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  • Please come back soon! ♪
  • And I really, really, REALLY love you too, Daddy!
  • I went fishing with Dylas today.
  • I caught three fish!
  • Isn't that great?!
  • I wanna be a hero when I grow up, just like you!
  • Then I'll beat up evil people and marry into royalty!

Noel: Daddy! I want that airship!

Lest: I...can't afford to buy a whole airship!

Noel: Why not?! I want it I want it I want it IwantitIwantitIwantitIwantit!

Lest: Be quiet! You're acting like a spoiled brat!

Noel: But I waaaaaant it... You take that, and then you go like this, and then you get that! Daddy, thank you so much for everything you do!