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Maerwen (メルプリン, Melprine) is a bachelorette in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.



Though initially cold and unnerving, Maerwen is actually a warmhearted individual who tends to be uncertain about emotions and spends most of her time working or reading books. She's a very honor/duty-bound kind of person (as are most Dark Elves presumably), and as a result she's a bit of a workaholic. She tends to get frustrated when someone impedes on what she should be doing (particularly Electra), as she feels it's disgraceful to have others do her work for her. She dislikes having free time, and is always looking for something else to do.

One of her most immediate traits is her obsession for work, which is something that Aden learns almost immediately during his first days on Fenith Island. She has mixed feelings about it; she complains of it (to herself), yet constantly feels driven to work. Once Aden gets closer to Maerwen, she admits her personality does not lend itself well to being a maid, but she does feel happy as one and is gradually finding the job enjoyable.

Reading books is arguably the only hobby she is completely certain of emotionally, and she reads them for pleasure quite often in many places, even on holidays and some festivals. She prefers romance novels, to which she is somewhat embarrassed for Aden to learn about. Much of her knowledge of the world comes from books, and is very well versed on many non-social aspects of the world. However, her lack of the social aspects tend to lead to unintentionally awkward moments and embarrassment on Maerwen's part.

As a Dark Elf, Maerwen is very skeptical of strangers who might discriminate against her race. She seems to be ready to strike against strangers if they even seem even remotely racist toward her, something she slowly (but happily) put down as she stayed longer at Fenith island. She finds the inhabitants of Fenith Island comforting, since everyone seems to accept her past her race. However, she constantly hints to her being discriminated against in the past, which is presumably the reason for her cold exterior.


Mearwen has bright turquoise hair and dark brown eyes with dark complexion. She sports glasses and worn on her head is a black lace headband. She wears black and white themed clothes.

During the summer, she can be found wearing a black and white two piece swim-wear, and letting her hair down.

It is also noted that Maerwen has multiple, almost identical maid outfits. She attempts wears her "best" one to the annual Fashion festival, though even she has some difficulty deciding which is best. To compensate, she asks for Aden's opinion on two maid outfits, but Aden simply thinks to himself that he can't see any difference and ends the conversation.


Maerwen came to Fenith Island to work as a maid. She does this to learn about humans and their culture.

Maerwen enjoys gardening, and she takes care of the flowers of the De Sainte-Coquille Garden, some of which she uses to experiment in home-brewed perfumes.


Maerwen-Spring-Fenith island.png

(See here for actual dialog)

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Maerwen will ask Aden if he had any business with her. If he says "Could we talk a little?" She'll say fine and the screen will fade to black and they will reappear at the Manor. Aden will say "So you work as a maid here?" she'll say "Yes. Well, I try to, when I'm allowed to." then Aden will reply "When your allowed to?" as they look over to see Electra sweeping. Maerwen will become angry and tell Electra to go read a book in the garden or something. Electra will say that she loves cleaning, but Maerwen will tell her that if they hear in the dark elf homeland that her mistress is doing house work she'll be a laughingstock. Electra will tell her that it's nonsense. Aden senses that this will take awhile and starts to walk away. Maerwen will call him a coward which he will reply with that was uncalled for. He leaves anyway.


A Good Island for Animals

Title Description Difficulty
A good island for animals. I might know where an island used to be. RFToDDiffGold.png

Maerwen says that she misses living alongside monsters and asks Aden to investigate an island nearby that can host them. After unlocking Spring Island and speaking to her again, she will thank him and reward him with Kitchen Recipes (Lv. 2).

A Dangerous Request

Title Description Difficulty
A dangerous request. I need items that can only be acquired by fighting monsters. RFToDiifTurnip.png

Maerwen requests that Aden bring her one insect jaw and 2 pieces of iron.

After she receives the items, she says that Elena is going to use them to make her scissors so she can prune the trees in the garden. She rewards him with Doria and Frying Pan Recipes (Lv. 3).


Her relationship with Electra is something even she is not entirely sure of, in any form. She knows her loyalty is to De Sainte-Coquille family, who took her in and took good care of her even before the family's economic fallout. She respects Beatrix very much, and currently works there without pay just to stay with the family. Maerwen knows she's close to Electra, but when Aden jokes that they spend too much time together, Maerwen gets embarassed about it.

