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Nolan (ローランド, Roland) is a character in Rune Factory: Frontier.

He is Melody's grandfather. He is a kind man with a friendly and gentle demeanor; he also always has his black cat on his shoulder.

He has a tendency to talk about baths, and usually doesn't talk about much else. 

He spends almost all his time at the baths, and you can see him oustide the men's bathing area. He won't appear until you have Melody moving into the Laga Hot Springs. 


Favorite Gift: Wine

Likes: Strawberries

Dislikes: Squid


Strawberry Story

Spring 4: Speak with Nolan after your 3rd bath and answer his question relating to strawberries. Nolan will give you an item (Tomato or Grass Juice), then gives you another one (Yogurt Drink, Milk or Berry milk) after noticing you disliked the first one. He will tell you a story about strawberries and asks you what you would do with your extra strawberries.

1. Put into the shipping box. "I see...That's unexpected. Lute answered the same way."
2. Give to a girl you like. - "That's a wonderful choice. It's just like you, Raguna."
3. Turn them into Jam. - "That's unexpected. Lara also chose the jam."
4. Share with the villagers. - "That's a wonderful choice. It's just like you, Raguna."

Horse Carriage Story

After a bath in summer, talk to Nolan and he will tell you another story. He tells you to imagine that you fall asleep in a horse carriage and asks you what you see when waking up.

1. Castle in the distance.
2. The carriage hasn't left yet. - Raguna: "I'd probably choose 3: A town in the distance getting smaller." (A bug reverses answers 2 & 3)
3. Town in the distance. - Raguna: "I'd probably choose 2: My horse hasn't begun to pull the carriage yet."
4. There is nothing around. - Raguna: "I'd probably choose 4: There is nothing on the horizon around me."


0600-1500 1500-2100 9pm-6am
MTWTF - Laga Springs -
Holiday or rain -


  • He has the same birthday as Hazel from Rune Factory 3 and Lin Fa from Rune Factory 4.