Flower Festival :
Leonel: Today's the Flower Festival. I wonder if everyone's already gone to look at the flowers. Leonel

Aria: Do you want to go look at the flowers?

Let's go see the flowers together.

I'm going to take a look around.

Aria2 Aria: I'm going to take a look around.
Leonel: All right. See you there.


If you choose "Let's go look at the flowers together."...
Aria Aria: Let's go look at the flowers together. The tree in the Alvarna Academy is really pretty.

Leonel: All right, let's go! (Spoken: Very nice)

(Wide Smile with musical Notes)
Aria Wait for me at the Alvarna Academy. I'll be there right away. Leonel

After walking to front of school...

Aria Aria: (We're supposed to meet here.)

Leonel walks up.

Aria Leonel: Hey, Aria. Leonel
Aria Aria: Oh, Leonel. You came. Leonel
Aria Aria: So do you want to go look at the flowers? Leonel
Aria2 Leonel: Yeah. (Wide mouth smile)

They walk over...

Aria2 Aria: They're pretty! I love the cherry tree.
Aria2 Leonel: Ha ha ha, I like it too. (Wide mouth smile)
Aria Aria: Leonel, aren't you going to try climbing the trees like Roy and the rest? (Wide Mouth Smile)
Aria Leonel: I'm not very good at it, so... Leonel4
Aria6 Aria: Oh. Well, I'm not really good at it either. Leonel4
Aria6 Leonel: Really? I thought you were pretty good at it, Aria. Leonel
Aria Aria: You shouldn't just make up things about me in your head, Leonel! Leonel
Aria Leonel: Ha ha ha, sorry. Leonel4
Aria Leonel: Hey, Aria. Leonel
Aria Aria: What is it, Leonel? Leonel
Aria Leonel: Do you like Spring? Leonel
Aria Aria: Spring? Yeah, I like it. Leonel
Aria Leonel: Ha ha ha, me too. The weather starts to warm up and feel nice again. (Wide Smile)
Aria2 Aria: Yeah, it does. (Wide Smile)
Aria2 Leonel: Sometimes, I'll doze off without even noticing it. Even when I'm outside. Even when I'm at school. Leonel4
Aria6 Aria: Ha ha ha, you could get in trouble for that. Leonel4
Aria6 Leonel: Ha ha. Yeah, I'll have to be more careful. Leonel4
Aria2 Aria: Well, we should probably get going. Leonel4
Aria2 Leonel: Yeah, let's go. Leonel
Aria2 Leonel: See you later, Aria! (Wide mouth Grin)
Aria2 Aria: Bye! (Wide Mouth grin)


Morning, Aaron/Ariel.

Kyle's back

It's so great that your dad
came back, Aaron/Aria!

First, second talk

  • The first talk may depend on the encounter area, and the time of the day.
  • The second talk may depend on season, or today weather.

1. It's cold outside,

so I'd rather stay in here.

2. It looks like the snow has painted

the ground white.