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  • So.. somehow I encounter you at every site I go to. xD

    And well.. after reading your profile, I've become quite interested!

    May be a bit blunt of me, sorry :'D but.. how about we become friends? :3

    Just friends, of course. xD

    See ya around!

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    • Umm... I haven't been around on many websites, lol!

      Yes, we can be friends!

      Please let me know if you need anything.

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    • Oh.. well, I've seen you practically everywhere xD

      Such as.. Corpse Party and Harvest Moon, I guess? :o

      Yeah! Awesome!!

      Thank you!! :D

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    • Sou.. I've been wondering.. could I get your Skype ID..?

      I know it sounds weird and I maaay seem a little stalkerish.. so it's okay if you refuse xD

      It's just, I dunno.. there could be some things we could maybe.. talk about? :D

      Like I said, your profile has gotten me interested, and surprised actually x'D

      So! I'm looking forward to your reply! :3

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  • 1.Is the Wii game The Last Story any good?

    2.Have you play the Nintendo DS game Magical Starsign?

    3.How do you get the Neutral ending in Shin Megami Tensei IV?

    4.When do you think Shin Megami Tensei V will come out?

    5.What version of Fire Emblem Fates are you going to get? Conquest or Birthright? Or are you going to get both?

    6.What version of Fire Emblem Fates should I get? Conquest or Birthright? Should I get both?

    7.What do you think of the fact that Fire Emblem Fates will have same sex marriage?

    8.Who are your favorite Professor Layton characters?

    9.Who are your favorite Ace Attorney characters?

    10.Who wold win in a fight? Teddie from Persona or Monokuma from Danganronpa?

    11.Do I need to play the first three Persona games?

    12.Is Bravely Second: End Layer a good game?

    13.Are you going to buy Bravely Second: End Layer when it come out?

    14.I have Bravely Default so should I buy Bravely Second: End Layer when it come out?

    15.Who are your favorite Bravely Default characters?

    16.Does the RPG Maker Game IB take place in the future?

    17.Will Danganronpa 3 be on the PSP Vita?

    18.What do fans think of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls? Do they like it? Do they think the story is good?

    19.Did you play Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls? If you did what do you think of it? Did you like the story? I am going to buy that game when it come out in the USA.

    20.What would happen if Saya annd Fuminori Sakisaka from Saya No Uta got themself in the Danganronpa universe?

    21.What would happen if the cast of Corpse Party got themself in the Danganronpa universe?

    22.There should be a Japanese open world action-adventure game for the Wii U that take place entirely in Japan. What do you think?

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    • Sorry for the late reply. I have been pretty busy with real life stuff.

      1. Haven't played it, but it seems like a good game based on reviews.

      2. I've heard about it but I haven't played it.

      3. You need to balance your hidden law and chaos points. Iirc, if it's within -8 to 8, you'll get Neutral ending. Neutral endings tend to be hardest to get in SMT. You may consult a guide here if you don't want to manually calculate the points like I did (I did slightly different than what the guide said so I had to recalculate).

      4. Not until Persona 5 came out, at least. I personally want Devil Survivor 3 more, but I'll get SMT V if i comes first.

      5. Waiting for the third edition which bundles both stories and 3rd episode because I don't like having the other halves of the game as DLCs (they take a huge space on memory). I might be getting the Japanese version just because I have a feeling English version will censor a lot of things just like they did with FE:A, but we'll see.

      6. I'd suggest getting both if you want to experience the full story.

      7.  I like having different kinds of characters and sexual orientation is one of character-defining features. As long as they don't make every character bisexual, I don't mind it.

      8. Hershel Layton, Jean Descole, Celeste, Zacharias Barnham.

      9. Miles Edgeworth, Athena Cykes, Godot, Simon Blackquill, The Judge

      10. I like Monokuma better, so Monokuma. He's also more dangerous.

      11. Yes. The cast is different, but they are stil in the same universe and timeline so everything that happens in one game is indirectly related to the other game, and so on.

      12  It's a good game and definitely an improvement in terms of plot and gameplay mechanic, except the soundtracks. I love the first game's sountracks a lot because I'm a fan of Revo (the composer)

      13. Yes.

      14. Well, if you had fun playing the first one, might as well getting the sequel.

      15. Edea and Ringabel. I also like Alternis Dim (I know his identity, but I treat him as separate character) and Victoria.

