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Melody (メロディ, Melody) a bachelorette in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

She is a bright, cheerful young woman who desperately wants to be a witch and learn magic, hence her clothing. She is good friends with Sharron, and can be seen with her outside the Kasimir Ruins. Camus seems to have a crush on her, but he can't summon the courage to tell Melody how he feels.



Melody is a very happy, bubbly, almost childish keeper of the baths. She's obsessed with baths, comparable to every other bath keeper in the Rune Factory series. Apparently she lost her parents and often feels down and lonely, though she never lets it show. She has an air of innocence about her.


Melody has pink hair (pink-brown in the picture) and blue eyes.



To marry Melody, you need to learn more about her past from her conversations. To do this you need to talk to Sharron while Melody is at Kasimir Ruins (9 AM to 3 PM).  Sharron goes to the Lady Ann's Inn after 9 pm (you need to get permission from Lady Ann first), and you need to talk to her then to learn more about Melody's past.

To propose to Melody you need to go to her room before business hours and talk to her until you can propose.


Melody likes things like Yellow Grass and Orange Grass, and especially Relax Tea, but they won't raise her affection.

Melody will get a boost in affection whenever Raguna uses the bath-house, but if the player wants to raise her affection by talking to her, they need to track Melody down at a time when she's not working.

Come to the Hot Springs everyday and bath to increase Melody's LP. Bathing costs 10 G.


Loved I love the Relax Tea! Thanks!
Relax Tea
Liked "Thanks for the [item]? I'm happy to get this, but I'll say it now...
You'll never capture my heart with materialistic stuff
What I really love are people who come and take lots of baths!
And, of course I hate Peeping Toms who look into the women's bath."
Charm Blue, Medicinal Herb, Antidotal Herb, Black Grass, Orange Grass, Red Grass, Yellow Grass
Other items not listed




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