Something I promised Roy

Reward : Toyherb Seed

A Request From: Leonel
I promised Roy I'd let him borrow something. Could you give it to him for me?
Talking to Leonel, he asks Aria/Aaron to do a favour for him. He wants him/her to give Roy giant's gloves. He promised to let Roy borrow them, but he forgot. He gives the gloves to him/her.

After receiving the gloves, Roy says that he completely forgot about them. he asks that he/she thank Leonel for him.

Leonel is happy and rewards Aaron/Aria with a toyherb seed.

Help Me Out a Little

Reward : Cake

A Request From: Leonel
I'm not so great with fish, but I'm pretty sure this is no good. Can you help me?

Leonel tells Aaron/Aria that there's a particular fish that he really doesn't like to eat,
but he was thinking he should get over his dislike of it. He asks Aaron/Aria to catch him a sardine. They can be found on Blessia Island.

Aaron/Aria brings Leonel what he asked for. Leonel is still uneasy about eating it, but Aaron/Aria says that he/she believes in him. He says that he'll try and rewards him/her with cake.

Deliver This for Me!

Condition : Play as Aria.
Reward : Chocolate Cake

Something's Bothering Me...

Condition : Play as Aria.

There's Something I Want to Say

Condition : Play as Aria.
Reward : Play a wedding with Gordon.