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Mist (ミスト, Misuto, Mist[1]) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Mist is known to be a little strange by the inhabitants of Kardia. Even so, she is very kind towards others and in helping Raguna, who was initially a stranger to the town. She maintains a cheerful attitude throughout the story, and is shown to be very considerate. She often confuses Raguna with her strange preferences and her obsession with turnips. While Mist is air-headed most of the time, she spontaneously expresses great observation skills and intellectual advice.


Mist has light skin with ash blonde hair in ponytail and lavender eyes.


Mist's history is not provided in depth. Though, it is speculated that she may have been living at Kardia for a while as evident from her ownership of Raguna's field and house, as well as the tools she gives him at the beginning of the game. It's also said by the other villagers that she's tried to give the farm land to many other people before Raguna.

Mist is the first person in Rune Factory whom Raguna meets. After finding Raguna on the verge of collapse outside her house, she (in a comical scene) gives him a hoe and watering can, but after realizing what Raguna really needed, which was food and water, she lets him live in her rundown farm up North from her house. She also appears in every cave the first time Raguna enters them, and before/after he goes into a boss battle. More of less, Mist can be considered as a guide or the female protagonist of the game, as she tends to give Raguna helpful advice and necessary hints or items throughout the series. She's also the default bachelorette in Rune Factory, as seen in the opening, though you don't have to marry her.



  • Finish the main storyline.
  • Till all the soil on your farmland.
  • Raise her heart level to the maximum amount.
  • To propose to her, make sure the all the tasks above have been completed. Then, go to her house to talk to her.

To raise friendship with Mist, talk to Mist and give her something she likes every day to raise her love points steadily. On festivals, her love points will increase more so if you speak to her. Her big bonus is her birthday, Fall 1st, so make sure you give her a nice present (an emery flower or turnip) and talk to her to receive a large increase in love points. And every time you till your field, Mist's love points will go up, making her fairly easy to marry.


Loved Emery Flower
Liked "Thank you very much. I love the [item]!"
Radish, Baked Apple, 4-Leaf Clover, Fried Udon, Cake, Croquettes, Seafood Gratin, Steamed Bread, Cheese Bread, Pound Cake
Neutral "[Item]? I can't say I really like it."
Anything else

If you give Mist a Potato, Cucumber, Cabbage, Tomato, Corn, Onion, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Green Pepper, or Bamboo Sprout, she will say "[Item]! It's always good to receive this at the Harvest Festival."


Although Raguna is not required to marry her, Mist is the "intended" love interest for him, as shown in the introductory animated cutscene.


Normal Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
6am - 0pm Mist's House
0pm - 6pm Raguna's Farm
6pm - 6am Mist's House
6am - 0pm Mist's House
0pm - 6pm Raguna's Farm
6pm - 9pm Mist's House
9pm - 10pm Gigant Hot Springs
10pm - 6am Mist's House
6am - 3pm Mist's House
3pm - 6pm Clemens Mountain View
6pm - 6am Mist's House
Raining/snowing (Any day)
6am - 0pm Mist's House
0pm - 6pm Inside Raguna's house
Married to Raguna
All day Inside Raguna's house


  • Several members of town will suggest that Raguna is not the first person who Mist has tried to get to work her farm, and Rosetta will even say word-for-word that Mist claims that Raguna "looked like the farmer type" is something she's said to numerous people in Kardia. How successful her previous attempts were is never mentioned, but given that the spare house was vacant and the farm was full of weeds, odds are that she hadn't had much luck before the start of the game.
  • In the very beginning of the game, after Raguna defeats his first monster Mist will eventually offer you the fields to work on as a token of her gratitude. At that point you have two options: "Thank you." and "No, I really can't do that." Choosing the latter brings a set of dialogue from her going "No, I insist. You helped me out, and I want to do something for you too." and rounds back to the options "Thank you." and "No, I really can't do that." Really more than having luck weaseling Raguna into working at the farm, Mist seems to pressure him into doing so.
  • Mist supposedly makes a reappearance (or at least, is referred to) in Rune Factory 4 as "Mistress Trupin". (A play on "Mist" and "Turnip".) She gives Frey or Lest the ability to change their name after meeting her. Talking to her will reveal references to her meeting Raguna for the first time, talking about a man who was on the verge of collapse from thirst and hunger, and so gave him a hoe and watering can. Other dialogs with Trupin reveal her love of turnips in various ways.