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Margaret (マーガレット Marguerite) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory 4 and Rune Factory 4 Special.

Margaret has acrophobia, which means she is afraid of heights. Ironically, she lives in a house that is situated at the farthest edge of Selphia's eastern district.

Margaret also gives a few hints when she compares herself to Frey that she (Frey) might be a little sensitive about her height.



Margaret is seen to be very kind and caring, though serious when it comes to the well-being of those she cares about. She is very peaceful, especially when it comes to music. Though talking about the subject can show a hyper, bubbly, and energetic side. She is a worrywart, always worrying about many things and sometimes confused due to worrying too much.

Despite Margaret's sisterly attitude towards other people, she possesses a hidden and frightened side to her personality. This has to do with the fact she is an elf and that while elves age slowly, it means that most of them end up outliving their human companions. This is partially brought up when Lest chooses to the confess to Margaret and the reasons behind her fears are further fleshed out during her main sub-event.

In some instances, Margaret can come off as hyper-active when it comes to topics of music, as she can go on a fanatical explanation on her favorite musicians if the player chooses to observe the paintings inside of her house.


She and Illuminata are the only elves, while Doug and Bado are the only dwarves.

Notice in her pajamas, the flowers Margaret normally wears in her hair are actually pink instead of blue.


As a musician, Margaret's specialties include being able to play instruments such as the harp, lute, and piano. Margaret is also a capable singer, as she can sometimes be heard singing when walking around town.

She initially left the Elven Kingdom in order to see the world. However, Porcoline De Saint-Coquille, who was acting as an ambassador to the elves at the time, ran into her by chance. As he was soothed by her beautiful music and appearance, he eventually scouted her to be his cafe's main musician.

Various hints scattered in the game point to Margaret being Daria's sister. These hints include to her "Bravo" battle cry, which parallels Daria's "Rainbow", Margaret's love for shrimp and how she thinks their tiny legs are cute (contrary to Daria, who finds them creepy) and Raven mentioning in one dialogue that there is an elf in Selphia who she believes is very similar to Daria.

Furthermore, Margaret herself has mentioned having an older sister who she used to sing for all the time.[1]


A Performance Without an Audience

After Dolce is rescued, she will ask Lest to call for Margaret to help with a task at Obsidian Mansion. Upon arrival, she asks the pair to search for a musical score hidden within the mansion to play for a female ghost. During the course of their adventure, Lest sees the past events of a man named Julius and a girl named Marina.

Initially, the two met after Marina noticed Julius playing his instruments, and the two formally introduce themselves to each other. As time passes, Marina eventually falls in love with Julius, who remains obsessed with music. On one fateful day, Marina goes angry over Julius's obsession to the point where he even ignores her birthday in favor of writing a new score.

As the memory fades, Lest finds the score, which Margaret recognizes as the first song she learned from her teacher after leaving the elven kingdom for her travels.

Once the pair return, Margaret begins playing the song, and it is revealed that on their final encounter, Julius reveals that his latest masterpiece was a song that was dedicated to Marina and he invited her to come to his concert. Eventually, Julius's ghost finally returns to meet Marina and the two finally pass on peacefully, together.

Dolce later explains to Margaret after her performance that on the night of the concert, Julius's carriage got into an accident and he was killed on the way to fetch Marina. Because of Julius's regret to have never played the song to Marina, and her regret of never hearing her lover's song, the two remained as ghosts until Margaret's performance. As thanks for her help, Julius's ghost allows Margaret to keep the score for herself.

After Dolce leaves, Margaret breaks into tears thanks to the story and remains within the mansion for a little longer to recompose herself. Upon exit, she expresses her wish to create a song filled with the same vivid emotion shown by Julius.

As a reward for clearing the event, both Marina and Julius also give Lest a Talisman.

A Porco and an Elf

Lest will find Illuminata snooping around the entrance of Selphia, spying on Porcoline who is speaking with a local traveler. To her surprise, the traveler asks of both Porcoline and Margaret's emotional state and offers to have her return home if he cannot truly adapt. In response, Porcoline refuses as it would only seem like they're running from the problem instead of solving it.

