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Obsidian Mansion (黒曜館, Kokuyou) is a location in Rune Factory 4.

Inner Locations

Obsidian Mnsn. Entrance

The Obsidian Mansion Entrance (黒曜館 エントランス, Entoransu) is a location within the Obsidian Mansion. When the protagonist first enters this room, a number of objects can be interacted with. The diary says that there is a silver key behind the painting.

Beyond this room is is the hallway where a ghost follows the protagonist, but disappears if looked at.

Obsidian Mnsn. Theatre

The Obsidian Mansion Theatre (黒曜館 小劇場)




Black Grass


Wooden Boxes


Area Monsters Items Chest Notes
A1 Ghost - - When first entering this room, read the diary then check behind the painting to the right of the door to proceed. Go south to Selphia Plain - West
A2 Ghost - - -
A3 Ghost - Steel Edge, 1,800G -
A4 Ghost X3 Boxes - -There is a recovery potion in the search area.
A5 Ghost, Spider, Onion Ghost - - Ghost will be in this room the first time you enter. Afterward, it will always be inhabitted by spiders.
A6 Spider - - -
A7 Ghost, Spider - - The chandelier in this room will fall as you walk under it.
A8 - X3 Boxes - -
A9 Ghost, Shadow Panther Black Grass Heart Drink, X3 Recover Potion -
A10 - - - -
B1 Slime - - -
B2 Shadow Panther, Slime - - -
B3 - - 2,500G -
B4 Spirit - - -
B5 Shadow Panther, Spirit - - Dolls will fall from the ceiling in this room to the right of the chandelier. (They do enough damage to kill anyone around the recommended level for this dungeon.)
B6 Ghost, Spirit - Flash Strike
B7 Ghost Ray, Shadow Panther, Slime, Spirit - - -Save Point-
B8 Marionetta - Cure (Just outisde the souther exit from the room.) The tables and chairs in this room can be picked up and thrown. After defeating Marionetta you can exit this room to the south the enter Selphia.