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Leon (レオン Leon) is a bachelor in Rune Factory 4 and Rune Factory 4 Special..

He is the second bachelor to have a monster form, which the protagonist must defeat in order to unlock him and to continue on with the game's plot. Leon's monster form originally hailed from the tower-like temple dungeon known as Leon Karnak, which is situated far West from where Selphia is.



Leon is earnest in everything he does, from work and research to riling up the townsfolk. Shrewd and light-hearted, he sincerely enjoys chaffing people—especially those who, according to him, take everything far too seriously—but it's assuredly all in good fun. He likes a hint of danger in all aspects of his life to spice things up, and is always on the hunt for something to entertain him. Even so, he remains a grounded individual with an undeniable maturity to him. He easily perceives shifts in mood and atmosphere, which is probably what allows him to so deftly steer a conversation and get everyone caught up in his pace. Many of his friends come to him for advice, and he genuinely listens to them, though he doesn't miss any opportunity to introduce some well timed levity. In actuality, he cares deeply about others.

Out of all the Guardians, he seems to be the one who struggles most with mentally reconciling himself with the dramatic change in era, even as he appears fully integrated into his new surroundings and perfectly mingles with the townspeople. He occasionally slips into quiet, contemplative moments, but he rarely mentions his troubles and avoids putting his heart on his sleeve by pulling on everybody's legs. Whenever the conversation seems at risk of taking a graver, more personal tone, he smoothly changes the topic by teasing the opposite party.


Leon possesses more traits of his monster form compared to any other Guardian. He has fox ears, a fox tail, and runic patterns on his face.


Leon was born hundreds of years before the main plot into an unnamed family. He was childhood friends with a girl named Maria, and even promised to marry her eventually. At some point, he became a dragon priest to Ventuswill and would often listen to people's problems. When traversing the Forest of Beginnings at Leon Karnak, it is revealed that Leon chose to sacrifice himself both for his duties and to save Ventuswill as a friend. After being sent off by his friends and family, his body was fused with the earth's runes to keep sending power to Ventuswill, and he thus became the first Guardian.

He slept for centuries until being awoken by either Lest or Frey upon defeating Sarcophagus. Through using a magic ring, the protagonist sends him back to town, allowing him to reunite with Ventuswill. After being brought to town, Leon decides to stay at the inn run by Lin Fa and Xiao Pai. He finds the antics of both the mother and the daughter amusing and quickly takes to teasing them, becoming fairly close to them in the process. However, he sees them more as friends than as family members.


Rune Factory 4 Leon Town Event - A Day In Leon's Life

A Day In Leon's Life

A Day In Leon's Life () is Leon's town event. Leon can be found speaking with Vishnal. They appear to be discussing a book, and Vishnal suggests that he speak with Kiel, as he is more knowledgeable than he seems.

A Letter From the Past

Spell Upgrading

Leon can upgrade spells for you once he has been rescued. It should be noted that musical spells (which allow your party members to perform at higher levels) and weapon skills (that allow you to perform a special move based on your current weapon) will BE ACCEPTED AS A GIFT, as Leon cannot upgrade those. Also, you must have the item in your bag for him to upgrade the spell - this is not treated as a quest, but more of an exchange where the upgrade is performed on the spot or not at all. The costs for upgrading spells to each level are as follows (with the base as level 1):

Level Item requested
1 [Spell base]
2 500G
3 3000G
4 Sapphire
5 Platinum
6 Orichalcum
7 Turnip's Miracle
8 Dragonic Stone
9 Rune Crystal
10 Small Crystal


There are no requests in Rune Factory 4.


Being a former Guardian, Leon is naturally an old friend of Ventuswill, and he teases her only as much as he loves her. He feels that formality doesn’t suit her in the slightest, although it was certainly an amusing sight to him while it lasted. She finds his cockiness insufferable, but cherishes him dearly as a friend.

Leon gets along well with all of the bachelors. Leon often winds up Dylas because he’s so grumpy and finds his squabbles with Doug doubly entertaining. He notes that Vishnal is extremely gullible, which makes him a prime target for his teasing. He shares a business relationship with Arthur, who sees through him more easily than most, but also enjoys his company outside of work. Kiel especially looks up to him, and Leon pulls his leg not only because Kiel’s innocence makes it easy for him, but also because it gets a reaction out of his overprotective sister, Forte. However, it is easy to see that Leon is softer on Kiel than on others.

Because he stays at the inn, Leon also builds a rapport with Lin Fa and Xiao Pai. Since they’re such an eccentric pair, they never fail to amuse him with their antics, and they are just as easy to make fun of. As he does with others, he maintains a relatively polite distance from them, being especially respectful towards Lin Fa, as she is technically an ‘elder’ (which she takes offence at and he regrets ever saying). In spite of that, however, both of them end up learning how to read him fairly well, and while they never become as close as family, they share a good friendship.


