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"Huh? My name...? I... I can't remember who I am... My name... Where I'm from... "
―Micah, Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Micah (マイス, Maisu, Mice[1] or Mais[2]) is the protagonist of Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Like most of the Rune Factory protagonists, he suffers from amnesia and has to figure out why he came to the village.


At the beginning of the game, he will seem to fall into town from the sky in his Wooly form. Micah is saved by Shara, one of the bachelorettes. He unintentionally changes into his human form while in bed (without the the knowledge that he did so) before running out in to the streets and meeting Raven.


Appearing suddenly in the streets as a golden wooly, the unconscious Micah was rescued from the rain by Shara and taken home to be nursed in her bed. He changes into a young man in his sleep, rushes out of the house upon waking and runs into Raven. Shara meets up with them and, between the three of them, they discover that Micah has lost his own memories. Shara then suggests that he live in the Sharance Tree as a farmer.

Micah is initially unable to transform into his wooly form. After finding out about and soon afterward defeating the raccoon that has been stealing food from the town in Priviera Forest ruins, Micah finds an orb which returns a portion of his memory along with the knowledge to use "Transform" Rune, which enables him to transform into a wooly.

After defeating a certain amount of bosses and gaining the orbs, Micah finds out that he was a Guard from an unknown town on a mission to hunt down the five runaway monsters. The strange orbs appeared when Micah came into town.

Thanks, Micah. I know being a guard can be tough work. Well, I want to help. I'm a little nervous, though. ... This whole town is counting on you. That's what I'm nervous about. So many people depending on me... Don't worry, you'll do fine! I can see it in your eyes. You've got more strength and courage than you know. I'm glad you think so. I know so! You've got the markings of a hero, kid! Okay! I'll do my best to protect this town!

I remember... My name is Micah! I guess I didn't forget my real name after all. And I was some sort of guard? I was protecting a town... Where I was a member of the guard...? ...No... I can't remember... I've got to find more orbs and get my memory back!


Good morning!
Good evening!


  • "Uhh, what was I doing again?"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Is that so?"

Answers and Joyous:

  • "I'm doing fine!"
  • "Alright!"


  • "I did it!"
  • "Haha!"


  • "Sigh"
  • "Baaah!"


  • "I can't go on..."
  • "I'm done for..."
  • "Not now..."

Status Screen

Viewing your backpack shows you your status screen, it is here you can view how strong your character is with currently used equipment. It will also display changes to your minor and primary stats when selecting an equipment that changes these compared to your current equipment.

  • Lv: Level
    • By gathering experience points and filling up the bar below "NEXT" a level can be gained that increases HP and RP maximum.
  • HP: Health Points
    • Whenever hit by damage your HP decrease. If they fall to 0 your character faints and ends up in the apothecary with a bill of 3*(Your Lv * Your Lv) in Gold.
  • RP: Rune Points
    • These are used for every action your character performs, if they go below 0, HP gets used instead (quite heavily).
  • G: Gold
    • The currency used in Rune Factory 3, you gain it by selling items or as gift on New Year's Eve.
  • Minor Stats
    • ATK: Attack
      • All physical damage done is determined by this.
    • DEF: Defence
      • The higher the less physical damage you receive.
    • MGC ATK: Magic Attack
      • All spells and staff charges use this stat to determine how much damage they do, weapons may also inflict damage based on these if they have an element attached (or several).
    • MGC DEF: Magic Defence
      • All magical and elemental damage taken (like dragon fire) is reduced the higher this stat is.
  • Primary Stats
    • STR: Strength
    • VIT: Vitality
    • INT: Intelligence

Game Mechanics

Maximum Growth

  • The maximum level is 10,000.
  • Maximum HP/RP can be 65,535.
  • Gold amount can be 9,999,999 which is also the limit for apothecary bills when fainting, it is reached with level 1,826.
  • Each of the stats (minor and primary) can go to 65,536 but the game will only display 999.
  • Skills can go to level 99, their experience bar will fill after that, but stay at a filled bar forever.
  • Damage done can be below -9,999 and above 9,999 but beyond that it isn't displayed anymore.

Raising Stats

Practically anything you do will raise a skill, which in turn will increase stats affected by that skill.

In addition to this farming provides rune sprites and rune orbs (sometimes known as rune spirits and rune spheres), the former increases a random stat by 1-3 (to STR, VIT and INT), the later gives 1 random skill level up instead.



  • Before you know his name it will be shown as ???
  • "Micah" is the default name. The player can change it at the beginning of the game, or by talking to Mei at the 2nd floor of Miyako Inn.


  • Micah's birthday is taken from the birthday you set on your NDS. You cannot change it back-and-forth in the game so make sure to set your DS before starting a new game. So the birthday you put onto your DS when you first start the game will be converted this way:

December to February - Winter
March to May - Spring
June to August - Summer
September to November - Autumn


  • If player tries to use the "Transform" Rune Skill before restoring the first portion of Micah's memories (after defeating the Raccoon), Micah will shake his head and will tell the player that he doesn't know what the Rune Skill is for. Also at this point, the Labyrinth feature in Sharance Tree's Trophy Room is disabled. If the player tries to enter, Micah will tell that the "Transform" Rune Skill is reacting to the door, and if he knows how to use it, he can be able to go in.
  • When Micah is able to transform into a wooly again, he will keep it a secret from the villagers for a while. Player will only be able to transform between human and wooly form in an area where Micah is alone (like the Sharance Tree or in the dungeons without a party member), or in the village but when nobody is in the area of vision (e.g. transforming a distance away behind them, so when no one else is in the screen).


  • Before the events of the game, Micah was part of the Royal Guard, and was tasked to return the monsters Raccoon, Skelefang, Crimsone, Amaranthine and Death Wall to the Forest of Beginnings.
  • Micah is indirectly mentioned in Rune Factory 4 by Lest or Frey during the De-Fluffing Festival when they answer a question by Margaret on Woolies by choosing "Golden ones."
  • Also in Rune Factory 4 you will have a chance to get a request from Volkanon in which he will ask you to join him for tea and he at least has a chance of mentioning about how one day he saw a golden wooly.

Game Mechanics

  • HP, RP and Stats are hardcapped with an unsigned 16-bit integer known as halfword, word or short and ranging from 0 to 65,535.
  • If gold limit was higher or apothecary bills wouldn't be limited the maximum for these would be 300,000,000G with level 10,000.
  • Gold is the easiest to reach a limit with, on second playthrough this usually takes just 1 in-game year and sometimes less.
  • Using Super Fail dish (Lv.1) to see stats beyond 999 will work up to 3995 of STR, VIT and INT.