Outside of Selphia, the protagonist can encounter different types of monsters.


Monsters all come from a dimension known as "The Forest of Beginnings," and return there if defeated. Monsters come out of this dimension through glowing spheres known as "Gates". There are 23 different types of Gate in Rune Factory 4, varying in size and elemental alignment. Gates will continue to spawn monsters until destroyed.


To be able to tame monsters, the protagonist must build a monster barn.

Some species of monsters will produce items after being tamed. Said monsters will usually leave one of that item on the barn floor each day, including the day it is tamed. However, monsters that produce rarer items (such as Queen's Jaw or Dangerous Scissors) will provide their items less frequently. The level of the item produced is determined by FP, while the size of the item (in the case of of eggs, wool, and milk) is determined by the monster's level.

All monsters can help with farm chores (planting, watering, harvesting, etc.) when their FP is high enough, including item-producing monsters. Farm work, however, takes a toll on the monster's health. If a monster's HP drops below 50%, it will become fatigued (indicated by a black scribble in a speech bubble over its head). If its HP drop to 0, it will no longer be able to work (a skull and crossbones will appear in speech bubble over its head). The player can avoid this by rotating farm chores between monsters or healing the affected monster with food, medicine, or magic.

Taming and Stats:

To tame a monster, the player must give it a gift. A speech bubble with a heart will then appear over the monster's head. If the heart turns into a skull symbol, the attempt has failed and the player must try again. If the heart gets big and bursts, you got it. If the speech bubble does not appear at all, either the monster is untameable, you did not give it the right item (in the case of boss monsters), or your barns are full. Items with only negative effects such as Failed Dish or Weeds also cannot be used for taming.

Brushing monsters and/or attacking them using a weapon with a Love affinity will make them easier to tame. When you brush a monster, a speech bubble with a musical note appears. This speech bubble appears for every tamable monster, so if it doesn't, it means that that monster can't be tamed, or you weren't close enough to brush, or the speech bubble got off screen.

You can brush up to 15 times when the note bubble stops appearing, but brushing is not very recommended because the monster will try to attack you in the meantime. Brushing is more worthwhile if the taming item is too valuable and you want to save it.

The gift given to non-boss monsters can be anything (even colored grass and turnip seeds), but they prefer certain items specific to their species; usually the items they drop if defeated (ex, Silver Wolf and Wolf Fang). It is more difficult to tame a monster that is higher level than the player.

The higher the monster's level relative to your character, the less likely it is to tame. And supposedly the opposite is also valid.

Boss monsters will only accept an item specific to their species. For example, the Bane Dragon will only accept Rockfish Stew, while Thunderbolt will only accept Royal Carrots. They also tend to be more difficult to tame than non-boss monsters, so bringing a stack of their favorite item is recommended.

Training tamed monsters:

50% of the experience you gain while fighting will also be given to monsters in your barns. Monsters that are currently in your party receive the full amount of experience and level up faster.

Besides leveling, monster stats can be affected by several factors. Food dishes give a temporarily boost to a monster, exactly like for the main character. Daily brushing and gifts increase stats permanently for a small amount, and a monster's favorite item (taming item) results in a higher boost. Different items boost different stats.

Hidden status attack value: Items with special effects, such as poison or critical attack, build up a hidden value. For example, if a monster is given Rigid Horn, its Crit % is increased by 1%. Do this 100 times, and 100% of the monster's attacks will become critical. The same can be done with poison powder, lamp squid, etc, making it possible to make a monster that can apply several status effects at once with only one hit.

Battling specific enemies: Every defeated enemy raises one or more stats for the monsters on your side. For example, defeating magic-using enemies usually boosts intelligence and magic attack.

Riding monsters: Some monsters are too small for the player to ride, or are too awkward or dangerous to ride (like scorpions, or the monsters that are on fire) but most larger monsters can be ridden. Riding a monster offers several benefits (especially early-game), including unique attacks and increased movement speed.

Monster's location: While this page lists all monsters and the area in which they're found, some monsters only appear in one or two sections of a field or dungeon. If you're looking for a rare monster, the World Map lists what can be found in each room.

