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Mikoto (命, Mikoto) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.


Mikoto first appears as Aden and Sonja try to head to the Dragon Shrine on the island. She will mistake them for an enemy, and attempt to confront them. After clearing their names and stating their business, Mikoto will apologize and go on 'his way'. Sonja initially thought that Mikoto is a male.

Originally, she is reluctant to discuss her background, but she later feels safe when around Aden and Sonja, and opens herself to them. She is originally from a clan of Swordsmen, firstborn of the family. She was trained in the way of the sword, academics, and etiquette, and completely embraced her studies. However, soon her parents had a baby brother and all the resources which were once used on her were now turned to him. Her tutor and her parents spent less time with Mikoto, and in a jealous rage she left her home, wandering aimlessly until she settled on Fenith Island. She is grateful to have found the island, believing it's made her a better person.


She works hard at her job even though monsters are forbidden to enter Fenith island. Often hasty to draw her sword.

She (like Maerwen) is also a very honor/duty bound kind of person, but in the more traditional sense due to her old-fashioned upbringing. She takes her job seriously, and will do anything to succeed at the task she's given.

To a certain degree, she seems somewhat homesick and tends to see the world relative to similar events/items to her native country. It's one of the reasons she loves sashimi -Her original home was also an island and there were always fresh fish. The Lamp Festival apparently bears significant resemblance to a festival in her home country. If Aden wears a Silver Hairpin, she'll mention the items name in her native language and state that in her hometown women generally wore them.

That being said, she loves Fenith island and seems content with her new life. Though she seems a bit of a loner, she appreciates and admire the friendly, loving nature of life on the island, and it only fuels her desire to protect it no matter what. It appears her closest relationship is (ultimately) with Aden, as she doesn't interact as much with other characters on the island. Mikoto will mention talking to Electra at certain points of the game, but the way she phrased it made it appear to be businesslike due to Electra's "governor" status (she asked if there were any improvements that could be done to the island, which Mikoto declined and said all is well.)

She tends to be obsessive about following rules and regulations, but sometimes she's willing to break them if there's no real harm done. During her friend/love cutscenes, she befriends a seemingly harmless squirrel (monster), and lets it stay on the island in spite of the rules. They appear to become good friends as he makes additional appearances in the later Friendship/love cutscenes, effectively proving that Mikoto didn't send him to the Forest of Beginnings. Also, when discussing her past she doesn't appear to mind accidentally going over the allotted time for her patrol schedule (she apparently got carried away talking to Aden), though she does mention it prior to leaving. By her tone, it didn't seem that she left because she needed to finish the patrol, but rather it was another excuse to end the conversation.


Most mornings she can be found just outside the Three Sisters Inn swinging her katana, but during the summer she can be found on the beach. She begins her patrol rounds on the island making her way to the plaza and onward. In the late afternoon and early evening, she attends the church. She turns into bed early.


Loved "I love a tempura bowl. I'm much obliged."
Tempura Bowl

I'm much obliged. I'll gladly accept this.

Cabbage, Potato, Cucumber, Strawberry, Tomato, Onion, Chestnut, Carrot, Eggplant, Green Pepper, Pumpkin, Corn, Hard Horn, Rice, Flour, Needlefish, Curry Powder, Garlic, Honey, Milk, Pink Cat, Toyherb, Bronze Pond Smelt, Lamp Squid, Sardine, Noel Flower, Green Grass, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Thin Stick, Diamond, Ruby, Formuade, Emerald, Sapphire, Quality Cloth, Small Fleece, Insect Jaw, Magic Powder, Wind Crystal, Dark Crystal, Oak, Recovery Potion L, Recovery Potion, Thick Stick, Glittering Edge, Quality Fur, Fairy Dust, Sharp Fang, Courage Badge, Small Treasure Chest, Fire Element, Protein Boost, Antidote Potion, Memento Flower Garland, Proof of Warrior

Is this for me? I suppose I'll accept it, if you insist...

Wooly Scarf, Wind Ring, Amethyst Ring, Tear Pendant, Wooly Hat,

Ah! I do love grilled fish. I'll accept your gift gladly.

Salted Needlefish, Fried Blowfish, Salted Pond Smelt, Salted Salmon, Salted Char, Fried Squid, Fried Mackerel,

Oh, how perfect. I was feeling a bit hungry just now. Thank you.

Stew, Cherry Jam, Sardine Sashimi, Yellowtail Sashimi,

Tempura Bowl

Likes Grilled Fish
Neutral Fish, Sashimi, Cooked Meals
Hates Knife Pieces


  • Her birthday is the same as the New year; something she used to complain of since many of her friends/relatives gave her one gift to represent both holidays instead of two separate ones, and still do. However, she later tells the protagonist that she looks back on her past birthdays now and has fond memories.
  • Although Mikoto is in charge of daily patrols, she is not the head of Fenith island security. Rather, her boss (and the formal head of Fenith Island security) is Gerard, and she reports to him daily.
  • When Aden and Sonja separate and a higher relationship is established, a chance to overhear Mikoto talk in the bath house occurs, expressing the joy of finally bathing as a woman.
  • If both Mikoto and Pandora are present in the bathhouse, an additional conversation between them can be listened to - about Pandora wondering, what would happen if a sorcerer bent on conquering the world would appear on the island.
  • Mikoto claims her name means "life" in the language of her homeland.
  • Mikoto is forbidden from entering the Warrior Festival because it's assumed she can beat everyone in the island easily. As such, she is the host of the games, and does not participate herself.
  • She can attack so quickly that she can make sashimi out of fish in seconds. In one quest, She actually does this on a sardine to test a new blade, and gives Aden the sashimi as a reward.
  • During the Fashion festival, Mikoto admits she is considering entering but probably won't. Sonja then states that should Mikoto enter and that she'd probably win, hinting that Sonja believes Mikoto is fashionable and/or attractive.
  • In a random conversation, Mikoto admits that when she first saw the golem (Ymir), she thought the Island was under attack by a monster and was ready to defend it. She quickly learned this is not the case, and gives a light laugh.
  • In one of Mikoto's requests, Aden gets to opportunity to spar with Mikoto. They walk to the beach, with a setting sun/moon in the background. They say a few words before dueling, and the screen fades to black with battle sounds to represent the fight. When the screen returns both remain standing, but Aden admits he lost. Mikoto states that losing in a fair fight is alright; as fighting honorably takes precedence over victory.
  • Mikoto has a slight crush on Father Gerard, noting how remarkably muscular and formidible he is, and pausing in thought after stating this. She quickly dismisses herself after catching herself daydreaming, and resumes her business. This random conversation can occur prior to Mikoto revealing her true gender, one of the earlier hints to the fact she is female.
  • Mikoto's English voice actor is Erika Weinstein.
  • Mikoto won't wear a bathing suit until you have her friendship up to a high level.
  • She refers to Gerard as the strongest person on the island.
  • She wears glasses at the masquerade.
  • She thinks that Quinn should be more lady-like. Which is strange since Mikoto refers to her self as a male some times.
  • She finds the tree-lined streets soothing.
  • The characters won't realize that she is a girl until after you have beaten the main storyline.
  • She is originally from the far East. This may imply that she is from an Asian country.
  • Mikoto is the only character that cuts her hair during a request.



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