      16. What makes you think that?

      17. I hope so, considering the other two games are on Vita.

      18. Not sure, but I think people who liked the previous two games will enjoy this one as well.

      19. Haven't played it and will be waiting for the English version as well. I'm not a big fan of the 3rd person shooter gameplay though, but I can deal with it.

      20. Not fun because they would've killed other characters and cannibalize them. Too OP.

      21. More or less the same, except they murder each other and the blood will be pink.

      22. I personally want the setting to be in the whole world, not only Japan, but might be hard to implement.

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  • So you like Saya No Uta. I have questions for you.

    1.Is Saya truly evil?

    2.What about the rest of her kind? Are they evil?

    3.I know he is dead but what would H.P Lovecraft think of Saya No Uta?

    4.Who is your favorite Saya No Uta character?

    5.Who would win in a fight? Fuminori Sakisaka or Yuuya Kizami?

    6.Did Saya died in the true end or is she still alive?

    7.What would happen if Saya and Satsuki Mizuhara would to meet each other?

    8. Is it just me or does these two OST sound similar?

    9.Why do Utsu-tsu from Gatchaman Crowds look like Saya?

    10.Masahiko Ogai hypothesize that Saya is an irregular, even among her kind. What does that mean?

    11.Where did you get Saya No Uta?

    12.What would it be like if Ikue Otani was the voice actress for Saya?

    13.What would happen if Saya read Twilight or other bad romance novel?

    14.What year does Saya No Uta take place? 2012?

    15.Saya and Fuminori Sakisaka are shown taking a bath. But that can't be water. What do you think Saya put in there?

    16. Koji Tonoh found three book in Masahiko Ogai house. What are they about? Are they related to Saya and her own kind>

    17.In the first ending is Fuminori Sakisaka going to be in that mental hospital for the rest of his life?

    18.In The first ending what will happen when Saya find out found that Masahiko Ogai is dead? What do you think?

    19.Do you like the soundtrack?

    20.Look at Corpse Party Blood Drive. Heavenly Host Elementary School have gore other thing in it. Look at this. Does all of this remind you of Saya No Uta?

    21.How old is Saya? She is not human but look how Fuminori Sakisaka see her. Or is she like Amber and Yuka older than they look?

    22.What is Saya home world like?

    23. How would Viridi from Kid Icarus react to Saya turning all of the Humans into monsters?

    24.What will the world be like now Saya tranform all of the humans and the world.

    25.How will the humans react to what happen them?

    26.What do you think the human that didn't get transform will do?

    27.Is it possible thank to Saya mating with Fuminori Sakisaka that everyone will see each other and the whole world as normal?

    28.I read some comment saying something about the game The Last of Us being a sequel to Saya No Uta. Would that even make sense? Is it even possible?

    29.How do you think Makoto Kedoin would react to Saya No Uta?

    30.How do you think the Corpse Party characters would react to Saya No Uta.

    31.If Saya No Uta would to have a sequel what do you think it would be about? Or does it not need a sequel?

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    • Hi, sorry for late resopnse. I'm very busy this week and the week after. You asked so many questions - how do you come up with so many questions? Hahaa. Anyway...

      1 & 2. Well, I don't think so, but she isn't completely innocent either. I think it depends how yiu define "evil". From normal person perspective, what Saya and Fuminori done have steppe dthe boundaries, but I can't eally blame them for doing whatever they did if I look from their (Fuminori and Saya's) perspective.

      3. i guess he'd be proud...and confused as well, haha. I don't think he ever sees Ctulhu or any creature he made as beautiful.

      4. Koji. I think he's the one who got changed the most if you take the third ending. Losing all your friends and have your loved one eaten by your friend will drive people insane.

      5. Fuminori...perhaps. He got an axe, and Kizami only got a knife. But, really, it depends on how you use it, though. Killing a person with a knife is faster than killing people with an axe.... Why are we talking about killing people?

      6. She's alive.

      7. I don't know. Saya's true form drove many people insane, and I guess Satsuki would be too if she were to see her in her human form. But if you're talking about her monster form, that's another story.

      8. They both sound rather melancholic, but the one from CP has high-pitched noise in it? The middle part of the songs are different, but they sound quite similar other than that.

