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Odette (オデット, Odette) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.


Odette is the middle of the three sisters and the first person Aden and Sonja meet. She gives them a tour of the town and gives them the inn's guest house to live in. She is a good cook and does the cooking for the inn. She is also able to speak with the arch dragon, Talynn, and get it to grant wishes at the shrine. Although she's the one most commonly associated with the title of Dragon Priestess, her two sisters are also Dragon Priestess' and are capable of singing Spirit Songs as well. She is later revealed to be the Fire Dragon Priestess.


A good cook and a devoted sister, Odette spends her time cooking and helping out at the Inn from the afternoon to midnight. She cares so much for her sisters, she puts them before herself but it also causes her to feel left out. When you play as Aden she asks him to help her get a gift for Lily which she ends up wearing, believing you got it for her instead.

She appears to be a very vengeful kind of person, or at least one to quickly respond to any questioning of her capacity. This is best exampled by her first few friend/love meter cutscenes, where she sets out to prove to Aden that she has the capacity to cook and cook well because of a short comment Aden made during their first meeting.

She also worries about the scar on her right cheek, which she obtained as a child. While attempting to play cook by herself, she tried to use a knife to cut a rock, causing the blade to shatter in her face and leaving the scar. The scar is apparently hard to notice unless the light strikes it right, but it still is a source of much anxiety.

She is very competitive, especially at subjects she's skilled at. In most festival-based competitions she participates in, she usually is "in it to win it" and gets flustered when she doesn't get first place. This is apparent in the Miss Fenith Contest, the Warrior Contest, and the Cooking Contest among others.


Favorite Ratatouille
Loves Pickles, Boiled Spinach, "Big" Crops
Liked All cooked food dishes, Fish
Disliked Failed Dish
Horror Fish Fossil

She wears a bright red bikini during Summer, which is significantly more vibrant than her regular clothes.

At a certain portion of the game, Odette's eyes temporarily turn a green-blue color and lipstick because shes magical that way, for storyline purposes.


Normally seen sweeping outside or standing outside the Inn, at the Dragon Shrine, or working at the Inn. Sometimes you can catch her shopping at the Gemini Store.

Heart Events

Follow this link,to see the complete Odette/Dialogue.


Well, if it isn't Aden and Sonja! Do you have a moment to chat?


Odette will ask you if you have any free time. If you do then the screen will fade to black and you will reappear at the Inn's Kitchen.

Odette will tell you that she's been trying to make a new recipe to serve at the inn. She will then ask Aden to try something, which upsets Sonja a little because she doesn't get any but Odette reassures her that she will cook it for her later. Aden will try it but unlike last time he will not be as impressed. He describes it as being good but there isn't much of a punch to it and suggests kicking it up a notch. She thanks him for his opinion and says she will try tweaking the recipe a little.



  • She is the only character that allows Aden/Sonja to dine-in at the Three Sisters Inn. The prices are a little high, but the menu is somewhat enlarged.
  • She likes her name, claiming it sounds like a princess' name. It is, in fact, the name of the swan princess from Swan Lake. Though not mentioned in game, it should also be noted that "Odette" features the base word "Ode", which is a type of poem usually meant to be sung.
  • Her favorite cooking tool appears to be the Skillet.
  • She also is the Shrine Goddess of the dragons for the island, and is needed to perform any wishes or make donations at the Dragon Shrine. She will automatically appear when Aden checks the shrine, so you are not required to wait for her to be there to make a donation/wish. When you beat the game, her presence is no longer needed in order to make a wish/donation due to storyline changes.
  • When you wish to find out what Quinn likes, after telling you she dislikes carrots, Odette comments that she will make a carrot cake for her.
  • Although in the ending cutscene Aden claims everyone in the island is singing for them, only Odette appears to be singing in the animation, and is also the only voice that can be heard audibly singing. They could, however, be saying it in a more metaphorical sense as everyone showed up to greet them home.
  • Odette and her sisters all have yellow eyes.
  • During Aden's theme, Odette's eyes are pink.
  • Odette has the same birthday as Bianca from Rune Factory and Rune Factory: Frontier.

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