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Marian (マリオン, Marion) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Marian is a wild and vivacious young witch who lives with her grandmother, Marjorie, and she wishes to break the stereotype of witches being scary. Marian loves giving people shots and often asks Micah if she can administer one to him. She works in the town's apothecary, but is an amateur in medicine and usually needs her grandmother's help. She is friends with Collette and always tries her experiments on her, much to Collette's dismay. 

Marian believes that she isn't a very good witch because she always needs help from her grandmother. In reality, Marian is a very powerful witch, even stronger than Marjorie. The syringe she carries actually suppresses her true power so that it does not get out of control.


Marian has light blue hair tied into braids at the front and pigtails at the back with purple tubes, all topped by a dark purple witch bonnet. Her bangs are curtained and she has purple-red eyes. An orange-yellow ribbon holds her sky blue cape around her neck, and she wears smooth, light brown gloves. She dons a plum-colored dress with a fur-lined petal skirt and a thick, striped, white and lilac bow tied around her waist. Her mauve tights are vertically striped and her boots have wide cuffs with frills attached.


At first, Marian dreams high as she watches how Marjorie can make anyone feel better after giving them medication. Marian used to practice magic in the town plaza, but always destroyed things because her magic is dangerously 'unpredictable,' like her personality. She was given a large syringe by Marjorie to control her magic and prevent her from using any magic while she plays doctor.


Marian: Help wanted!
Marian: Practice!
Marian: Secret Formula
Marian: Help me!
Marian: I give up
Marian: Capture Plan
Marian: Let's talk
Marian: A question
Marian: I need to talk
Marian: Ingredients needed!
Marian: Need partner
Marian: Research help

Request 1: Help wanted!

Sooner the better.

Unlock:1 | Completed Carmen's request (Fishing!)
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Marian had accidentally mixed up prescriptions and handed Collette the wrong medicine, which would apparently make her explode, so she asks Micah to exchange it for the correct one. Give the Special Medicine to Collette, then report back to Marian.
Reward: Formuade and Failed Dish

Request 2: Practice!

Looking for patients! Come see me for details.

Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Marian wants to test her new medicine on a patient, regardless of whether or not they're actually ill, so she asks Micah to bring one back to her. Talk to several of the townspeople and then speak to Marian.
Reward: Piyo Sandals

Request 3: Secret Formula

I'll tell you its effects when you come see me.

Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Marian has created a supposed "growth serum" and wants to test it on Collette, who has run away from her. Find Collette hiding by the tree in the town plaza.
Reward: Poison Powder x3

Request 4: Help me!

Syringe recovery plan.

Unlock:4 | Completed Marjorie's request (Take this).
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Marjorie has confiscated Marian's syringe, so Marian is trying to figure out how to get it back. Micah suggests that she could try to use good magic in front of Marjorie that would prove she's worthy of holding the syringe. First, Marian wants to get materials. Take Marian to Sol Terrano: Star Dunes.
Reward: Antidote Potion x27

Request 5: I give up

Maybe I'm not talented.

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Go to the Witch's Cauldron and talk to Marjorie, who has sent Marian off to collect some ingredients. Then go to Sol Terrano: Bone Bridge. Defeat all the monsters and talk to Marian, who is collapsed on the ground.
Reward: None

Request 6: Capture Plan

Seeking supporters. Job description: guinea pig, and supporting patients.

Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Marian has created a new medicine and wants to test it. Talk to at least 5 different people, then head back to the apothecary.
Reward: Magic Ring

Marian has concocted an actually 'effective' medication, which Marjorie herself had checked. She gives Micah a sip of her 'special' tea that makes him helplessly follow her every word, and she orders him to help her administer her new medicine to an ample number of the townspeople. Whoever they talk to, Marian will give them a shot. This is excluding Blaise and Rusk for using tomatoes against her, Gaius and Evelyn for calling them a 'rowdy couple' (which causes Marian to walk away blushing), and Shino for being both too lovely and scary at the same time. Marjorie is also excluded, as is Wells for successfully dodging her 'attack'. After she finishes giving the shots, she realizes they had no effect whatsoever.  Even though it had no effect, this is Marian's first form of administration that doesn't backfire or cause someone to explode. Thus it is categorized as a 'contribution'.

Request 7: Let's talk

Could you come?

Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Take Marian to Sharance: Dragon Lake, then head to the town plaza.
Reward: None

Request 8: A question

It's not a big deal... Something's been bothering me.