Loved Ah...! Are you sure I can have this? I'm surprised you knew that I love this.
Ha ha! Thank you! This is my +favorite+ dish. Hmm, when should I have it?
Grilled Lamp Squid, Salted R. Trout
Liked Ah, @アイテム9@. May I have it? Thank you. I +really like+ grilled seafood.
Ah, I smell the scent of grilled seafood! Is this for me? Thank you. I find all kinds of +cooked seafood+ to be +tasty+.
Ah, thank you. I like item. I find the +numbing tingle+ in the spice to be quite exciting.
Ah, is this for me? I +like exciting foods+ almost as much as I like grilled seafood. Thank you.
Ah, @アイテム9@! Thank you. If this was grilled and salted, I could ask for nothing more.
Ah, @アイテム9@! Thank you! Did you know that this is slightly poisonous to eat?
RF4Rainbow Trout.png Rainbow Trout, Grilled Snapper, Grilled Gibelio, RF4Charm Blue.png Charm Blue, RF4Rainbow Sashimi.png Rainbow Sashimi, RF4Lamp Squid Sashimi.png Lamp Squid Sashimi, Grilled S.Flounder, Grilled Shrimp, Salted Char, Salted Chub, Grilled Snapper, Grilled L. Snapper, Grilled Skipjack, Grilled Mackerel, Salted Pike, Grilled Turbot, Grilled F.Flounder, Grilled Squid, Lamp Squid, RF4Rainbow Sashimi.png Rainbow Sashimi, Pom-Pom Grass
Neutral Item? May I have it? Mushrooms can be amusing. Some have poison, some don't.
Item? May I have it? Thank you.
You want to give this to me? Thank you.
Item? If you're giving it away, I'll take it.
Ah, item. I'll take it. Thank you.
RF4Salmon Onigiri.png Salmon Onigiri, Pickled Turnip, Hot Chocolate, Boiled Egg, Glazed Yam, Grape Liqueur, Boiled Pumpkin, Masu Trout, Squid, Salmon, Cherry Salmon, RF4Moondrop Flower.png Moondrop Flower, Elli Leaves, RF4Pink Cat.png Pink Cat, Cherry Grass, Lamp Grass, Blue Crystal, Ironleaf, Super Ironleaf, 4-Leaf Clover, Noel Grass, Autumn Grass, RF4Antidote Grass.png Antidote Grass, Ayngondaia Lawn, Char Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi, RF4Squid Sashimi.png Squid Sashimi, RF4Poison Powder.png Poison Powder, RF4Spore.png Spore, RF4Poison King.png Poison King
Disliked Is this for me? I'm afraid item is too bland for me.
... What do you expect me to do with this?
Milk Porridge, Hot Milk, RF4Milk (S).png Milk (S), RF4Milk (M).png Milk (M), RF4Milk (L).png Milk (L), RF4Failed Dish.png Failed Dish, RF4Scrap Metal.png Scrap Metal, RF4Rare Can.png Rare Can, RF4Can.png Can, RF4Object X.png Object X, RF4Weeds.png Weeds


22 2950 358 32 150 24 112 48 150
Weapon Type Default Shield
Spear Halberd


Leon can be seen fishing during most mornings near the pond in Selphia's residential area.




  • Leon is the oldest bachelor in Rune Factory 4.
  • Leon shares the same birthday as Mana from Rune Factory 2.
  • Leon has the same voice actor as James from Rune Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.
  • During the Buddy Battle, Leon's team is the strongest the protagonist faces.
  • Leon will upgrade magic scrolls for money, gems and rare items, depending on the level of the scroll. However, he will not upgrade rune abilities.
  • The two foxes with Leon at Leon Karnak are named Uno and Sano.
  • His full name is Leon Bastet VIII. It was revealed in Rune Factory 4's Official Comic in Nintendo Dream.
  • Coincidentally, the name "Leon" is backwards of "Noel", the official name for the potential male child of the player.
  • Of all the bachelors and bachelorettes, Leon is the only one not to be listed in the instructions booklet that comes with the game on the heroes/heroines pages. This is likely just an oversight, seeing how the spacing of the bios for each bachelor and bachelorette would have required Leon to be on a completely new page.
  • Nicknames the female protagonist can call him after the confession event are Darling, Leo, Mr. Leon, Leo-Leo and Sir Leon. Nicknames he offers to call you are Love, You, Li'l <Name>, My Lady and Princess <Name>.