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Ymir salvaging one of the Nameless Islands

Description: Something lies beneath the waves...

Nameless Island is an island that frequently appears throughout the Ocean surrounding Fenith.

A Nameless Island as seen from the Landing party


Nameless Island, or more correctly, the Nameless Islands, are generic undersea islands that can be found throughout the sea and hold a variety of secrets, monsters, and treasures. They are characterized in having a singular pool of water, no trees, and a dominant earthen mound.

Most, if not all, are Temporary.

They can be found at these locations:

D-4, D-5, D-6, D-7, E-3, E-8, and F-9 Quadrants.

Similar to the Temporary Shrine Islands, they are not hard to find, since Sonja (or one of the Protagonists) alerts you to their presence.

On the Islands


  • Wooly
  • Fluffy
  • Chipsqueak
  • Buffalo
  • Dark Unicorn (?)
  • Goblin
  • Goblin Pirate
  • Troll
  • Slime
  • Claw Dragon (via "Super Gate")
  • Hornet
  • Weagle
  • Red Troll
  • Buffamoo
  • Ants
  • Black Ants

and many more....


For the sake of shortness

  • Monster drops from the above mentioned.
  • Small Treasure Chests (Treasure chests at the top of the earthen mound).


Most, if not all of these islands play no major part in the story line save a few character requests.

Even with the above mentioned, the variety of monster wildlife gives a great opportunity for the player to level up for the Elemental Shrines and more important and less generic islands.


  • Even though the salvaging sequence shows the Nameless Island to have trees, when going ashore it, the player can see it has none.
  • The external view of the island is in the same design as Verde Island.