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"Ooh la la, it was so frightening I got chills! I'm all a-quiver."

Ludmila (ルドミラ, Rudomira, Ludmila[1]) is a character in Rune Factory 5.



A succubus who lives for love and is totally head-over-heels for the protagonist. Has great endurance and can put up with a lot of punishment. Enjoys finding herself in risky (and sometimes risqué) situations. Seems to do whatever she pleases but is actually quite serious and abides by her own set of rules. Her succubus nature has caused people to suffer in the past, so she tends to keep her distance from others. Her events also show she can be a masochist at times, and Oswald personally describes his friend as a weirdo.



Ludmila is a friend of Oswald and initially resided in his hideout. When it was attacked by SEED's monsters, Ludmila helped the others escape before hiding in a barrel and waiting for help to arrive. The player, on Oswald's request, later arrives and rescues her, causing her to immediately fall in love with them. After returning to Rigbarth, Oswald recommends for Ludmila to settle down in the town since she wasn't involved with his work with Gideon and that the player and Livia would take care of her. After taking the soul stone test, Ludmila is welcomed in and is directed to Simone for possible work.

She is later allowed to open a flower shop just south of the clinic. When the player attempts to locate Oswald again, they pay Ludmila a visit at her store, but she replies that she has not heard from him since splitting.


A Real Oddball

The player finds Ludmila being scolded once again by Scarlett for singing indecent songs near the Bridge of Hope. Unexpectedly, Ludmila is aroused by Scarlett's harshness and asks to be scolded more, but Scarlett realizes this and backs off from the situation, much to Ludmila's disappointment.

She then appears at the Great Tree Plaza with Hina and Julian watching one of Lucas' magic performances. Lucas proceeds to make branches disappear, but accidentally drops it on Ludmila. Surprisingly, Ludmila actually enjoys the pain and asks Lucas to drop a rock on her, but the player stops Lucas from carrying on as it might actually injure her.

The next day, the player visits her while she is trimming her flowers. During work, she accidentally cuts herself, and despite assuring the player that it's just a small wound, gets her hand bandaged by the player and is driven into ecstasy as a result. Later on, the player accidentally trips near their farm, and Ludmila sees this and springs into action by offering to take them to Simone immediately. To her surprise, the player starts laughing, which she initially mistakes as pleasure for the pain, but the player replies that they've never met anyone like her before; Enjoying pain as much as she can but genuinely rushing and caring for someone else in pain. Ludmila initially believes the player is confessing to her but gets shot down as her weird quirks overwhelm the player once more.

Event 2

Ludmilla is spotted by the player giving out free flowers, and while this is a financial loss, she insists that the happiness and gratitude of others is all she needs. The next day, she is spotted helping clean litter with Priscilla, Lucy, and Scarlett before she jumps the player. The player would end up cleaning town alongside the girls, but Ludmilla goes far and beyond by collecting the most trash the fastest. After the others leave, Ludmilla explains to the player that succubi like her feed off of people's emotions. While traditionally, they'd eat the dreams of others, she was different and was content in feeding off of positive emotions.

The next day, however, the player finds her collapsed at her storefront, and she reveals that she had been starving as she didn't have enough emotions to eat. She asks for the player's help as she hugs them tightly until her desires are finally sated, and she thanks the player before returning to work. The player admits that their own heart was beating rapidly during her sudden aggressiveness.


Loved Emery Flower, Giant Emery Flower, White Crystal, Giant White Crystal, Salted R. Trout
Liked Non grass Flowers, Flower Seeds, R. Trout, Rainbow Sashimi, Handknit Scarf, Fluffy Scarf, Thread, Rings, Love Scale, Prelude to Love
Disliked All other Furs and Downs, Object X, Trash
Hated Crimson Fur, Quality Fur





25 1240 20 35 201 35 20 70 190
RF5Fire.png RF5Water.png RF5Earth.png RF5Wind.png RF5Light.png RF5Dark.png RF5Love.png Weapon
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 50% 0% Staff
Default: RF5Weapon.png RF5Head.png RF5Shirt2.png RF5Shoes.png RF5Shield.png RF5Accessory.png
Aquamarine Rod


Skill Requirements
Relationship Level
Cure All - 1
Medipoison - 1
Mediparalyze - 1
Mediseal - 1
Dark Ball 3 Way Lovers 71
Dark Absorber Lovers 91




  • The name Ludmila is of Slavic origin: Lud means "people" and Mila means "love" or "dear". Together, Ludmila means "love of the people".