Illuminata later understands the true nature of the conversation and will later open up to Lest of the Elven Kingdom's succession crisis and how it would've left a larger rift between the human-elven relations if not for the timely efforts of the De Saint-Coquille family.

The next day Porcoline will report that Margaret was surprisingly late and asks Lest to check on her. When Lest arrives in her cabin, he finds her crying. She soon denies this, however, and realizes she is late to work. At this point, the event ends.

This event can also be triggered by Frey.

Thoughts Lost in the Lake

The event is triggered by talking to Margaret, who reports of recent littering cases at the lake. Lest will offer to help, and the two are caught by Illuminata, whom Margaret drags into the job as well. Among the trash that Lest cleans, he finds a Siren's Melody Bottle, which Illuminata immediately opens.

The bottle's message, however, was a farewell message from a man to a girl named Audy. The man apologizes for having to meet through this form as he has grown too old. He then thanks and wishes her good-bye, hoping his final message will eventually reach her. Margaret then decides to hold onto the bottle herself and to ask for help from the travelers to identify Audy.

As Illuminata leaves, she warns Margaret to not leave Lest out for too long. Although embarrassed, Margaret gives Lest permission to call her by her nickname, Meg, instead, Lest can accept or deny.

This decision will override the current nickname that Lest has with Margaret if the two are already dating.

A Favor Repaid

While visiting Porcoline, Lest will be asked by the cook to check on Dylas, Margaret and Arthur, who have been recently hiding something from him. When Lest consults the trio, Margaret reveals that they are planning a party as thanks for Porcoline's hospitality, and she asks Lest to distract Porcoline long enough for them.

Lest then takes Porcoline on a "date" which brings them to the entrance of Yokmir Forest. During the date, Porcoline reveals that he had found Margaret playing at a marketplace in the Elven Kingdom's capital and wished to have her join him as a musician, but a famous composer had approached her first and also asked her to join his travels and tutelage. While Margaret had accepted this offer, certain circumstances occured to have eventually led to her finding employ under Porcoline. Porcoline then reflects that he considers Margaret as his own daughter, and also considering both Dylas and Arthur as members of his own family, before asking Lest to become an actual member of the family.

Once he is rejected, he will remain in Yokmir Forest in delirium in will not leave. The next day, Margaret reveals that Porcoline has gone missing and wonders if they accidentally made him leave with their secretive behaviour, but Lest decides to find Porcoline at Yokmir Forest, where it's revealed that he simply fell asleep.

Margaret immediately slaps him for worrying her, and Dylas and Arthur later arrive to bring Porcoline to the party. Before entering the diner, the three give a reward to Lest for helping them in their plan.

This event can also be trigger by Frey.

Marriage Sub-Event

All of the previous events must first be completed before Lest will gain access to Margaret's Marriage Sub-Event The event is first triggered when Everyone in the town is concerned due to the recent outbreak of sightings regarding a Siren. Both Lest and Margaret soon end up investigating the nearby lake in Selphia Plains. Eventually, Margaret begins distancing herself from Lest, forcing him to consult Porcoline on the matter. Porcoline states that when Margaret first arrived, she was accompanied by her mentor. The two shared a very close bond, but he passed away naturally due to him being very old at the time. Porcoline then confronts Margaret with the fact that she is struck with paranoia of losing Lest, and states that he's closer to her than her master. Margaret immediately runs off, forcing Lest to follow closely. When he arrives to her at the same lake, she is quickly ambushed by a Siren, who takes Margaret's voice.

Upon returning, Margaret loses her ability to talk and sing, forcing her to communicate with writing, while Porcoline, Kiel and Jones search for a cure to Margaret's problem.

Later Blossom tells Lest of an old story regarding a Siren. She stated that this Siren had attacked the village numerous times, but a traveler managed to convince it to stop attacking after numerous visits. He would continuously visit the Siren to listen to her song, and she began being called "Audy". However, when he died, no one heard of the Siren ever since. Kiel also reports of the same Siren, but is still curious to why Sirens would need to steal voices when their's would already be well-off.

