In order to marry the girl of your dreams in Rune Factory: Fronter you will need to:

Have a Large Bed

  • You need a 2nd floor extension (a.k.a. Bedroom). You can get the extension from Kross. It costs 900 wood and 75,000g.
  • Then you can buy a Large Bed from Lute on Holidays and Festivals. It costs 20,000g

Have a Wedding Bouquet

  • In order to obtain the recipe for wedding bouquet, get a bachelorette to 10 LP (gauge must be completely fill) then talk to Stella. She'll give you a book titled "Happiness 101."
  • Ingredents are: Baleen, Blue Rose, Green Grass, Pink Cat, Toy Herb, and a Moondrop
  • You need a level 3 Crafting Table and you need to be at least level 20. (I'll double check later just to be sure) And of course the recipe.

Obatining Baleen

  • .This is given to you by the Whale in exchange for a 'Tide Cluster'.
  • Tide Cluster could be found at the beach at any given date and time.

Obatining Blue Rose

  • After you have obtained the recipe, go speak to Ganesha. She will give you a single White Rose.
  • Place the White Rose in your Seed Maker to create White Rose Seed.
  • Plant the seed in front of Iris house(Tower of Rest), They will blooms in 13 Days. (Can speed up the process by using formula.)
  • When the White Rose bloom, don't harvest them. Leave them there for 3 days, to allow the White Rose to turn Blue Rose.

And then what?

  • Ensure all the heart events of the chosen bachelorette is completed.
  • Ensure her LP is still 10 or even max.
  • Ask her on a date. (Date is avaliable once in every seasons)
  • When the time is right to give the Wedding Bouquet, Raguna will tell the player to do so, to confess his feeling to the bachelorette.


  • If player lost the White Rose or sold it, it can be obtain again from Ganesha after a successful date.
  • In order to marry Iris, you must beat the Main Story and have them move into Trampoli.
  • Same apply to Mist, main story have to be completed in order to marry Mist. This is because her last heart event is related to the last part of the main story.
  • After the player have married a bachelorette, the title screen (Rune Factory: Frontier) will voice by the married bachelorette.
  • Strangely enough even the player is married, the game is still enable the player to date all the other bachelorettes who are not married to the player.