List of Monsters


Name Location(s) Drops Favorite Item Produce
Airror Maya Road Magic Crystal, Wind Crystal Wind Crystal None
Ambrosia Yokmir Forest, Sharance Maze Ambrosia's Thorns, Toyherb Ultra Toyherb, Ultra Moondrop, King Pink Cat, Great Charm Blue None
Ancient Bone Revival Cave - Autumn Road Dragon Bones, Fish Fossil, Skull Not Tameable N/A
Ant Summer Area, Fall and Winter Area, Yokmir Forest, Yokmir Cave, Revival Cave Insect Carapace, Insect Jaw, Lumber, Pretty Carapace N/A Insect Carapace
Ant Queen Rune Prana Floor 4 Pretty Carapace, Insect Carapace, Queen's Jaw Honey Queen's Jaw
Aquameleon Sechs Territory Water Dragon Ash Union Stew None
Aquaticus Sharance Maze Dragon Fin, Legendary Scale, Intelligencer, Recipe Bread+ Union Stew None
Arch-Daemon Leon Karnak Devil Blood, Devil Horn Devil Blood, Devil Horn None
Armed Ghost Rune Prana 1 N/A N/A N/A
Armored Tank + Floating Empire MTGU Plate, Gold, Platinum Not Tameable N/A
Baal Rune Prana Floor 5 Great Hammer Shard, Devil Blood Not Tameable N/A
Bane Dragon Rune Prana Floor 1 Electro Crystal Rockfish Stew None
Beetle Yokmir Forest, Selphia Plain Insect Horn, Insect Carapace, Pretty Carapace N/A Insect Carapace
Big Duck Rune Prana Floor 2 Yellow Down, Yellow Feather Not Tameable N/A
Big Muck Selphia Plain Spore, Mushroom Spore, Poison Powder Spore
Black Dragon Rune Prana Floor 7 Black Scale, Dragon Fang Dragon Fang N/A
Blackbird Maya Road, Rune Prana Branch, Stick, Black Bird Feather Bird's Feather Black Bird Feather
Blood Panther Floating Empire Devil Blood, Magic Claw, Fur Fur None
Blue Sechs Territory Water Crystal, Blue Core Cake, Chocolate Cake None
Blue Dragon Rune Prana Floor 6 Dragon Fang, Blue Scale Dragon Fang None
Buffaloo Delirium Lava Ruins Bull's Horn Bull's Horn Bull's Horn
Buffamoo Selphia Plain Milk (S), Milk (M) Milk (S), Milk (M), Milk (L) Milk (S), Milk (M), Milk (L)
Captain Goblin Leon Karnak Skull, Wine, Warrior's Proof, Silk Cloth N/A None
Chimera Water Ruins, Rune Prana Floor 7 Chimera's Claw, Devil Blood, Chimera Tail Royal Curry, Ultimate Curry None
Chipsqueek Selphia Plain Fur, Branch, Quality Fur Fur Fur
Cluckadoodle Selphia Plain, Cluck-Cluck Nest Egg (S), Egg (M), Bird's Feather Egg (S), Egg (M), Egg (L) Egg (S), Egg (M), Egg (L)
Crystal Mammoth Rune Prana Floor 3 Icy Nose, Diamond King Pineapple None
Daemon Idra Cave Devil Blood Devil Blood None
Dark Fairy Floating Empire, Field Dungeons Prelude to Love, Fairy Elixir, Fairy Dust Fairy Dust Fairy Elixir
Dark Slime Floating Empire Emerald, Sapphire, Dark Crystal Sapphire None
Dead Tree Yokmir Forest, Rune Prana Floor 7 Apple, Apple Tree Seeds, Moving Branch, Small Crystal Greenifier+ None
Death Fungus Selphia Plain Mush Road (Friday Only) Poison Powder, Holy Spore, Spore Not Tameable N/A
Death Orc Rune Prana Floor 7 Ancient Orc Cloth Not Tameable N/A
Death Stalker Sechs Territory Scorpion Tail, Pretty Carapace, Scorpion Pincer Scorpion Tail Scorpion Tail
Death Wall Rune Prana Floor 6 Broken Ice Wall Ice Cream None
Duck Selphia Plain Yellow Down, Bird's Feather Bird's Feather, Fur None
Elefun Spring Area, Idra Cave Ivory Tusk, Waterpot Cheap Waterpot None
Elemental Emperor Rune Prana Floor 6 Magic Magic None
Emerald Rune Prana Floor 7 Wind Crystal, Green Core Big Green Crystal None
Emperor Penguin Sechs Territory Penguin Down Bird's Feather, Fur None
