"RARRR!!! I'm going to bite you! *CHOMP*!!"
Monica (モニカ, Monica) is a character in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.


Monica is a young girl. She has orange hair and eyes. She wears two outfits; one casual and one for the beach.


She is Wells' youngest granddaughter and Shara's younger sister. She is also the only child in Rune Factory 3 before you get married and have your own kids.

At first, Monica won't like you very much. So until you complete one of Shara's requests, and become Monica's rose prince for the day, she'll be pretty antagonizing for a while. In her request, she'll comment that if you don't marry Shara, she would be happy to marry you in Shara's place. She won't give you a birthday present before this request is completed.

Extra Info-She hates fish and other types of seafood. She also likes to the earth enviromental beings such as flowers and gems. In addition, the first time you see Monica's swim suit, and comment on it, Monica will call you dirty.




The dynamic of their relationship changes as they grow closer together. When they first meet, Monica is weary of him and often bites him. She tries to keep him at bay if he peruses her older sister.


Shara is the older sister of Monica.


Wells is the grandfather of Monica. They have a loving relationship, with Wells often spoiling her.



Partying up and off

Before becoming friendly

Accepting: "Okay...(*Monica smiles a bit, and sighs)"

Remove from Party: "Hmph!(*Monica frowns)"

When in Party

Before becoming friendly

"What?!(Monica frowns)"

HP>50%: "I'm still fine!(*Monica frowns)"

HP<50%: "I'm getting tired...(*Monica looks sad, and sighs)"

Tactic: Floral Blush

Monica keeps her distance with the party up close to avoid ganging-up styles and direct ranged attacks. She would also uses restorative spells in seconds but only when she is affected by status effects and they are enemies in the same area.

Supportive: Medi/spells

Monica cast restorative spells such as Medipoison or Mediparalyze and Mediseal instantly in times of enemy's prowl. She only cast it if she's affected as well.

Special Skill: Aero Sweeper

Although Monica only uses Aero Squall level 2 and 3 to strike which homes at the enemy, she is also ready to support by being side-by-side the party.

Monica Battle Level Health Attack
2 72 0
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 0 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
9 19 11
Default Weapon None
Weapon Type Random (Give her any weapon ,it will be her weapon type)


Spoken Quotes


  • "I'm going to bite you."
  • "Heya", "Hey!", and "Heeey"
  • "Heehee", "heheh"
  • "Nice night, don't you think?"
  • "Wow, cool!"


  • "Oww..."


  • Monica is the youngest battle partner in Rune Factory 3.
    • This is reflected by her starting at the lowest level 2.
  • During the yearly Flea Market, her "Mystery Prize" earned at her minigame at 5 wins is none other than a bite from her. That or it's simply something she cherishes and will not part with, hence, the bite.
  • Monica has the same birthday as Cinnamon from Rune Factory: Frontier, Lily from Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, and Amber from Rune Factory 4.