Rune Factory Wiki

First Generation

I Lost My Stethoscope

Reward: 200 G, Empty Bottle.

Quick Guide:

  1. Talk to Natalie
  2. Inspect the bedside table in the left-most room on De Sainte-Coquille Manor 2F
  3. Give the STETHOSCOPE to Natalie

Natalie hasn't been able to find her stethoscope since she paid Herman a house call. She suspects it's still in his manor, and asks Kyle to pick it up for her.

Delivery Boy Wanted

Reward: 100 G and 100 pieces of wood.

Quick Guide

  1. Talk to Natalie
  2. Give the HEALTH IT to Byron
  3. Talk to Natalie again

Natalie is having a busy day in the clinic and needs Kyle to deliver some medicine to Byron for her. She assures him Byron isn't sick, it's just some vitamin supplements. Apparently HIPPA doesn't exist in this universe. She needs help delivering a HEALTH IT to Byron.

Shots Aren't Scary!

Reward: 200 G

Quick Guide:

  1. Talk to Natalie
  2. Talk to Cammy
  3. Talk to Natalie again

Cammy is due for a vaccination, but her fear of needles is keeping her away. Natalie wants Kyle to coax Cammy into coming. over so she can receive her shot.

House sitter Wanted

Reward: 300 G

Quick Guide:

  1. Talk to Natalie
  2. Talk to Natalie in Messhina Valley - Serene Garden
  3. Talk to Natalie again in the Clinic

Natalie needs to leave the clinic for a bit to gather medicinal herbs, she asks Kyle - who has not even unlocked Pharmacy crafting yet - to handle the clinic for a few hours. Surely enough, Cammy comes in feeling sick, and since Kyle is not a doctor, he has no choice but to run and get Natalie. Fortunately, Cammy only has a sore stomach from overeating.

Second Generation

I Lost Something

Reward: Cure: Missing Page 2