Ethelberd See Ethelwill See Ethelwill See Ethelwill See Ethelwill
Fairy Selphia Plain Fairy Dust, Love Potion, Prelude to Love Fairy Dust Fairy Dust
Faust Floating Empire Glistening Blade, Ghost Hood Ghost Hood None
Fiergaenger Maya Road Fire Dragon Ash Gold Juice None
Fiersome Sharance Maze Firewyrm Scale, Dragon Fang, Recipe Bread+ Gold Juice None
Flare Mage Rune Prana Medicine Bread, Magic, Magic Crystal, Small Crystal Magic None
Flower Blossom Sercerezo Hill Plant Stem, Root, Strong Vine Plant Stem, Root Root
Flower Crystal Sechs Territory Plant Stem, Root, Strong Vine Plant Stem Strong Vine
Flower Lily Autumn Road Plant Stem, Root, Strong Vine Plant Stem, Root Vine
Flower Lion Delirium Lava Ruins Plant Stem, Vine Plant Stem, Root Plant Stem
Fortoise Floating Empire Silver, Gold, Blk. Tortoise Shell Blk. Tortoise Shell None
Furpy Autumn Road Quality Puffy Fur, Branch Fur Quality Puffy Fur
G Golem Rune Prana Floor 7 Tablet of Truth, Diamond Orichalcum None
Gaias Idra Cave Magic Crystal, Earth Crystal Magic Crystal, Earth Crystal None
Gangster Goblin Delirium Lava Ruins Old Bandage, Oil, Quality Cloth N/A None
Ghost Obsidian Mansion Ghost Hood, Stick Ghost Hood None
Ghost Ray Obsidian Mansion Stick, Thick Stick, Ghost Hood Ghost Hood None
Gigantes Floating Empire Hammer Piece, Thick Stick N/A None
Gobble Box Anywhere (Random Spawn) Broken Hilt, Broken Box, Failed Dish N/A None
Goblin Water Ruins Old Bandage, Blade Shard Old Bandage None
Goblin Archer Water Ruins Arrowhead, Old Bandage, Recovery Potion Old Bandage None
Goblin Don Leon Karnak Proof of Rank, Skull, Wine N/A None
Goblin Pirate Delirium Lava Ruins Old Bandage, Oil, Quality Cloth N/A None
Goblin Sniper Idra Cave Gunpowder, Healing Potion Gunpowder None
Golem Floating Empire Golem Stone, Silver Gold None
Greater Demon Field Dungeon, Rune Prana Floor 7 Chest Hair Big Fireflower, Big Autumn Grass
Green Maya Road, World of Fields Green Core, Wind Crystal Cake, Chocolate Cake None
Green Dragon Rune Prana Floor 1 Dragon Fang, Dragon Scale Dragon Fang None
Grimoire Field Dungeon, Leon Karnak Grimoire Scale, Dragon Fang Giant Gold Vegetables None
Hammer Troll Maya Road Giant's Gloves, Giant's Nail, Hammer Piece Giant's Gloves, Giant's Nail, Hammer Piece None
Handonetta WIP WIP WIP WIP
Heaven's Scissors Rune Prana Level 5 Dangerous Scissors, Pretty Carapace, Scorpion Tail Honey Dangerous Scissors
Hell Spider Floating Empire Pretty Thread, Spider's Thread Pretty Thread, Spider's Thread Pretty Thread
Heracles Maya Road Pretty Carapace, Rigid Horn Rigid Horn, Insect Carapace Rigid Horn
High Ogre Viking Rune Prana Floor 3 Glue, Pirate's Armor, Wine Pirate's Armor None
High Orc Yokmir Cave Glue, Stick, Cheap Cloth, Cheap Bracelet Glue None
High Orc Viking Rune Prana Floor 3 WIP WIP WIP
Hinoe Rune Prana Floor 4 Red Lion Fur, Quality Fur, Fur Salted Char None
Hobgoblin Idra Cave Glue, Silk Cloth Glue None
Hornet Yokmir Cave Insect Skin, Pretty Carapace, Honey, Insect Jaw Honey Honey
Hornet Queen Maya Road Pretty Carapace, Paralysis Poison, Honey, Insect Jaw Honey Honey
Hover Soldier Floating Empire Cheap Propeller, Iron WIP WIP
Hover Warrior Floating Empire Cheap Propeller, Iron, Quality Propeller WIP WIP
Hunter Wolf Sechs Territory Gold Wolf Fang, Quality Fur Wolf Fang Gold Wolf Fang
Ice Wizard Rune Prana Floor 5 Medicine Bread, Small Crystal N/A None
