Help wanted!

Sooner the better.

Location: Bulletin Board
Unlock: 1 FP
Objective: Give the Special Medicine to Collette.
Reward: Formuade, Failed Dish


Looking for patients! Come see me for details.

Location: Bulletin Board
Unlock: 2 FP
Objective: Talk to several people and then speak to Marian.
Reward: Piyo Sandals

Secret Formula

I'll tell you its effects when you come see me.

Location: Bulletin Board
Unlock: 3 FP
Objective: Find Collette hiding by the tree in the town plaza.
Reward: Poison Powder x3

Help me!

Syringe recovery plan.

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 4 FP, completed Marjorie's request (Take this).
Objective: Visit Marian at the Witch's Cauldron, then take her to Sol Terrano: Star Dunes.
Reward: Antidote Potion x 27

I give up

Maybe I'm not talented.

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 5 FP
Objective: Go to the Witch's Cauldron and talk to Marjorie. Then go to Sol Terrano: Bone Bridge. Defeat all the monsters and talk to Marian.
Reward: Nothing

Capture Plan

Seeking supporters.

Location: Bulletin Board
Unlock: 6 FP
Objective: Go to the clinic and talk to Marian, then talk to at least 5 different people. Head back to the clinic when you are done.
Reward: Magic Ring

Let's talk

Location: Bulletin Board
Unlock: 7 FP
Objective: Go to the clinic and talk to Marian. Take her to Sharance: Dragon Lake, then head to the town plaza.
Reward: Nothing

A question

It's not a big deal… Something's been bothering me.

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 8 FP, before unlocking the Unity Festival
Objective: Talk to Marian and go to Oddward: Bamboo Cliffs.
Reward: Formula A x9, Formula B x9, Formula C x9
Note: If you unlock the Unity Festival before doing this request, it will not appear, but you'll still be able to marry Marian.

I need to talk

Could you come see me if you have time?

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 9 FP
Objective: Go to the Witch's Cauldron and watch the event. Then go to Blaise's Diner 2F and speak to Marian. Give Marian a Withered Grass.
Reward: Nothing