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Good morning.{end}

Good morning.{end}


Good evening.{end}

Are you ❾ヒーロー❾ from
❾牧場❾ Farm?{end}

Y-Yes... How do you know who I am?{end}

Calm yourself. I only know of you
due to your unusual name.{end}

I-I see...{end}

I am Mei. I have the ability to
affect people's memories and
change your name.{end}

However, I will only change your
name if you wish it. Would you
like to change it?{end}

Yes, please!{end}

No thanks...{end}

What do you want, ❾ヒーロー❾?{end}

Change names.{end}

I've come to talk.{end}

I see. What do you want to change?
Your name, or your farm's name?{end}

My name.{end}

My farm's name.{end}

Never mind.{end}

I see. That is unfortunate.{end}

This town is very
welcoming. You can
really stretch your
legs here.{end}

I am Mei.
Remember this.{end}

I've come to talk.

The bathhouse is
something special.
It completely
rejuvenates you.{end}

Have you ever had
food from my country?
It's healthy and
easy to eat.{end}

If you dabble in cooking
you should make some.{end}

I love drinking wine

Why do you look
at me like that?
I may not look it, but
I'm old enough to drink.{end}

I heard you have
no memory. There
may be some things
better left forgotten.{end}

When you get to
be my age, you
look forward to
the bath.{end}

Fish are good.
I always enjoy getting
them as gifts.{end}

That and ❶baked
rice balls❶.{end}

The innkeeper, Shino.
I sense that she
is quite formidable.{end}

Who is she exactly...?{end}

So you're a fighter
who hunts in
dungeons? I would
have never guessed.{end}

When I relax like
this, I just forget
about everything else.{end}

But I cannot relax until
I fulfill my duty...{end}

You remind me of
an acquaintance.
He also works
his field every day.{end}

There is a country
called the Sechs Empire.
It's hard to tell
what they're plotting.{end}

War may break out again.{end}

I've seen many inns,
but I really
like this one.{end}

I might come by again.{end}

It seems the monsters
around here
are unusually strong.{end}

You be careful.{end}

Someone called me
little Mei.{end}

I thought him rude,
but it wasn't so bad.{end}

❾ヒーロー❾ from
❾牧場❾ Farm.
That is your new name.{end}

Come back at anytime if you wish to
change your name again.{end}