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Misty Bloom Cave (ミストブーム洞窟, Misuto Burumu Doukutsu) is a location in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. Misty Bloom Cave is the fifth dungeon of Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. It is only available in Winter; thus, it must be finished before Spring comes. To gain access to the dungeon, till a hundred squares of land in Mt. Gigant and speak to Godwin. It is recommended to finish the cave quickly and get Kasimir Ruins Pass before Spring, and fish a Lover Snapper in order to plan marrying Mei.


Misty Bloom Cave is unlocked by defeating Grimoire on Mt. Gigant and tilling 100 squares.

Inner Locations


Location Monsters Drop Items

Area 1

High Orc Cheap Cloth; Quality Cloth
Sky Fish Fish Fossil; Water Crystal; Blue Crystal Seeds
Area 2 Orc Hunter Earth Crystal
Sky Fish Fish Fossil; Water Crystal; Blue Crystal Seeds
Area 3 Hitodama
Area 4 Shadow Panther Wolf Claws; Tech Bottle
Scorpio Pretty Skin; Scorpion Tail
Area 5 Tricky Mushroom Poison Powder
Area 6 Shira Fish Fossil; Water Crystal; Aqua Element
Area 7 High Orc Cheap Cloth; Quality Cloth

Boss Monster

Boss: Siren

NB : Any Wind or Earth weapons, spells and accessories can easily knocked out Siren due to Ring Arena, and make sure to bring some Paragons, Roundoffs and Fried Eggs to take their advantage. Because this boss Arena was limited, player should take down quickly and avoid Water Laser and Music Notes that can cause paralysis. Star Saber or Grand Smasher can easily blow out Siren in minutes.



Location  Fish
Area 1 Yellowtail; Sardine; Mackerel; Snapper; Flounder; Skipjack; Shrimp
Area 2 Yellowtail; Lobster; Mackerel; Sardine; Tuna; Shrimp; Snapper
Area 3 Blowfish; Sardine; Shrimp; Flounder; Lobster; Snapper
Area 4 Flounder; Skipjack; Mackerel; Tuna
Area 5 Sardine; Mackerel; Snapper; Lover Snapper; Blowfish
Area 6 Squid; Sardine; Mackerel; Skipjack
Area 7 Sardine; Skipjack; Mackerel; Blowfish; Shrimp; Lobster; Lover Snapper; Flounder; Tuna; Snapper
Boss Room Sardine; Mackerel; Skipjack; Shrimp; Lamp Squid; Lover Snapper; Tuna; Snapper; Blowfish; Glitter Snapper


Area Mine List
A1, A2, A5, A6, A7 Scrap Iron, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Aquamarine, Emerald



  • If the player uses a Sleeping Bag in this dungeon in order to continue their progress in it past Winter 30, they will be trapped inside the cave come Spring 1. This will cause the game's data to corrupt. To avoid the risk of getting stuck in the cave, players can buy and bring with the spell Teleportation, and use it to teleport to their house on spring 1.
  • If the player plans on marrying Mei, the Lover Snapper required to propose to her may be found in this dungeon.
  • This is the only cave which can access only in Winter.
  • This cave is filled by water and players may use the water pot just about anywhere, unlike in other caves where there are limited locations to refill your water.