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Magic Seeds (アクティブ シード, Active seeds) are special items that transform to assist Micah in various tasks. They're purchased from flower shop.

When the seed is placed on ground, it can turn into different items depending on the seed. Each magic seed takes one day to recharge once it is tired or if it loses all of its HP. Picking up the magic seed then putting it back into your bag will turn it into a tired magic seed. Putting any tired magic seeds in refrigerator will not recover to normal and will remain tired for that time being.

Sword Magic Seed - Buy for 4800G

Sword Magic.png

The first magic seed you start in game given by Shara for free as a gift. It fights along with you by doing sword attacks. You can pick up the plant and throw it onto enemies to also cause damage. But, it will also lose some HP when thrown.

Jack Magic - Buy for 6900G


The second seed you can buy after you beat the first dungeon. It fights along with you by eating its enemy and damage it. You can also attack the enemy while the pumpkin is holding it in its mouth.

Banana Magic Seed - Buy for 2200G


A banana appears to help slip up enemies. The banana must be thrown on to the ground to be used and can be used until the banana's HP is gone.

Water Leaf Magic Seed - Buy for 5100G

A white floating lotus that holds water among it's petals. It follows you around and you can refill your waterpot by pressing "B" while standing next to it (just like a pond or river). It can use water gun to attack enemies.

Bombelon Magic Seed - Buy for 5000G

Summons a bomb melon to help you fight. Occasionally uses an explosive attack and always uses it when attacked. Explosive attack does not take away the magic seed's HP.

Ironflower Magic Seed - Buy for 7400G

Summons a plant shield to defend you. Doesn't have too much HP but has a ridiculous amount of defense.

Cactus Magic Seed - Buy for 8800G

Summons a cactus plant to fight beside you. Uses no magic, only a close combat move but is very powerful.

Windmill Magic Seed - Buy for 5000G

Summons a windmill plant that is said to summon winds but is pretty much useless.

Lily Pad Magic Seed - Buy for 3200G

Lily Pad.png

Summons a lily pad that enables you to cross water. Can be used on land and you can also attack while standing on it. Must be thrown on the ground then walked upon to be used.

Beanling Magic Seed - Buy for 12800G


Summons a beanling that walks around turning monsters into items (only items that the monster can drop).