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"A warm-hearted married couple who together run the Tiny Bandage Clinic in the housing area. Jones works as the town doctor with an unusually strong fear of blood, and Nancy works as his iron-willed nurse. The two are paired together in everyone's minds, as one is rarely seen without the other, and neither have any qualms with public displays of affection."
―Website Description

Nancy (ナンシー, Nanshii) is one of the characters in Rune Factory 4. She is Jones's wife. She's a nurse and runs the Little Bandage clinic alongside her husband in order to help the people of Selphia. She loves talking and gets excited whenever a potential conversation partner comes by.

Once you've unlocked Dolce, she will live with Nancy and Jones. Nancy quickly grows to see Dolce as her beloved daughter.

Her relationship with Jones can be a little too sweet to some and makes the older residents of town feel uncomfortable, though the bachelorettes have shown envy of their relationship. A few people in town (such as Blossom and Volkanon) comment on how their relationship is wonderful but their public displays of affection make them feel awkward or embarrassed. Nancy also creates an anniversary for various things in her life, including a "Hero's Proof" anniversary and an anniversary for when they took in Dolce. She also talks about how she became a nurse in order to help people.


Favorite Gift




"Oh, is that item? May I have it? Thank you. I've always liked the scent of good item."

Moon Drop, Risotto, Omelet, Flan, Pumpkin Flan, Cheese, anything with Cheese in it


"Oh, thank you. Hm? What kinds of things do I like? If I had to pick, I'd take western foods, I guess."


"Oh my! poisonous! Only someone with a tired soul would force something this hideous on another! It looks like you need to have some Stew to warm your soul back up. Stew also happens to be my favorite, you know."

Rainbow Trout, Lamp Squid

"Hey now! No leaving trash around! No one with their heart in the right place would ever do that!"

Trash, Scrap Metal



  • When Love Potion is given to Nancy, she will accept it. However she will not show any sign of affection toward Lest/Frey, instead she will says:

"Oh, I know what that is. It's Love Potion, isn't it?"

"Of course I'm familiar with it. Why, when i was young, I..."


"Love is something that will make itself felt, without you needing to resort to potions, you know."

"Good luck! Oh, and just to be clear, Jones is the only one for me."

  • Implying that she was a victim or abuser of Love Potion when she was young.