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Lynette (リネット, Rinetto, Linet[1] or Lynette[2]) is a character in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Lynette is hostile to the people of Kardia, and particularly to Raguna for most of the game. She is arrogant and gives very little thought to the destruction that the empire's campaign could wrought on the townspeople. She constantly gloats to Raguna and Mist the power of the empire and the (apparent) success of her plans.

When she is ordered by Ethelberd to commit suicide for her failures, and Raguna instead offers her a chance to live in Kardia, she has a change of heart. After that she moves into the town and tries to adapt to their customs, but as a foreigner she sometimes finds them strange.


When Lynette is in her wedding dress, her left eye is visible, and shown to be lighter than her right. This is likely because she is blind in that eye.


Lynette is the initial antagonist of Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. A Lieutenant of Sechs Empire military, she oversees the empire's operation of locating and controlling the Earth Dragon Terrable, who slumbers somewhere near Kardia.

Lynette is first seen after the first battle against Grimoire in Mt. Gigant, after Raguna goes to leave the area. Her name isn't given at the time, and she quickly teleports away, not even noticed by Raguna or Mist. Until Raguna reaches the end of Danaan Cave that he and Mist meet her correctly, she will reveal the empire's intentions for Kardia.

After the main storyline is cleared, she will move to Kardia and become an eligible bachelorette. Lynette will also have a change of heart and move to Kardia. She stays over at Mist's House but can be more often seen wandering around town, puzzling over the villager's strange ways.



First the player must complete the storyline for Lynette to move to Kardia and become a bachelorette. After that, befriend everyone in the village to at least 8 friend points.

Like other bachelorettes, the player can propose to her after reaching 10 love points. It can be tricky to propose marriage to Lynette since the conversation script randomly appears when the player talks to her. Simply keep talking to her until the marriage prompt appears.

Given that she is eligible after the end of the game, it's rather easy to skip her over for marriage. Also considering she appears at the very end, and there is not much to do after the story is over, some players may not see much value in pursuing Lynette.

Lynette pretty much follows the same formula as many other bachelorettes in Kardia. Daily gifts, conversation, and participating in festivals will raise her love points. You can also increase her love points by talking to her during the Spring Festival and Beaches Open events, as well as the Moonlit Eve and Sacred Night.

The most difficult aspect of raising her love points is knowing where to find her, as she switches locations daily.


Lynette is directly responsible for Raguna's amnesia, which she explains was the work of medicines. She also explains that it's now impossible for him to recover his memories.


Loved "A(n) 4-LEAF CLOVER! Thanks! But, how did you know I liked them?"
4-Leaf Clover
Liked "A(n) [item]! Thanks! But, how did you know I liked them?"
Bamboo Sprout, L.Yogurt
Neutral "I don't really like the [item]."
Anything else
Disliked N/A
Hated N/A


Normal Schedule
6am - 9pm Outside Material Items
9pm - 6am Mist's House
6am - 9pm Outside Camus's Farm
9pm - 6am Mist's House
6am - 9pm Outside Mayor Godwin's Manor
9pm - 6am Mist's House
6am - 9pm Town Square
9pm - 6am Mist's House
6am - 9pm On the stairs to the beach
9pm - 6am Mist's House
6am - 9pm Kardia Chapel
9pm - 6am Mist's House
Monday - Friday (Raining/snowing)
6am - 9pm Kardia Library
9pm - 6am Mist's House
Holiday (Raining/snowing)
6am - 9pm Spearfish Shack
9pm - 6am Mist's House
All day Mist's House
Married to Raguna
All day Inside Raguna's house





  • Despite her implied expertise in combat, she is never fought as a boss or seen fighting anyone.
  • The Rune Factory Official Memoirs reveal Lynette to be descended from an old lineage of military commanders of the Sechs Empire.