The Miyako Inn (旅館「都」, Ryokan "Miyako") is a location in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.


Paradise Bathhouse

Business hours: 10:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM


Hot Spring Bath

  • Recover full HP/RP with 300 G.

Rune Ability

Sakuya's Souvenir Shop

It costs 800 gold read his fortune. Fortunes: Excellent" is the best, followed by Great, Good, Average, and Uncertain. If your reading is "Poor" or "Horrible," something bad will happen!

Souvenir shop

Business hours: 10:30 AM ~6:00 PM


  • Sakuya sells random 10-20 material depending on items you have shipped.

Fortune Telling

  • Fortune telling is available after defeating the Boss of Oddward Valley.

Peddler Yue

Business hours: All time

Shopkeeper: Yue

  • Yue sells random 10-20 items depending on items you have shipped (almost everything).

Inner Locations


Miyako Inn


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