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Magic Book (RF2)

Magic Book 6xP1P2 RF2

The 6 Spell's books upgraded with both their page 1 and page 2.

Rune Factory 2

In Rune factory 2, the protagonist could find, upgrade and use, a great number of spell book. These books also represent new gear : A battle's skill (Skill Seal), and a Trainer's call for special moves (Music Book).

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Separated in three categories, we've :
  1. ) The Music Book, is a Spell book who order a special move to an allied monsters.
  2. ) The Skill Seal, is a Spell book who concede, to the heroes, a new move depending on the current equipped weapons
  3. ) The Magic Book, is more commonly a Spell book who launch a effect...
    1. ) for fighting
    2. ) as healing property
    3. ) as a means of transport

Furthermore, during the second generation, a characters acting as a teacher, Mana, would offer her help to Aaron/Aria to repair (Upgrade) their magic books, in school, during class. As they are presented at first, books looks damaged. After, by completing some side quest, villagers may lend or give you Page one, or page two, from one of your books that you will be able to use to upgrade / repair, the spell's book you already have.

Not necessarily in order we have :

  1. ) Music Books
Striking March
A rousing tune. Allied monsters will flash red and go on a rampage when they hear it.
Special Concerto
A Sprightly tune. Allied monsters will flash yellow and perform their best move if successful.
Inquisitive Waltz
Inquisitive Waltz RF2
A measured piece.Allied monsters will search their surroundings and maybe find hidden items. To learn more about it : Inquisitive Waltz (RF2)
  1. ) Skil Seals
  • For Shortswords
Power Wave
Charge up a shockwave and unleash it across the ground. Causes long stun.
Dash Slash
Move quickly and attack. Closes the gap between enemies in a flash
Rush Attack [Combo Attack]
A flurry. Shape changes depending on weapon.
  • ) For Longswords
Triple Strike [Combo attack]
A precisely timed combo to the front, back, sides.
Gale Blade [Combo Attack]
A tornado sword attack. Don't make yourself dizzy!
Naïve Blade
Deflect an incoming attack and then strike back for a critical hit.
  • ) For Spears
Thrust Strike [Combo Attack]
Lower your spear and charge. Once you start,nothing can stop you.
Flash Strike [Combo Attack]
Dodge and then strike back. Effect changes depending on the weapon.
Hundred Cracker [Combo Attack]
A flurry of thrusts, faster than the eye can see.
  • ) For Hammers & Axes
Hammer Fall
Smashes a mighty attack into the ground, stunning enemies.
Giant Swing [Combo Attack]
Can send any foe flying, but also makes you dizzy.
Strong Shot
An all-out, powerfull swing. Make a new constellation out of you enemy.
  1. ) Magic's Book
  • Magic Book used as weapon
Water Laser
Fires water at high pressure. Fully repaired, the spell is restored to its maximum power.
Hurls a blazing ball of flame. Fully repaired, the spell is restored to its maximum power.
Sonic Wind
Unleashes scythes of wind that chase down enemies. Has been restored to its maximum power.
Life Drain
Fires a bullet of darkness, absorbing some damage caused. Has been restored to its maximum power.
Creates spinning bullets of light. ully repaired, the spell is restored to its maximum power.
Stone Spike
Makes rocks spike up at your feet. Has been restored to its maximum power.
  • ) Magic's Book who have healing property
Status aliment magic. Cures you and your allies too. Has been restoredto its maximum power.
Healing magic. Restore HP. Has been restored to its maximum power.
  • ) Magic Book with a mean of transport
Very useful magic that will whisk you to safety faster than you can say "There's no place like home."

Trivia : First use, teleport you up to the first room of any region. Used anywhere in Alvarna teleport you in front of your Farm's House. With the use of Monster's as transportation and this, time seems to pass slower. Exception occur, per example when you clash a boss.
Note: Fully restored, mean having the Magic Book and both the Page 1 and the Page 2, manipulated by Mana, during her morning class.

Moreover, the game offer others books, but only as Plots items. Template:Spoiler

Dragon Break
Dragon Break RF2
Ancient magic created to defeat Elder Dragons. Use it on Fiersome to make him vulnerable to attacks.

Plot Item's #1 -

Ancient Manuscript
It is written in Earthscript.

Plot Item's #32 -

Magic created by an Earthmate. Leads to the Forest of Beginnings.