Maerwen nervously states "it's not like that", and she seemed reluctant to define her relationship with Electra in any way, or find any conclusion for herself about the relationship. Maerwen always seems to follow Electra around, and attempt to assist her during festivals (such as helping with her mask during Masquerade, as well as wearing a similar, matching mask.) Maerwen and Electra sometimes shower together, as to help wash Electra's hair. Thus, the relationship from Maerwen to Electra is one which is left to the player's opinion, ranging from a mother-daughter relationship, to sibling relationship, or even a secret lover relationship. However, it should also be noted that Electra, though very close to Maerwen, does not appear to share the same intensity of feeling toward Maerwen, looking at her more as a older sister, or a mother figure (considering Beatrix, though a nice person, isn't much of a mother figure).


Loved "Pom-pom grass! How cute!"
Pom-Pom Flower
Liked "Can I really have this? I won't give it back to you even if you ask for it, you know!"
Moondrop, Spring Flower, Emery Flower, Toyherb, 4-Leaf Clover, Fireflower, Pink Cat, Fall Flower, Lamp Flower, Charm Blue, Noel Flower
Neutral "I can have this?"
Potato, Cabbage, Cucumber, Strawberry, Tomato, Onion, Corn, Pineapple, Soybean, Pumpkin, Green Pepper, Eggplant, Daikon, Turnip, Carrot,

Feed, Small Fleece

Disliked "I hate spinach!"
Spinach, Giant Spinach


Seen sitting at the dining room table inside the mansion early morning (6am, as soon as Aden wakes up), along with Electra and Beatrix. Between 12-3pm she spends her time cleaning the bath house, also found reading books near the pond and on the bench in the plaza. Late in the afternoon (around 8-9 pm), she can be found in the same chair as she sits in the morning, sitting next to Beatrix (but Electra may/may not be there).

She does not work on Wednesdays and Holidays. On days like this, she can usually be seen around town reading a book.





  • Sometimes when using the bath house shortly after Maerwen cleans it, due to a crack in the wall you are able to overhear how she enjoys bathing after cleaning. Also, she can sometimes be found bathing with Electra, cleaning her hair.
  • When Aden asks Maerwen if her name is elven, she states that "Maerwen" translates to "white flower by the waterside" in the elvish language. To dark elves, the Water's Edge is considered a sacred place, and white represents purity. She claims she likes her name, and is happy to learn Aden likes it as well. She also tells him, however, that some people have made fun of her for the foreign nature of her name.
  • If you give Maerwen certain headgear to equip, she takes off her glasses.
  • She knows how to make perfume, many of which smell great (according to Sonja's commentary). She names her perfumes with unusual adjectives, such as "Rad" or "Passionate". Maerwen herself states she dosen't know what exactly the words mean (hinting she's still learning the language of Fenith Island), but it doesn't discourage her from keeping the perfumes' names. She also has one called "Eau de Dark Elf".
  • According to Maerwen, bars in the Dark Elf homeland aren't as chatty and leave their customers alone, making her consider opening a bar herself. Considering there's only one "bar" on the island to prompt such a response, you can assume that she doesn't like the way the Three Sisters Inn treats their customers. To further back this, she does not go to the Three Sisters Inn under normal circumstances any time of the year.
  • She claims all Dark Elves love the sun, herself included.
  • She has some capacity at cooking, and she once requested Aden to try a Rice Ball she made, to which Aden said it was "pretty good."
  • She holds the unusually immature belief that anyone who dislikes flowers is a "bad person". Still, her fondness for flowers is uncanny.
  • Though not well represented in-game, Maerwen claims that she and Violet occasionally discuss plants for long periods of time.
  • She hates the cold of winter, but she loves snow.
  • Once you get a higher Friend/love level with Maerwen, Aden has a chance of passing out when he's taking a bath. Maerwen comes to save him, to which a embarrassed Aden questions if she saw anything while he was unconscious. Maerwen quickly dismisses it as unimportant though she's plainly embarrassed, hinting that Maerwen probably did see something unintentionally.
  • Though the relationship between Sierra and Maerwen is rarely elaborated on, they bought a pair of matching Silver Rings, hinting they may be good friends. Ironically, at some point both of them lose their respective rings and request Aden to find it for them.
  • Maerwen's English voice actor is Karen Strassman. Also, Lara is voiced by this actress, too.
  • Dark elves can apparently see well in the dark.
  • She picked up her habit of reading after she came to Fenith Island.
  • She enjoys romance books.
  • She left the Dark Elf homeland to learn the ways of humans.
  • She isn't as good of a cook as Electra.