Ignis Delirium Lava Ruins Fire Crystal, Magic Crystal Fire Crystal None
Killer Ant Yokmir Cave Lumber, Pretty Carapace, Insect Jaw, Insect Carapace Pretty Carapace Pretty Carapace
King Bee Rune Prana Floor 2 Honey, Insect Skin, Poison King Honey Honey
King Wooly Yokmir Cave, Autumn Road Fur (S), Wooly Furball Not tameable None
Kinoto Rune Prana Floor 4 Blue Lion Fur, Quality Fur, Fur Salted Char None
Leaf Ball Yokmir Cave Plant Stem Plant Stem Plant Stem
Leoplicant Rune Prana Floor 4 Fur, Quality Fur, Palm Claw, Malm Claw Fur None
Little Dragon Floating Empire Dragon Fang Dragon Fang None
Little Emperor Leon Karnak Magic Crystal N/A None
Little Golem Idra Cave Silver, Ruby, Tiny Golem Stone Gold None
Little Mage Forest of Beginnings, Idra Cave Magic Powder, Devil Horn, Magic Crystal, Medicine Bread N/A None
Little Wizard Sechs Territory Magic, Magic Crystal, Accessory Bread, Small Crystal Magic, Magic Crystal, Accessory Bread, Small Crystal None
Little Wooly WIP WIP WIP WIP
Magnuto Demon's Den Raccoon Leaf, Udon, Curry Udon, Tempura Udon Not tameable N/A
Malm Tiger Leon Karnak Fur, Quality Fur, Malm Claw Fur None
Mamadoodle Cluck-Cluck Nest Egg (S), Egg (M), Big Bird's Comb, Bird's Feather Egg (S), Egg (M), Egg (L) Egg (S), Egg (M), Egg (L)
Mammoo Sechs Territory Ivory Tusk, Unbroken Ivory Tusk, Tin Waterpot Cheap Waterpot None
Marin Rune Prana Floor 7 Water Crystal, Blue Core Big Blue Crystal None
Marionetta Obsidian Mansion Cursed Doll, Puppetry Strings, Fur (S), Fur (M) Cheesecake, Apple Pie None
Master Giant Floating Empire Giant's Gloves Not tameable N/A
Master Troll Rune Prana Floor 4 Formuade, Giant's Gloves, Big Giant's Nail Not tameable N/A
Mineral Squeek Leon Karnak Double Steel, 10x Steel WIP WIP
Mino Autumn Road Grapes, Grape Juice Grapes None
Minotaur Idra Cave Devil Horn, Hammer Piece, The Protein Hammer Piece None
Minotaur King Leon Karnak Hammer Piece, The Protein Hammer Piece None
Monster Box Anywhere (Random Spawn) Broken Hilt, Failed Dish N/A None
Nappie Leon Karnak Pineapple, Pineapple Seeds, King Pineapple Pineapple None
Necro Idra Cave Ghost Hood, Skull Ghost Hood None
Octopirate Field Dungeon, Rune Prana Floor 2 Ammonite, Fish Fossil, Vital Gummi Grilled Snapper None
Ogre Viking Sechs Territory Glue, Shoulder Piece, Wine Glue, Shoulder Piece, Wine None
Olive Rune Prana Yellow Core, Earth Crystal, Small Crystal, Rune Crystal Big White Crystal None
Onion Ghost Spring Area Onion, Onion Seeds, Ghost Hood Onion, Onion Seeds, Ghost Hood None
Onionger Rune Prana Onion Seeds, Quality Worn Cloth, Ghost, Onion Onion Seeds None
Orc Summer Area, Yokmir Forest Stick, Cheap Cloth, Cheap Bracelet Cheap Cloth None
Orc Archer Summer Area, Yokmir Forest Stick, Arrowhead, Recovery Potion Arrowhead None
Orc Hunter Yokmir Cave Stick, Arrowhead, Gunpowder Gunpowder None
Orc Viking Sechs Territory Shoulder Piece, Glue, Wine Shoulder Piece, Glue, Wine None
Palm Cat Autumn Road Palm Claw, Fur Fur None
Pepper Ghost Floating Empire Green Pepper, Green Pepper Seeds, Green Pepper Rex Green Pepper None
Pink Dragon Rune Prana Floor 6 Dragon Fang, Love Scale Dragon Fang None
Planchoa Maya Road Plant Stem, Root, Strong Vine Plant Stem, Root, Strong Vine Root
Pomme Pomme Selphia Plain Apple, Baked Apple, Apple Tree Seeds Apple, Baked Apple None
Raccoon See Magnuto See Magnuto See Magnuto See Magnuto
