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Nancy (ナンシー, Nanshii) is a character in Rune Factory 4.



Wife of Dr. Jones and nurse at the local clinic. Loves her husband immensely and always strives to be the best wife she can be for him. Sweet, kind and always considerate of patients' feelings.


Nancy has long blonde hair styled in low ponytail with her bangs parted, and blue eyes. She always wears a pink nurse cap and can't be seen without it.


When Nancy was younger, she often found herself falling down and going to the clinic. She claims this was due to her becoming weak in the knees when seeing Jones. When she was young, she had many dreams, including getting married to someone she loved, becoming a nurse, and being a good mother. She took up nursing because she wanted to help Jones save people.

Nancy is a nurse and runs the Little Bandage clinic alongside her husband in order to help the people of Selphia. Forte was often brought to the clinic in the past.


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Nancy is Jones' wife. Her relationship with Jones can be a little too sweet to some and makes the older residents of town feel uncomfortable, though the bachelorettes have shown envy of their relationship. A few people in town (such as Blossom and Volkanon) comment on how their relationship is wonderful but their public displays of affection make them feel awkward or embarrassed.

Once Lest/Frey has unlocked Dolce, she will live with Nancy and Jones. Nancy quickly grows to see Dolce as her beloved daughter.

Nancy also creates an anniversary for various things in her life, including a "Hero's Proof" anniversary and an anniversary for when they took in Dolce. Nancy talks about how she became a nurse in order to help people.


Loved Oh my...! Is that Stew? And I may have it? Really? Thank you! I love it!
My, my! Stew for me? Thank you. To me, Stew is the king of all Western foods. I like it quite a lot, if you haven't guessed. Well, maybe not as much as Jones does, but still.

Oh, is that @アイテム9@? Thank you. I've always liked the scent of good cheese.
Hm? I smell delicious cheese. Oh? It's for me? Why thank you! It looks very tasty.

Oh, that looks delicious! ♪ May I have some? I'm quite fond of Western foods, you know. Thank you! I will enjoy it later.

Oh, is that some [item]? Now if only I had some flan to go with it for dessert, it would be the perfect meal. ♪

Why thank you! ♪ That looks like a delicious @アイテム9@. Oh, one of my +favorite things+!
My, my! Flan! Thank you! I +like+ all +Western foods+, but this is the very best dish for dessert. Jones is fond of it, too!

Oh my, @アイテム9@ for me? Why thank you! I think I'll put it in a pretty vase. I'm sure Dolly will love it too. Maybe she'll like it enough to give me a hug!

RF4Moondrop Flower Moondrop Flower, Omelet, Omelet Rice, Risotto, Cheese Fondue, Doria, Seafood Doria, Gratin, Seafood Gratin, Cheesecake, RF4Flan Flan, RF4Pumpkin Flan Pumpkin Flan, RF4Cheese Cheese
Neutral Oh, thank you!
Oh my, a present for me? Thank you.
Oh, is that @アイテム9@ for me? Thank you.
Is this for me? How thoughtful of you.
RF4Mealy Apple Mealy Apple, RF4Toyherb Toyherb, Pom-Pom Grass, Fried Rice, French Fries, Croquettes, Popcorn, Corn Cereal, Miso Eggplant, Fried Eggs, RF4Baked Apple Baked Apple, Curry Bread, French Toast, Donut, Fried Udon, Pancakes, Dry Curry, Hot Milk, Hot Chocolate, Grape Liqueur, Boiled Pumpkin, RF4Eggplant Eggplant, Relax Tea, Union Stew, Yam of the Ages, Cookie, Choco Cookie, Cake, Chocolate Cake, Apple Pie, RF4Pound Cake Pound Cake, RF4Chocolate Sponge Chocolate Sponge, Sunsquid, Blowfish

Hey now! No leaving trash around! No one with their heart in the right place would ever do that!

Oh my! poisonous! Only someone with a tired soul would force something this hideous on another!

RF4Weeds Weeds, RF4Withered Grass Withered Grass, RF4Object X Object X, RF4Failed Dish Failed Dish, RF4Disastrous Dish Disastrous Dish, RF4Rainbow Sashimi Rainbow Sashimi, RF4Lamp Squid Sashimi Lamp Squid Sashimi, RF4Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout, Lamp Squid, RF4Scrap Metal Scrap Metal


12 700 45 10 48 9 21 19 48
Weapon Type Default Shield
RF4Leather Gloves Leather Gloves


Nancy will not charge the player money for fainting if she's working at the clinic.




  • When Love Potion is given to Nancy, she will accept it. However Nancy will not show any sign of affection toward Lest/Frey, instead she will say:
    • "Oh, I know what that is. It's Love Potion, isn't it?"
    • "Of course I'm familiar with it. Why, when i was young, I..."
    • "..."
    • "Love is something that will make itself felt, without you needing to resort to potions, you know."
    • "Good luck! Oh, and just to be clear, Jones is the only one for me."
  • Implying that she was a victim or abuser of Love Potion when she was young.


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