Template:Spoiler Preparation after Terrable is defeated at Greed Cave. The sech's army is coming!

Melody :
Raguna, is it true the Sechs Army is coming to attack? What should we do? What should we do?

Melody :
What? With me? 'Kay, seeing as it's you Raguna. I'll wait for you at the top of Mt. Clemens. You will come, won't you?
// Before 6 PM
Melody :
Hey, hey, you're early! Thought you might be!
// After 6 PM
Melody :
Raguna, what a beautiful night!
It's kinda romantic.
Raguna, we always meet at the bathhouse, eh?
It'd be nice to meet elsewhere sometimes.
Raguna :
Melody :
Raguna, I was so happy you invited me out today!
Thanks! Hey, Raguna! Could it be... Could it be you're interested in me?
Raguna :
Melody :
So ... what about me?
Ho ho!
'Kay, i'm gonna head home.


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