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Lucia (ルシア, Rushia) is the son of Raguna.



Not much is known about Lucia's personality, but he probably takes after Raguna.


Lucia takes after Raguna, so his appearance won't change no matter who Raguna marries. Raguna has the choice of having girl, boy, or leaving it up to fate (random).

Like any other Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games, once the child reaches Full-Grown stage, he or she has completely "mature" and can't grow up anymore.


30-35 days upon marrying one of the bachelorettes, she will become pregnant. The player must obtain Children's Bed from Lute, which is available on most Holidays and costs 20,000 G. The child will be born within two months.


If you married Eunice:

If you married Lara:

  • Wesley (not in game, grandfather)

If you married Bianca:

If you married Tabatha:

If you married Cinnamon:

If you married Rosetta:

  • Jean (grandfather, not in game)



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