      9. Never heard about her. Maybe it's the hair?

      10. That her kind would be merciless - killing and devouring people when they see them? Saya, in comparison, is mischievous and innocent in a sense.

      11. You can buy it online, and for somethng less than 30 bucks, it's pretty cheap. A new 3DS game cost more.

      12. I'd love this, personally. Way to ruin my image of Pikachu with tentacled abomination.

      13. HAHAHAH, NOPE. She might wish that she and Fuminori could end up like in one of those romance novels though.

      14. I don't know. Is it ever mentioned what year they are in? I don't remember.

      15.  Blood...or slimes (eww). Or anything liquid other than water. Or maybe it's filthy water (and you thought it was a bath..)

      16. I don't think so. The existence of Saya and other creatures like her is not supposed to be something known to the mankind, so I doubt there are books about them.

      17. I don't think so? After regaining his normal sense, I think he can live normal live, though not back to what he used to have before with his friends.

      18. Tbh, I find Ogai is nothing other than for-plot only character. She's fine living with Fuminori without him. She'll be sad, but not like she had lost something really important. I think Fuminori is more important to Saya.

      19. Yes. 

      20. You mean the gore wall full of innards? I can see that. Maybe Blood Drive is partly inspired by Saya no Uta.

      21. Well, Japan seems to have a strange obsession with youth, so they try to make their characters as young looking as possible.

      22. This.

      23. Not too familiar with Kid Icarus series. Is it good?

      24. See no.30.

      25. Widespead hysteria, and government issued war or other measurement to take down Saya and other similar creatures. Remind me of Devil Survivor.

      26. They'd end up insane like most people did.

      27. I thought it was because Saya "healed" Fuminori? 

      28. No, they don't make sense at all. They even have different creator.

      29. He'd love it, I bet. He's a fan of anything horror and loves to watch various horror moves as inspiration for his stories.

      30. They already had their hands full with saving the world... or at least Ayumi did. Had they failed, maybe the world now would look something like what Fuminori saw.

      31. Same thing, except I'd want to see more creatures like Saya.

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  • I got more Corpse Party Questions for you.

    1.Did they really say that Corpse Party on the 3DS will have full 3D graphic like Corpse Party Blood Drive?

    2.Will they port all five Chapters of Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient to the 3DS or it successor?

    3.Why are there Zombies in the hospital in Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient?

    4.Who will be the main villain of Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient?

    5.How would a Live Action Movie of Corpse Party work?

    6.What did they do to Satsuki Mizuhara? Did they put Saya from Saya No Uta DNA in her?

    7.Does Satsuki Mizuhara get killed off or does she lived?

    8.What up with tagline for Corpse Party 2 Satsuki's Heart? Yuka, your heart looks so tasty... let me eat it.

    9.How would Corpse Party 2 Satsuki's Heart and those picture that I posted to you be related?

    10. What would happen if Corpse Party 2 Satsuki' Heart never got canceled?

    11.Why would the 1996 Corpse Party for the PC be rated M?

    12.How would it be possible for everyone to get their  memories of Ayumi Shinozaki and Yoshiki Kishinuma back?

    13.The Nehan will become free when Ayumi Shinzaki dies? Is that a bad thing? Who will stop it when that does happen?

    14.Why do Ayame Ito have a hole in her chest?

    15.Is Masami Yoshinaka a bad guy?

    16.Will we ever see Demons in Corpse Party?

    17.What would happen if someone outside of Japan do the Sachiko Ever After Charm.

    18.What happen to the to the Tomb of Maruva at the end? Does it get disband?

    19. Is Corpse Party 3 going to take place in a Mansion?

    20.Will we ever see Sachiko Shinozaki in Corpse Party again?

    21.Did the 2011 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami happen in the Corpse Party universe?

    22.What would Corpse Party have a crossover with?

    23.What year does all of the Corpse Party games take place?

    24.The Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient tagline say something a curse. What curse is it talking about?

    25.Do you think Satoshi Mochida and 'Naomi Nakashima' ever got married?

    26.Is Ayumi Shinozaki go stay the way she is shown at the end of Blood Drive and the beginning of Dead Patient for the rest of her life?

    27.If Magari Miduki is not human then what is he?

