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Ondorus (オンドルファ, Ondolfa) is a character in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Ondorus is very studious, and reads as many books as he can get his hands on, of various subjects.


Ondorus likes to wear his cape, in spite of the desert heat, because it reminds him of the hero in a story he enjoyed when he was young.

He is always studying a new subject, hypothesizing that elves and univir came from a common ancestor, due to their sharing of pointed ears. He comments that vision problems are no more common among univir than they are among humans, and that he and Kuruna both wearing glasses is a coincidence.


Although Ondorus doesn't always agree with Kuruna's decisions, he unfailingly defers to her leadership and respects her. Kuruna always values his input.


Ondorus does not have any Requests. Ondorus: Dangerous...{end}

[000000EE] Ondorus: Secret quest{end}

[000000EF] Ondorus: A favor...{end}

[000000F0] Ondorus: To a warrior


Knowing Kuruna for decades, he enjoys spending his time reading books about anything. His view on humans differ greatly than Kuruna as he also sees the benefit of uniting with humans, but unsure of how to convince his long time friend after meeting Micah. Efforts however, do pay off.


Loved These are my favorite! Thank you.
Prelude to Love, Gold Juice
Liked {{{1}}}! Thank you. Juice is so nice.
Hot Juice, Mixed Juice, Vegetable Juice, Fruit Juice, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Grape Juice, Tomato Juice, Pineapple Juice
Neutral Ondorus: I can have this? Thank you. It is nice to receive gifts like this.
Micah: Ondorus, what is it that you like?
Ondorus: I like {{{1}}}.
Medicinal Herb, Fruit, Cabbage, Butter, Ketchup, Mixed Ole, Vegetable Ole, Fruit Ole, Strawberry Milk
Disliked Reaction 1 | Reaction 2 | Reaction 3
{{{1}}}?! EEK!! Stay away! Don't get that icky thing anywhere near me! Well, if you insist, I do like things like {{{1}}} or {{{1}}}.
Failed, Trash, Fried Squid, Lamp Squid Sashimi, Fried Lamp Squid, Squid Sashimi, Dark Crystal, Raccoon Leaf



On festival days, he will be chatting with Zaid outside the Sharance Tree.





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