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The Mayor's House (, NA) is a location in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

You can speak to the Mayor while he's in his house to open up construction options. This is also the location of Alvarna's Lost and Found.


Speaking to Byron on the first floor allows you to ask for buildings or expansions.

Building Cost Expansions Expansion Cost
Barn 5,000 G

100 Wood

+12 floors 5,000 G

50 Wood

School 100,000 G

1,000 Wood

Workshop 10,000 G

1,000 Wood

Dojo 10,000 G

1,000 Wood

Library 10,000 G

1,000 Wood

Inner Locations

Mayor's House 1F

Byron can be found here every day except festival days. Barrett is here if it is raining out. In the second generation, Leonel is here after school.

Lost and Found

If you drop a Plot Item, it reappears here.

Mayor's House 2F

This is where the bedrooms are. It is hardly ever occupied.