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    • I was very busy yesterday, so I apologize. Anyway, I won't be answering all your questions because I don't know the answers. Most of your questions asked me to predict something that have yet to happen in the series and I can't tell the future. That being said, your questions can be asnwered by playing the games and notice the details there. Maybe you should try playing them yourself if you're really interested in the series since spoiling everything ruin the fun of figuring out things by your own. People keep coming back to CP because of its story, and you won't feel the "thrill and suspense of what's coming next" if you spoiled everything to yourself.

      1. Yes, and new extra chapter. Source:

      2. Wow, slow down. Dead Patient isn't even finished yet.

      5. They're making it right now, so it's possible.


      Tomb of Maltuva is conducting experiment on human bodies. Satsuki is a member of the organization and possibly is one of the results of the said experiment. Details are unknown at this point, but it probably has something to do with Ghost Therapy mentioned in the first game (and mentioned again in Blood Drive). This might be elaborated further in Dead Patient.

      7. She lives.

      9. Hint. Warning: slightly disturbing content.

      11. Play the game. You can play Corpse Party Rebuilt (since it's a remake and has the same story). It's better to play the game yourself anyway rather than me explaining everything. It's free.

      18. SPOILER ALERT:  No, it's assumed that they're getting stronger with Magari becomes the new leader of Tomb of Maltuva. 

      21. No.

      22. Blood Covered, 2U: October 2008 (based on Naomi's cellphone in the first game)

      Book of Shadows: varies, depending whether the chapter happens before, during, or after the event of first game.

      Blood Drive: November 2008 (~2 weeks after Book of Shadows ending).

      Dead Patient: sometime in 2013 (5 years after the event of first game).

      That being said, calendar continuity isn't the focus of the series, so don't take any date in the game at face value (so read any dates in the game as x/x/20xx).

      24. Presumably 'Darkening.'

      27. She is a human, really. If she isn't, we have yet to see it in the game.

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  • 1. Are' 'Corpse Party BloodCovered ...Repeated Fear,Corpse Party: Book of Shadows,Corpse Party Blood Drive and Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient all good games?

    2. What Worst? Corpse Party: Musume or Transformers Kiss Player?

    3.I never play a Corpse Party game before. I don't have a PSP or a PSP Vita.I want to play Corpse Party Should I get the Nintendo 3DS Version when it come out in the USA?

    4.Do you think they will bring all of the Corpse Party games to the Nintendo 3DS?

    5.Will it have both a physical and digital release?

    6.Could Super Smash Bros. 5 have Corpse Party trophies?

    7.Could the Games have Amiibo Support? What could they do?

    8.What will be on the bottom screen?

    9.Will Corpse Party on the 3DS have 3D graphics?

    10.Do you think Corpse Party 3DS will have English vocie acters when it come out in the USA?

    11. What is going on with Satsuki Mizuhara here? Is she even Human? Is she good or evil? Does she live or died at the end?

    12.What is the Tomb of Maruva? Is it Evil?

    13.Will everyone ever get their memories of  Ayumi Shinozaki and Yoshiki Kishinuma back?

    14.Why do the RPG Horror game Misao have similarities to Corpse Party?

    15.How would the Corpse Party characters react to the Manga Corpse Party:Musume.

    16.What would the first Corpse Party for the PC game be rated by the ESRB?

    17.Will we ever see Satoshi Mochida,Yuka Mochida and Naomi Nakashima in the Corpse Party series agian?

    18.Where are Satoshi Mochida,'Yuka Mochida and 'Naomi Nakashima as of Corpse Party Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient?

    19. Will Ayumi Shinozaki ever smile and be happy agian?

    20.What is the Nehan?

    21.What will happen to the Nehan when Ayumi Shinozaki die?

    22.What could have Corpse Party 2: Satsuki's Heart been about?

    23. How do you think the Corpse Party series will all end?

    24.Could they bring those Horror RPG Games like IB,Mad Father,Misao,Yume Nikki,The Witch House,Mogeko Castle,Ao Oni and The Crooked Man to the Nintendo 3DS Eshop?

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    • This reply has been removed
    • 1. If you ask me, then my answer would be yes. But that depends on your taste of what's "good" games, though. Corpse Party is mainly visual novels, meaning the main selling point is its story and you'll spend lots of time reading. If you're looking for a game as in "gameplay," then Repeated Fear, Blood Drive, and Dead Patient are good because of them being visual novels/RPGs. Book of Shadows is visual novels with point & click, while 2U is pure visual novel.