Margaret soon opens up an old Melody Bottle that she, Illuminata and Lest had found before, and it soon reveals that the message was intended for the same Siren. Before leaving, Margaret forces herself to say that she had always been scared, but now, she has to overcome it in order to still be with Lest. Soon they confront the Siren with the message, and, as expected, the Siren is surprised about the message, and admits that she had fallen for the man, but began acting aggressively due to the fact that he never returned. She soon returns Margaret's voice to her, asking the elf to not follow the same path.

After Margaret's voice is returned to her, she jumps toward Lest and kisses him. They both return to the town square where she ask him for his ear and whispers that she will be expecting him to say an "important string of words" to her and that she will be waiting.

The event ends with Porcoline overjoyed with the return of Margaret's voice.

Another Episode


Make a Fertilizer Bin!

Request: Collect fertilizer.
Reward: Fertilizer Bin


Forte: Margaret is close friends with Forte, who she often teases into trying new things. Oddly enough, the pair are both afraid of heights.

Other bachelorettes: Margaret is also very maternal towards the rest of the bachelorettes and Frey. She can be seen as the voice of reason when it comes to dealing with either Dylas or Porcoline's antics.

Nancy: Similar to the other bachelorettes, Margaret looks up to Nancy for advice. In one of her lovers' dialogue, one of her inner thoughts reveals that she has sought tips from Nancy involving her relationship with Lest.

Porcoline: Margaret is often seen on several occasions worrying over Porcoline's health, as she has asked Lest to help lure him into the Little Bandage Clinic for his routine check-up. Although Porcoline isn't her biological father, she sees him as one and he is one of the few people in town besides Illuminata and Forte in whom she confides.


Loved Wait, I can have that? Hee hee... I love these. Thank you!
Oh, I love these! Thanks!
Ooh, [item]! Is this for me? Thank you! Oh, I love it! I'm so happy!
Gold Juice, Pink Melon, gold vegetables, Pineapple Juice, Prelude to Love
Liked Oh, how thoughtful of you! I really like these!
Thank you! Grapes, oranges and strawberries are among my favorite fruits!
What, this is for me? Thanks! I like sweets!
Oh, did you find out that I like sweets? Thank you!
Raw Vegetables, Shrimp, Lobster, Anything Fruit Related, Flowers, Mushroom, Apple Pie, Cake, Choco Cookie, Ice Cream, Strawberry Milk, Flan, Strawberry Jam, Grape Jam
Other items not listed
Disliked EEK!! Stay away! Don't get that icky thing anywhere near me!
Squid, Sunsquid, Grilled Squid, Lamp Squid Sashimi, Grilled Lamp Squid, Squid Sashimi


5 280 8 5 58 5 8 11 26
Weapon Type Default Shield
Staff Elvish Harp

Her main magic ability is "Bravo" Notes. It's an ability with high INT and its attacks consist of her music notes hitting opponents.

And as the name and quotation suggests, she cries out "Bravo" in her musical note attacks, akin to Daria's "Beautiful Attack" and "Rainbow". [2]


Margaret plays music at the local eatery, entertaining diners every night with her beautiful music.




  • If Lest or Frey gives her squid, she'll freak out.
  • Margaret shares the same birthday as Natalie from Rune Factory 2 and Evelyn from Rune Factory 3.
  • If you become her lover or marry her, she gets a letter from her sister about using a spell to protect her spouse, then in battle she uses it and yells out *BRAVO* healing Lest and removing any status effects.[3]
  • In the manga, she is the love interest of Lest and in the final chapter of the manga, they get married.
  • If Lest asks Margaret about a Serenade, Margaret distracts him by telling him that there is a "Wooly doing a leek spin".
  • Investigating the barrel located in Margaret's house, while she is inside or is in your party, will yield three varying fruits.
  • Raven mentions an uncanny resemblance of one of the elves in Selphia to the ones in her hometown, alluding to Margaret's similarity to Daria.
  • If Lest takes her out on a date to the restaurant, Porcoline will whisper to Lest to stay away from Margaret or he will "threaten" him.
  • When you get the 'mood reversal medicine' and talk to Margaret, she will start to get eccentric and start talking about rainbows in space with flying golden woolies.
  • If she battles without her voice during her Marriage Event, she will still cast all of her spells, including her "BRAVO", normally albeit silently.