, he will thank her with a cherry grass seed.

I Have a Request for You

Condition : Play as Aria.
Reward : 200 G, and a possibility to ask Barrett to harden your class too. That mean no more limitation to 2 course per class.

A Request From: Orland
Class has been too easy lately and it's becoming a problem.

Talking to him, he says that he's not too happy with their lessons at the moment and asks how Aria feels. She says that things are fine the way they are. He says that he wants harder classes because the ones now aren't cutting it. She says that he must be pretty gifted if he thinks their classes are too easy. He says that it's more that everyone else is just happy to settle for mediocrity. She doesn't agree, but he says that he wants her to ask Barrett to teach them harder lessons. She asks why he can't do it himself, and he says that he's very busy, unlike Aria.

Talking to Barrett, she tells him Orland's request. He says that perhaps his lessons have been a little lacking. He hadn't known that he felt that way and that he doesn't seem to enjoy learning at a faster pace than the rest of the students. He agrees to make more challenging lessons just for Orland and to leave the regular lessons for the rest. Smiling, he says that he should come directly to him and not drag Aria into it. He thinks that he doesn't know what to do with him sometimes. Aria says that she was impressed, because she had never even really thought about it herself. He says that he's hard to understand sometimes because he has his own way of thinking about things. He still does think that he has his own good qualities too and that he hopes Aria will continue to get along with him. She agrees to try. Barrett thanks her and says to tell Orland about he'll prepare special lessons just for him. If she talks to him again, he'll say that "[he] wishes Orland would think of others sometimes."

Aria tells Orland about the lessons and that Barrett was impressed at how fast he wanted to learn, as is she. He says that he doesn't need her praise, but he smiles happily. Aria asks if he's blushing, which angers Orland. She apologizes. She says that Barrett also said that he should start getting along better with other people. He says that he doesn't have time for that because other people just hold him back. aria says that Barrett wouldn't have been happy to hear him say that. He says that he knows that. He thanks Aria and gives her 200G. Afterwards, he tells her to get out of there.

Just Come Over, Please

Condition : Play as Aria

A Request From: Orland
I need to talk to you for a little.


Talking to Orland, he asks if she likes talking with him more than with other people. She says that she enjoys talking to other people, but especially with him. She asks him why he doesn't like talking to other people. He says that talking to other people is a waste of time. He'd rather use that time for study than idle chatter. Talking to Aria is the exception. She asks why that is. He is reluctant to answer at first, but says eventually that it's because he doesn't hate her. Not that he likes her, just not hate. He asks how she feels about him. If she says that she likes him as a friend, and that's why she wants him to get along with everyone else, he says that maybe one day he will. That was all he had to say and says that he'll see her later. If she says that she likes him, he won't say anything for a while but is surprised. Aria gets mad at his response and says that it wan't very good. He pauses again and thanks her and that he's happy. She thanks him too. He suggests that they get married. She is surprised but they go to the church.


At the church, Gordon reads them their vows. He teases Aria for getting embarrassed. Orland tells her to be serious. She realizes that they're just playing and he says that obviously can't get married because they're just kids. He still says that they have to do it properly, like a real wedding. Even if it's just pretend, they have to make it accurate. Gordon finds it funny. They finish their vows. Orland says that it was fun and that he'll talk to her later.


Orland is the half-elf half-human son of Cecilia and Jake. He will also be the son of Yue and Jake if Kyle chooses to marry Cecilia.


Liked "That's kind of you. I like a nice [item]. Thanks."
"Can I have this? Thank you"
Fried Mackerel, Taimen Sashimi, Proof of Wisdom
Neutral "You're giving this to me? Thanks, I'll be happy to take it from you."
Trash, Proof of Warrior
Disliked "I don't need this. Actually, I hate it."
Fried Sardines