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Lute (ルート, Root) is a character in Rune Factory: Frontier. He is a peddler and aspiring artist who shows up in Trampoli every Thursday, Holiday, and festival day.



Lute is a friendly and happy man. He enjoys his environment and often wants to express his feels in his paintings.


Lute has long red hair with matching red eyes.



Event #1

  • Requirements: Have the bedroom addition and purchase Lute's paintings[1].

Lute will only sell one painting per month. The 6th time Raguna buys the oil painting, he will tell Raguna a story[2].

Event #2


During Holidays, Lute will open his shop in the public square.


Category Name Cost Day Available
1 7 13 19 25
Furniture Large Storage Box 10000
Large Table 10000
Relaxation Curtain 10000
Smart Curtain 10000 After purchasing Relaxation Curtain
Elegant Curtain 10000 After Purchasing Smart Curtain
Summer Ocean 5000 2nd Floor Expansion
House in the Forest 5000 2nd Floor Expansion
Small Lake 5000 2nd Floor Expansion
Forest in Fall 5000 2nd Floor Expansion
Village in Winter 5000 2nd Floor Expansion
Mini Fridge 5000
Giant Fridge 10000 Kitchen Expansion
Full Sized Bed 20000 2nd Floor Expansion
Child's Bed 20000 After Marriage
Toy Box 5000 After Conception
Facilities Handy Kitchen 800
Great Kitchen 2000 Kitchen Expansion
Chef's Kitchen 8000 Kitchen Expansion
Handy Forge 2000
Great Forge 8000 Forge Expansion
Maestro Forge 28000 Forge Expansion
Handy Laboratory 1000
Great Laboratory 2500 Labratory Expansion
Research Laboratory 14000 Labratory Expansion
Forge Storage 10000 Forge Expansion
Lab Storage 10000 Laboratory Expansion
Cooking Tools Handy Frying Pan 400 Handy Kitchen
Great Frying Pan 1000 Great Kitchen and Handy Frying Pan
Legendary Frying Pan 2400 Chef's Kitchen and Great Frying Pan
Handy Pot 400 Handy Kitchen
Great Pot 1000 Great Kitchen
Super Pot 2400 Chef's Kitchen
Handy Steamer 400 Handy Kitchen
Great Steamer 1000 Great Kitchen
Master Steamer 2400 Chef's Kitchen
Handy Blender 400 Handy Kitchen
Great Steamer 1000 Great Kitchen
Mystical Steamer 2400 Chef's Kitchen
Handy Oven 400 Handy Kitchen
Great Oven 1000 Great Kitchen
Royal Oven 2400 Chef's Kitchen
Makers Seed Maker 5000
Yogurt Maker 2000
Yarn Maker 2000
Cheese Maker 1000



Loved Really?! I love Chocolate.
Liked Thank you. I'll gladly accept.
Milk, Cheese, Yogurt
Neutral "Thanks."
Cooking Oil, Curry Powder, Flour, Rice, Garlic, Wine, Egg, Honey, Dried Fish, Trout Sashimi
Disliked "[Item]... You shouldn't have."





  1. ファイナルパーフェクトガイド
  2. ルートの絵は1ヵ月に枚しか買えない。6回「あぶらえ」を買うと、ルートの絵が売れたという話を聞ける。