      However, the drawback is that you still have to play the game in order to understand what's going on since it's easy to get lost. The order would be: Repeated Fear, Book of Shadows, 2U, Blood Drive, then Dead Patient.

      2. I don't know much about Transformers Kiss Player, and after Googling that up, it was one of strangest thing I've seen.

      3. Vita can play PSP games, so if you want to play all four (three since 2U is probably will never be localized), you may want to invest in one. You can wait for the 3DS version too if you want; it's up to you.

      Alternatively, Repeated Fear has iOS version in English. If you have an iPhone, you may want to get that. Check the app store and you should find one. The iOS version of Book of Shadows (the sequel) is still in Japanese though.

      4. If Repeated Fear 3DS proves to be successful, then chances for the sequels to be ported to 3DS will be higher.

      5. Corpse Party has always been digital release, but that was because PSP was dying in US and Europe when XSEED released Corpse Party here, while PSP itself was still popular in Japan that time.

      Now that XSEED working on newer platform like Vita and 3DS, physical release sound plausible. Personally I want physical copies myself. 

      6 & 7. I doubt it. Corpse Party is a niche title so chance is pretty slim. But it would be awesome if it ever gets one *praying for it to happen*

      8. It's not known at this point since we have only limited information about it, but I think they would be the map, menu, inventory, etc.

      9. Yes. It has been confirmed via 5pb's Twitter.

      10. No, I don't think so. Corpse Party uses binaural audio technology to create 3D effect (hence why Corpse Party games are best played with earphone on). This requires special recording microphone and studio, and this is extremely costly to replicate in US and Europe.

      11. I can't see the images since it said I'm denied permission to view them. But I pretty much know what you're talking about. It will be a big Blood Drive spoiler, though. Are you sure you don't want to discover it yourself by playing the game?

      12. Tomb of Maltuva is a secret organization that is trying to get their hand on Book of Shadows. Based on this, you can infer that they are up to no good.

      13. Maybe yes? Maybe no? Who knows?

      14. They surely have some similarities. Maybe they inspire each other? But Misao is more focused on jump scares, while Corpse Party is more like a psychological horror.

      15. I'm not sure since they are technically the same characters anyway, except maybe Yoshiki who had a huge personality change, and more sexualized Naomi.

      16. As in PC-98 or Blood Covered? Either way, it would be M.

      17 & 18. Considering Dead Patient takes place in the same universe, then there's a chance of them appearing again - but not as main characters. Same thing goes with Ayumi and Yoshiki. Their "story" ends with Blood Drive. Now it's the turn of new characters to take their spots as main characters. The whereabouts of Satoshi and others in Dead Patient is not known yet. Guess we need to wait for later chapters of Dead Patient.

      19. Ayumi is internally happy since she is able to accomplish things she is meant to do, even if it comes with a price.

      20. What you call Heavenly Host is actually Nehan, so Nehan is the place where Heavenly Host is.

      21. Nehan will be released from Ayumi's body.

      22. It probably has something to do with the pictures you linked me ;) 

      FYI, one of the extra chapters in Blood Drive is titled Satsuki's Heart, so the idea for the abandoned game is reused/recycled in Blood Drive. That extra chapter explains who Satsuki is and how she becomes the way she is.

      23. It will never end. Just like they keep making new Silent Hill and Resident Evil, new Corpse Party will be made.

      24. It's up to Nintendo, really. The fact that they are allowing Corpse Party on 3DS mean they slowly become more open to games that are less family friendly, so it might be possible.

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  • Welcome to the Rune Factory Wiki, Luph!
    Welcome to The Rune Factory Wiki, and thank you for your contributions! There's a lot to do around here, so I hope you'll stay with us and make many more improvements.
    • The recent changes is a great first stop, because you can see what other people are editing right this minute and where you can help.
    • Got questions? Check out Help:Contents for a list of help pages or ask a question at the Help desk or on the "discussion" page associated with each article!
    • Need help? The Community Portal outline the wiki and lists pages to help you learn how to edit.
    • Please read the Style Manual and the Article Layout pages before making any more edits.

    I'm really happy to have you here, and look forward to contributing with you!

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