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Monsters are creatures that you'll encounter and need them in the game in order to make a profit.

What They Do

Monsters keep appearing in Dungeons through Gates and might attack you as soon as they see you. They won't stop until you've destroyed all of the Gates on the floor you're on, though. You can befriend them and have them join you in battles, take care of your farm, and even give you products that can be used on your farm.

How To Get Them

To be friends with monsters, first of all you have to have a Barn. Once you've defeated the first Boss (The Raccoon), Raven or Gaius can build you a monster barn for your monsters to live in, which requires a certain amount of woods for each build/upgrade. Each Room can have four monsters in it, and you can have up to five rooms.

After you've got a barn, you can give monsters items so that they can be friends with you. (Note that certain items will have a higher chances for certain monsters to accept being your friends and the higher your level is than the monster, the higher the chances the monster will be your friends)

Hint: To catch a monsters, start by giving them a gift. It make connection being easier, then use a Brush

List of Monsters


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