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Orichalcum (オリハルコン, Oriharukon) is an item in the Rune Factory series.


Rune Factory 4

RF4Orichalcum.png A legendary ore used for making weapons or accessories.
Category Minerals Sell 3500G Buy 28000G Rarity 13
[Upgrade Info] [Difficulty] 80 DEF +95


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Crafting Table Gold Ring 63 Orichalcum Gold Turnip's Miracle
Crafting Table Diamond Ring 60 Orichalcum Diamond
Crafting Table Diamond Brooch 77 Orichalcum Light Ore Rune Crystal Diamond
Crafting Table Dolphin Brooch 88 White Stone Orichalcum
Crafting Table Fire Ring 95 Orichalcum Fire Crystal
Crafting Table Wind Ring 93 Orichalcum Wind Crystal
Crafting Table Water Ring 96 Orichalcum Water Crystal
Crafting Table Earth Ring 94 Orichalcum Earth Crystal
Crafting Table Kite Shield 54 Orichalcum Grimoire Scale
Crafting Table Feather Boots 54 Orichalcum Big Bird's Comb Big Crystal Feathers Strings
Crafting Table Lamellar Vest 50 Orichalcum Scales Strings
Crafting Table Power Protector 50 Orichalcum Orichalcum Orichalcum MTGU Plate Dangerous Scissors


Tool Recipe Level Material(s)
Forge Aerial Blade 54 Orichalcum Lightning Mane Wind Crystal Emerald Claws and Fangs
Forge Grantale 59 Orichalcum Yellow Feather Earth Crystal Amethyst Cursed Doll
Forge Smash Blade 64 Orichalcum Pirate's Armor 4-Leaf Clover Chimera's Claw Claws and Fangs
Forge Icifier 68 Orichalcum Icy Nose Water Crystal Aquamarine Claws and Fangs
Forge Soul Eater 70 Orichalcum Dangerous Scissors Love Crystal Legendary Scale Earth Dragon Ash
Forge Raventine 74 Orichalcum Orichalcum Golem Spirit Stone Fire Crystal Fire Dragon Ash
Forge Star Saber 77 Orichalcum Golem Spirit Stone Wind Crystal Emerald Electro Crystal
Forge Shine Blade 52 Orichalcum Platinum Light Crystal Sapphire
Forge Steel Slicer 73 Orichalcum Orichalcum Golem Spirit Stone MTGU Plate
Forge Blue-Eyed Blade 79 Dragonic Stone Orichalcum Blue Core Claws and Fangs
Forge Brionac 51 Orichalcum Light Crystal Sapphire Lightning Mane Sticks and Stems
Forge Poison Queen 55 Orichalcum Orichalcum Poison King Holy Spore Poison Powder
Forge Monk Staff 57 Orichalcum Turnip's Miracle Glitta Augite Sticks and Stems
Forge Metus 60 Orichalcum Queen's Jaw Cursed Doll Legendary Scale Sticks and Stems
Forge Silent Grave 65 Orichalcum Dangerous Scissors Crystal Skull Shards Sticks and Stems
Forge Bjor 74 Melody Bottle Holy Spore Orichalcum Small Crystal Sticks and Stems
Forge Gae Bolg 81 Dragonic Stone Orichalcum Grimoire Scale Black Scale Moving Branch
Forge Heat Axe 53 Orichalcum Fire Crystal Ruby Fire Dragon Ash
Forge Alldale 69 Orichalcum Orichalcum Dangerous Scissors White Stone Yellow Core
Forge Crystal Hammer 57 Orichalcum Crystal Skull Big Crystal Shards
Forge Schnabel 60 Orichalcum Ammonite Blue Core Shards
Forge Gigant Hammer+ 71 Gigant Hammer Golem Spirit Stone Orichalcum Small Crystal
Forge Force Divide 51 Orichalcum Fire Crystal Water Crystal Red Core Blue Core
Forge Fists of Light 53 Orichalcum Light Crystal Light Crystal Big Crystal
Forge Cat Punch 57 Orichalcum Quality Worn Cloth Yellow Feather Big Bird's Comb Chimera's Claw
Forge Ironleaf Fists 64 Orichalcum Crimson Scale MTGU Plate Ironleaf Ironleaf
Forge Caestus 69 Orichalcum Dangerous Scissors Red Lion Fur Blue Lion Fur
Forge Golem Punch 75 Orichalcum Golem Spirit Stone Golem Tablet MTGU Plate Shiny Screw
Forge Bubble Staff 53 Blue Core Water Dragon Ash Orichalcum Sticks and Stems
Forge Storm Wand 65 Mealy Apple Electro Crystal Orichalcum Sticks and Stems
Forge Mage's Staff+ 76 Dragonic Stone Orichalcum Love Scale Love Crystal Sticks and Stems


Loved Clorica Icon.png Clorica
Liked Raven (RF4) Icon.png Raven


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