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Leon Karnak (レオン・カルナク, Reon Karunaku) is a location in Rune Factory 4.


Inner Locations

Leon Karnak Map.png

Area Monsters Items Chest Notes
A1 Sano and Uno - If you scale Leon Karnak before activating the Memories event, these bosses will refuse to fight you.
A2 - -
A3 Sarcophagus - The entryway to this room is blocked by Sano and Uno. They must be defeated whenever you wish to enter.
B1 - -
B2 Goblin Don, Minotaur King Orichalcum Ore
B3 Arch Daemon, Minotaur King Orichalcum Ore -Save Point-
C1 Goblin Captain, Goblin Don, Little Emperor, Malm Tiger, Minotaur King Orichalcum Ore, X1 Box There is a pressue switch controlling a barrier hidden under the box. Break it with magic to proceed.
D1 Arch Daemon, Goblin Don, Little Emperor Ellie Leaves
D2 - X1 Box

Purple Lever in this room.

The warp area in this room will take you to C2. You will need to backtrack to open a path straight through this room.

D3 - Ellie Leaves, Orichlcum Ore, X1 Box
D4 Grimoire 2 -
E1 Little Emperor, Malm Tiger, Nappie Rune Crystal, X2 Boxes -Save Point-
F1 Goblin Captain, Nappie X3 Boxes
F2 Little Emperor, Mineral Squeek
F3 Malm Tiger, Mineral Squeek
F4 Little Emperor, Malm Tiger, Nappie X1 Box
F5 Goblin Captain, Goblin Don - Red Lever in this room.
F6 Goblin Captain, Goblin Don -
G1 Goblin Captain, Goblin Don, Nappie
G2 Goblin Captain, Goblin Don Orichalcum Ore, X2 Boxes Lamellar Vest, X3 Vital Gummies Yellow Lever in this room.
G3 Goblin Captain, Goblin Don X2 Boxes
G4 Chipsqueek, Furpy, Mineral Squeek -
H1 - -

-Save Point-

Go south to Selphia Plain - West. The door in this room will take you to Rune Prana after you have defeated Sarcophagus for a second time.

This area unlock after you have completed the main story plot. This area is parts of the memories event.


Into this dungeon, you may encounter the following monsters

Sanno, Uno, Sarcophagus, Grimoire 2
Arch Daemon, Goblin Captain, Goblin Don, Little emperor, Malm tiger, Chipsqueek, Furpy, Mineral squeek, Minotaur King, Nappie



Monster's drops
Ellie Leaves, Orichalcum Ore, Rune Crystal
Chests and from 1 to 3 item's boxes
Lamellar Vest, Vital Gummies