Unlock:8 | Before unlocking the Unity Festival
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Talk to Marian and go to Oddward: Bamboo Cliffs.
Reward: Formula A x9, Formula B x9, Formula C x9
Note: If the Unity Festival is unlocked before doing this request, it will not appear, but Marian will still be marriageable.

Request 9: I need to talk

Could you come see me if you have the time?

Location: Mailbox
Objective: Go to the Witch's Cauldron and watch the event. Then go to Blaise's Diner 2F and speak to Marian. Give Marian a Withered Grass.
Reward: None


Marian greatly loves and admires her grandmother, Marjorie. While she thinks that Marjorie's healing methods are too old-school, she highly respects her as a witch, believing that she is the best to have ever existed, and Marian doesn't want to disappoint her.

Collette is Marian's close childhood friend. Marian likes how straightforward Collette is: the fact that Collette strives to realize her dreams, no matter how hopeless they might seem, inspires Marian in turn. Apparently, that aspect of Collette also makes her an ideal guinea pig. Although Marian subjects her to many of her 'scientific' experiments, she genuinely cares for Collette's good health and can feel sincerely sorry when she gets hurt because of her failures.


Loved This is...?! Yes, I love this smell! Wow, Micah! You really know me! Well, I'll be sure to have this later! Thanks.♪
Fried Veggies, Vegetable Juice
Liked Oh! I really like these! I love how green vegetables smell. Although some people hate it. Thanks.♪
White Cabbage, Leek, Spinach, Green Pepper, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Cabbage, Boiled Spinach
Neutral Oh, is this for me? Well, I'll be sure to use this for my experiments. I would happily accept any green vegetables.
Yellow Grass, Red Grass, Orange Grass, Black Grass, Antidote Herb, Medicinal Herb, Fruit, Mushroom, Gold Turnip, Gold Potato, Gold Pumpkin, Gold Cabbage, Bamboo Shoot, Hot-Hot Fruit, Daikon Radish, Turnip, Carrot, Potato, Yam, Eggplant, Corn, Onion, Pink Melon, Pink Turnip, Greenifier, Made, Mixed Juice, Vegetable Ole, Pizza, Flavored Radish, Relax Tea, Boiled Pumpkin, Cabbage Cakes

I hate tomatoes! Honestly! If you’re gonna give me something, then cook up some green veggies for me!

Hey, this is garbage! Honestly! If you’re gonna give me something, then cook up some green veggies for me!

Failed, Trash, Weeds, Withered Grass, Rock, RF3Branch.png Branch, Scrap Metal, Tomato, Tomato Juice, Ketchup, Omelet Rice


"Something the matter?(*Marian smiles[What would you like?])"

HP>50%: "What kind of ingredients did you need?(Hah?)"

Tactic: Mad-Witch

Marian strive through the battlefield casting multiple advance spells at random latency and intensity. She also cast her exploding medicines and spells as if she's still trying to prove herself as a doctor.

[Any range]>Marian Medimpulse[Explosion] or Earth Spike or Pierce Sonic (quickly and sparingly)

[Melee]>Marian Shot Lunge (regular attack)

Special Skill: Syringe Shock

Marian cast Dual-Quarter Laser(water magic) by counter quarter angles and quarter angles using her large special syringe(originally). She cast it as well as her gambit conjunction with her Mad-With Technique.

[Any-range]> (Sparingly with Explosion)

5 105 198 0 150 50 4 23 21
Default Magic Shot
Type Staff


Most of the time, whenever Marian's requests are accepted, she can be found inside the apothecary by the cauldron.




  • Marjorie secretly puts tomatoes in her dishes, and Marian actually doesn't hate the taste of tomatoes as much as she thinks.
  • Apparently, Marian secretly sneaks out at night to ride on her grandmother's brooms--of which Marjorie is already well aware, to Marian's dismay.
  • During the seasonal crop festivals, Marian has created partially illegal vegetables that apparently can talk. And thus she has created an impossible impact on the biological features of all botanical institutes.
  • On the Turnip Festival, before it starts, Marian says that she has created a turnip that paralyzes things on contact, but she ends up losing because she accidentally 'paralyzed' herself before throwing it.
  • It is possible that Marian took over as town doctor for Marjorie by the time of Rune Factory 4, as suggested in Raven's dialogue.