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Leonel (リーン, Rean) is a bachelor in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



He is very sweet and kind. Leonel also enjoys cooking, and will often tell the main character that he really likes Mana's classes.


Leonel has loose blonde hair with a soft wave to it. He wears as short-sleeved green and white shirt with a large blue bow on the collar, and a red off-the-shoulder cloak with white lace edging. The cloak matches his hat, which is a beret-style cap adorned with white feathers. He wears brown shorts and blue cloth boots, and has an overall soft appearance. He is often mistaken for a girl, which really bothers him.


Leonel appears in the 2nd Generation as the son of Barrett. He is a friend to Aaron/Aria and supports them in their quest to find their father.


He is Barrett and Dorothy's son, as well as Mayor Byron's grandson. If Kyle married Dorothy, he will be the son of Barrett and Yue instead.


Generally, Leonel prefers cooked foods, and is especially fond of sweets. He likes nearly every kind of cake except cheesecake. He also likes Sardines.

Birthday Gift

Leonel's birthday gift is Mixed Juice. It can be crafted by mixing Fruit Juice and Vegetable Juice.

Favorite Gifts

Loved I love these! Thanks!
Liked I like to eat these! Thanks!
Chocolate Cake
Neutral What? I can have it? Thanks!
Trash, Sardine, Sardine Sashimi, Dried Sardines, Sardine Sashimi, Hot Chocolate, Steamed Cake, Pound Cake, Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate, Pudding, Pumpkin Pudding
Disliked Ughh.... Um, I don't really want that...


Leonel attends Alvarna Academy during Mana's classes (9am - 11:30am). The rest of the time, he is usually at home in Mayor's House 1F.