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Magic is a skill in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

The protagonist in Rune Factory 2 can cast spells by finding and reading magic books. They can also spend Rune Points (RP) to empower tools and weapons. The effectiveness of a magical spell is determined by the Magic Attack and Intelligence Statistics.

Magic Books

Finding Fireball.png

The protagonist can find, upgrade and use a great number of magic books. Most spells are offensive, but there are also Music Books which lets a companion monster use their special ability. Only Spell Books contribute toward the Magic skill.

Kyle has access to only two magic books: Fireball and Special Concerto. In the second generation, Aaron and Aria can find missing pages by completing quests, searching, and expanding the school. These pages can be used to assemble and power up more magic books.

Spell Books

Magic books enable healing and offensive spells, which can be used to defeat monsters in dungeons. They become more powerful as the missing pages are restored. Missing pages are only available in the second generation. To repair a magic book, bring the book and the pages to Mana at the school during class time. Books can only be repaired in order, so you must repair page 1 before you can add page 2.

Name Description How to Get Missing Page 1 Missing Page 2
Fireball Book.png Fireball Hurls a blazing ball of flame. Search the bookshelf near the front door of the Farmhouse. Alicia's quest: "Answer a Question for Me?" Cecilia's quest: "Let's Cook Together!"
Water Laser Fires water at high pressure. Search the master bedroom bookcase in Farmhouse 2F Barrett's quest: "Something to Give to Jake" Tanya's Trial: Hobgoblin!
Sonic Wind Unleashes scythes of wind that chase down enemies. Search the school library Roy's quest: "Talk Some Sense into My Mom!" Gordon's quest: "Go Get Something from Cammy for Me"
Life Drain Fires a bullet of darkness, absorbing some damage caused. Dojo Reward Yue's quest: "Again, I got something good." Ray's quest: "Information for the Fitness Exam."
Shine Creates spinning bullets of light. Dojo Reward Yue's quest: "Once again, I got something good." Max's quest: "Finish the Experiment (Big Money!)"
Stone Spike Makes rocks spike up at your feet. Search the school library Egan's quest: "I Need You to Deliver Some Food Again" Tanya's Trial: Troll!
Medication Status ailment magic. Cures you and your allies too. Search the bookshelves in Alvarna Clinic 1F Yue's quest: "I got something good." Douglas' quest: "Can Someone Deliver This Thing?"
Cure Healing magic. Restore HP. Search the bookshelves in Alvarna Clinic 1F Barrett's quest: "I Need Supplies for Class" Natalie's quest: "I Lost Something"
Escape* Very useful magic that will whisk you to safety faster than you can say "There's no place like home." Search the dining table in Farmhouse 1F None None

*The game crashes if you use Escape during a boss fight.

Music Books

Musical books allow you to issue commands to a tamed Monster that is accompanying you.

Name Description How to Get
RF4Bonus Concerto.png Special Concerto A Sprightly tune. Allied monsters will flash yellow and perform their best move if successful. Obtained when approaching the Barn for the first time.
RF4Striking March.png Striking March A rousing tune. Allied monsters will flash red and go on a rampage when they hear it.
Inquisitive Waltz RF2.png Inquisitive Waltz A measured piece.Allied monsters will search their surroundings and maybe find hidden items Search Orland's room in the Eagle Inn.

Plot Items

Three of the game's magic books are Plot Items that are discovered by progressing the main story.

Spoiler - Expand to reveal.
Name Description How to Get
Ancient Manuscript It is written in Earthscript. Obtained automatically at the start of the second generation.
Dragon Break RF2.png Dragon Break Ancient magic created to defeat Elder Dragons. Use it on Fiersome to make him vulnerable to attacks. Search the "tough books" in the school library.
Omni-Gate Magic created by an Earthmate. Leads to the Forest of Beginnings. Solve all shrines in all dungeons and complete the ritual.

Skill Seals

Rune Factory 2 (US) 39 274741434300044-full(Tanya+Skill seal).png

The Skill Seal, is a Spell book that enables a new move for equipped weapons.


Name Description How to Get
PowerWave.png Power Wave Charge up a shockwave and unleash it across the ground. Causes long stun. Introduce yourself to Tanya.
Dash Slash Move quickly and attack. Closes the gap between enemies in a flash Dojo Reward
Rush Attack A flurry. Shape changes depending on weapon. Dojo Reward


Name Description How to Get
Triple Strike A precisely timed combo to the front, back, sides. Dojo Reward
Gale Blade A tornado sword attack. Don't make yourself dizzy! Dojo Reward
Naive Blade Deflect an incoming attack and then strike back for a critical hit. Dojo Reward


Name Description How to Get
Thrust Strike Lower your spear and charge. Once you start,nothing can stop you. Dojo Reward
Flash Strike Dodge and then strike back. Effect changes depending on the weapon. Defeat 8 Monsters in Polermo Shrine
Hundred Cracker A flurry of thrusts, faster than the eye can see. Dojo Reward

Hammers and Axes

These skill seals can be used on either an Axe or a Hammer.

Name Description How to Get
Hammer Fall Smashes a mighty attack into the ground, stunning enemies. Dojo Reward
Giant Swing Can send any foe flying, but also makes you dizzy. Defeat 8 Monsters in Polermo Shrine
Strong Shot An all-out, powerful swing. Make a new constellation out of your enemy. Dojo Reward