First Generation



Second generation


Morning, Aaron/Aria.

Kyle's back

Hmph! That Kyle! Just where has

he been all this time?!
That idiot... Making everyone worry about him!
I'm going to give him a piece of
my mind later!

First, second talk

  • The first talk may depend on the encounter area, and the time of the day.
  • The second talk may depend on season, or today weather.
A sunny Winter Holiday's, during the morning.
How are you []?
How has your mom been recently?
Mom is Fine! She is always smiling
like an angel!
That's good to hear. Make sure you
always help your mom out.
I will! I'll help her!
A snowy Winter Holiday's, during the morning.
De Sainte-Coquille Manor 1F

1. Because of the large windows we have,

this room always has a lot of sunlight.
It keeps the room warm, even in winter!

2. Yo! Aaron/Aria!

How're ya feeling?
These cold winters can be tough, but
I'm sure your youth and vitality
Will get you through.