Rafflesia Delirium Lava Ruins Rafflesia Petal, Root Not tameable N/A
Ragnarok Rune Prana Floor 7 Rune Sphere Shard, Throne of the Empire, Small Crystal, Rune Crystal Not tameable N/A
Red Autumn Road Fire Crystal, Red Core Cake, Chocolate Cake None
Red Dragon Rune Prana Floor 4 Dragon Fang, Crimson Scale Dragon Fang None
Rider Orc Yokmir Cave Glue, Cheap Bracelet, Cheap Cloth, Blade Shard Not tameable N/A
Rouge Rune Prana Floor 7 Fire Crystal, Red Core Big Red Crystal None
Ruffled Flower WIP WIP WIP WIP
Ruffled Horsetail WIP WIP WIP WIP
Ruffled Vine WIP WIP WIP WIP
Sano Forest of Beginnings Left Rock Shard, Material Stone, Rock Not tameable N/A
Sarcophagus Leon Karnak Crystal Skull, Magic Crystal, Lumber Mixed Juice, Gold Juice None
Scorpion Delirium Lava Ruins Scorpion Tail, Insect Carapace Scorpion Tail Scorpion Tail
Sealy Sechs Territory Fish Fossil, Wet Scale, Can, Rare Can Fish Fossil None
Sechs Cat Floating Empire N/A N/A N/A
Sechs Dragon Floating Empire N/A N/A N/A
Sechs Golem Floating Empire Golem Stone, Golem Tablet N/A N/A
Sechs Sorcerer Floating Empire N/A N/A N/A
Sechs Tank Floating Empire Rusty Screw, Shiny Screw Not tameable N/A
Shadow Panther Obsidian Mansion Panther Claw, Quality Fur Fur None
Shmooly Spring Area Fur (S), Fur (M), Fur (L), Clippers Clippers Fur (S), Fur (M), Fur (L)
Silver Wolf Yokmir Cave, Sechs Territory Wolf Fang, Quality Fur Wolf Fang Wolf Fang
Siren Rune Prana Floor 5 Melody Bottle, Intelligencer, Mealy Apple Great 4-Leaf Clover None
Slime Obsidian Mansion Amethyst, Aquamarine, Copper Ruby None
Snowy Sechs Territory Orange, Orange Juice Orange, Orange Juice None
Spider Obsidian Mansion Spider's Thread Spider's Thread Spider's Thread
Spirit Obsidian Mansion Magic Crystal, Dark Crystal Dark Crystal None
Terrable Sharance Maze Earthwyrm Scale, Dragon Fang, Vital Gummi, Recipe Bread+ Turnip Heaven None
Terraclone Idra Cave Earth Dragon Ash Turnip Heaven None
Thunderbird Floating Empire Branch, Thunderbird Feather Thunderbird Feather Thunderbird Feather
Thunderbolt Water Ruins Lightning Mane, Fur Royal Carrot None
Titan Sechs Territory Blue Giant's Glove, Giant's Nail Hammer Piece None
Tomato Ghost Delirium Lava Ruins Tomato, Tomato Seeds, Ghost Hood, Titan Tomato Tomato None
Tortas Water Ruins Turtle Shell, Iron, Bronze Turtle Shell, Egg None
Tricky Muck Autumn Road Spore, Poison Powder Spore, Poison Powder Poison Powder
Troll Delirium Lava Ruins Giant's Nail Hammer Piece None
Tundra Sechs Territory Water Crystal, Magic Crystal Water Crystal None
Turnip Ghost Rune Prana Turnip, Turnip Seeds, Gold Turnip Seeds, Turnip's Miracle Turnip, Turnip Seeds None
Typhoon Sercerezo Hill (During typhoons only) Devil Blood, Devil Horn, Mealy Apple Mealy Apple None
Uno Leon Karnak Right Rock Shard, Material Stone, Rock Not tameable N/A
Ventuswill Sharance Maze Wind Dragon Tooth, Dragon Fang, Dragon Scale, Recipe Bread+ Not tameable N/A
Weagle Water Ruins Branch, Stick, Bird's Feather, Shining Seed Bird's Feather Bird's Feather
Wooly Selphia Plain, Summer Area Fur (S), Clippers Clippers Fur (S), Fur (M), Fur (L)
Yellow Sercerezo Hill Earth Crystal, Yellow Core Cake, Chocolate Cake None
Yellow Dragon Rune Prana Floor 6 Dragon Fang, Glitter Scale Dragon Fang None
??? Maya Road Mysterious Powder Not tameable N/A


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