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I think you and I will get along fine. My name is Nolan. I am traveling around sampling hot springs all over. Where did you come from?
Nice to meet you. My name is Raguna. I am borrowing a field of this village and making my living here.
A field, I see. I'm sure the bath feels very nice after a day of work in the fields.
This hot spring is very effective on back pain.
Please rest here to heal yourself.
Huh?! No, I...
Oh, you'll have to excuse me for being so rude.
I just cannot get out of the habit of speaking about things only from my point of view. I suppose young people like yourself wouldn't have back pain. I'm sorry.

In my country, the flowers bloom beautifully during this season.
I hope you can come view it when you get the chance, Raguna.

By the way, in the country that I am from, there is a funny story relating to strawberries.
What is it?
Let's see... You were growing strawberries in your field. You grew so many that you cannot finish them all yourself. Now then, what do you do with your extra strawberries? 1. Put into the shipping box. 2. Give them to a girl you like. 3. Turn them into jam. 4. Share them with the villagers. That's the story. What would you choose, Raguna?
[Share them with the villagers.] I think I would enjoy sharing them with the villagers.
That's a wonderful choice. It's just like you, Raguna.
I see.
Thank you for spending time with me. It was a very interesting chat.