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"A boy who lost his memory when he fell from the sky, and became an acting prince by order of the holy dragon Ventuswill. He possesses the qualities of an "Earthmate," allowing him to communicate with nature and monsters. At first, he has no idea what to do as a prince, but gradually he learns to develop the country in his own way."
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Lest (レスト, Rest) is the male protagonist of Rune Factory 4. Rune Factory 4 begins with Lest falling out of the sky and developing amnesia after falling out of the sky and landing on Ventuswill, who is then kind enough to let Lest live in her castle.

From then on, Lest leads the the life of royalty. One of the new features Rune Factory 4 introduces in this role is the ability to help develop the town, according to older details from Marvelous. This is done via the Prince System, which allows him to construct buildings using Prince Points. The player will be able to create a blacksmith workshop, a pharmacy, and so on. Prince Points can also be used to hold festivals. Rune Factory 4 also has another special feature: you can play as any human character once you beat the game, if you order it with Prince Points.


On the first day of Spring, the player will be given two options on what they can say while riding an airship. Choosing "I'm flyin' high, baby!" will end up as Lest. Lest seems to be heading to Selphia to deliver a 'gift' to a person (female).

Growing impatient, he asks the joyful captain how close they are to Selphia. The captain reassures him that they are almost there, then asks if Lest wanted to do some sight-seeing. Lest gives a noncommittal answer. The captain tells him Selphia is a nice town, with its beautiful air and scenery. According to him, it has a great atmosphere, and you could "feel the protection of the god when standing on them roads". He guarantees that Lest'll enjoy her time there. A sad look crosses Lest's face. He hopes the captain's right, and he continues to look out the airship.

In two of the barrels on the airship, there are two rogue soldiers attempting to take over the airship and the 'thing' of Lest's. Both of them break out from the barrels and ambush Lest and the airship crew. One of them demands that Lest hand over the "thing" that he was about to give to the Native Dragon. The soldiers seem to have been 'researching' Lest and endeavor to take the 'thing' by force. Knowing that he had trained for emergencies such as this, Lest engages them in battle and manages to defeat them. After knocking the soldiers down, Lest takes out the "thing", wondering how they knew about it, while thinking that he must make haste. Suddenly, one of the soldiers sneaks up and strikes Lest from the back, knocking him unconscious and causing the 'thing' that he was holding to be tossed away from the airship.

Upon regaining consciousness, Lest is confused when asked by the soldiers about the 'thing'. As they continue to interrogate him, one of the soldiers suggests that Lest might have had amnesia from the shock of the blow to his head. The other soldier refuses to believe it, saying that Lest was just playing dumb. So he orders the other soldier to give Lest a fright so he would admit the truth. Finding it a brilliant idea, the other soldier drags Lest to the edge of the airship. At first, he was just trying to threaten Lest, but, getting a little too carried away, he accidentally kicks Lest off the airship.

Lest falls down from an incredible height, and he comes crashing down onto the head of a dragon. The dragon was very surprised to see that Lest was unhurt, aside from mild back pain. The dragon introduces herself as Ventuswill. Then, suddenly, a large man comes hurtling in, shocked at Lest's intrusion in the castle. Ventuswill addresses him as Volkanon, ordering him to stand down. She demands that Lest identify himself. Lest explains that he remembers nothing except his name. Upon this revelation, Volkanon bursts into tears and pulls Lest into a crushing bear hug as he laments his helpless condition. Then, with a look of realisation, Volkanon pulls away and suggests that Lest could be the prince they've been waiting for. Ventuswill senses an 'air of nobility' about Lest and asks him about how he had come to fall from the sky. Lest explains as much as he could recall about when he had been attacked on the airship. Ventuswill commands Volkanon to prepare a room for their 'prince', Lest is confused at first, until Ventuswill assures him that the room was for him, the 'prince'. Ventuswill tells Lest to live in the town, saying that "in doing so, you may find clues leading to your identity."

Later, Ventuswill asks Lest if he thought anything odd about her present manner of speech, as compared to how she spoke the instant after Lest landed on her head, Remembering how she spoke earlier, Lest remarks that Ventuswill sounds quite arrogant. Ventuswill clicks her tongue derisively, stating that it cannot be helped Lest noticed how loosely she spoke in reality. Lest later addresses her as "Lady Ventuswill", but Ventuswill asks that he simply call her by the name "Venti". She also asks (rather, orders) Lest to tell no one about her actually being informal. Soon, Volkanon enters the chamber to tell Lest that his room is ready, calling him 'Lord Arthur'. Lest is bewildered upon hearing it, insisting that his name really is Lest (or whatever name the player chose). Volkanon takes Lest to his already prepared room. Knowing that Lest is very tired, Volkanon tells him to sleep. Not given much choice, Lest goes to sleep until morning.

In the morning, Lest is stirred awake by a voice. When he gets out of bed, he finds a female butler, who presumably woke him up, sleep-standing by his bed. Lest could swear that the girl was just looking at him, but the girl continues to sleep. Lest rouses her and asks how she could sleep while standing. The girl says "I don't really know myself." She tries to recall why she's in Lest's room, then remembers that Volkanon had sent her to wake him up. Ensuring that Lest is definitely awake, she proceeds to introduce herself as Clorica, a butler in training. Lest introduces himself in turn, but Clorica thought that his name was Arthur, as she was told by Volkanon. Lest asks Clorica to call him by whatever the player chose instead, and Clorica honours his request. Clorica then serves Lest some apple pie, which Lest says looks very delicious. Clorica tells him cheerfully that apple pie is her favourite. Just before Clorica is about to take her leave, she tells Lest to go outside via the back door to go to the field. She explains that he must learn how to till and grow food, specifically to 'work', because, as Ventuswill apparently put it: "Those who do not work shall not eat." Recalling his 'assumed' title as a prince, Lest asks why should a prince commit himself to such labour. Clorica replies with: "Of course, who else would?" Lest thought that a prince was suppose to live an elegant lifestyle. Clorica responds by saying that he can 'till elegantly'. Helpless, Lest then goes out to check out the field.

There, another butler is standing in the middle of the field. When he sees Lest, he rushes towards him and calls him 'Prince'. He introduces himself as Vishnal, and he is training to be a full-fledged butler. He then begins teaching Lest about growing crops, giving presents to friends and befriended monsters, crops as cooking ingredients, crops that may grows into dungeons and runes. Lest then begins working on the field for a bit.

Vishnal says that Ventuswill was looking for Lest, so he visits her and asks a few questions. Ventuswill says that Lest is an Earthmate, an individual that enriches and communicates with the land through farm work. Then, Ventuswill says that she might be able to restore Lest's memory with her power. She tries but is unsuccessful, as she cannot restore one's "memory unless she was involved in it". She then suggests Lest could walk around town to see if anyone recognises him. He goes around the town meeting and asking people if they know him, but to no avail. He returns to Ventuswill, who sympathizes with his failure.

A person then comes addressing Ventuswill, stating that he is Prince Arthur D. Lawrence, the 13th Prince of Norad, who was due to arrive in Selphia that day. Realising that Lest is, in fact, not a prince, Ventuswill and Lest briefly quibble about the misunderstanding, before they decide that Lest should stay at the inn until things settle down. However, to everyone's surprise, Arthur offers to hand over his duties to Lest. Though they won't trade positions or names, Lest would take the title of 'Prince' and so run the town, while Arthur can attend to other matters. Lest is quite bewildered, but, after some encouragement from both Arthur and Ventuswill, he soon agrees. From that point onwards, he begins a new chapter of his life as the Prince of Selphia.


  • "How's it going?"
  • "Don't be too late!"
  • "I can't remember my name..."
  • "VENTI!!!"


  • Prince- by Vishnal
  • Pervert- By Dolce
  • You- By Leon
  • Cutie- By Nancy
  • Earthmate- By Ethelberd, Ventuswill, and Leon
  • Inconsiderate cur- By Ventuswill
  • Weirdo- By Dylas
  • Watson- By Illuminata
  • Sir Lest- by Volkanon
  • Funny Face Person- By Amber


  • Like most Rune Factory games, the protagonist suffers from amnesia at the start of the game, after a skirmish that takes place on an airship, and will be mistaken for the prince/princess that was to arrive that day. However, they will not live like royalty for long. They also have the ability to communicate with dragons. They will also start out with a prince level, which increases through gameplay and can attract tourists and build new buildings.
  • Like most other Rune Factory protagonists, Lest is an Earthmate.
  • He is one the first protagonists of the main game to have his memories at the beginning.
  • Lest means "for fear that".
  • When at the observatory, using the telescopes will make Lest comment on several allusions to games within the series:
  • The maximum level he can reach is 50,000.
  • At times, travelers will mistake him as being a girl by calling him "Cutie" and asking him to go on a date.
  • Selphia mailbox has a voice named Eliza which only Earthmate can ear.
  • Lest was originally going to have green hair just like Frey's.[1]