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Leann de Sainte-Coquille (ラムリア・レムナンド・ヴィヴィアージュ, Ramuria Remunando Viviāju, Lamria[1] or Lumlia[2]) is a character in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



Leann takes traits from both sides of her family: being self-conscious like Julia having love of food from Max. She is a very polite, friendly and intelligent girl. Leann has the top marks in the class, except for sewing.

Leann is known for being quite kind and quiet. She is often lost in her own world.


Leann has her father's blue eyes and light skin, with green hair inherited from her mother. She wears a layered pink and white dress decorated with lace edges, bows, and off-the shoulder lace sleeves. She wears her hair down, with a green ribbon keeping it out of her face.


Leann is Max's daughter, Rosalind's niece, and Herman's granddaughter. Leann and Orland are good friends, but often asks throughout the seasons about pure friendship between a boy and girl being possible.


At first, Leann appears to be a quiet, romantic girl like her aunt Rosalind. But as Aaron and Aria get to know her, they realize she is very ambitious, but suffers a perfectionist streak. Her grades in sewing suffer because of the pressure she puts on herself, but Aaron and Aria manage to help her relax a bit and let go of her high expectations.

Mock Wedding

Leann is a mock marriage candidate for Aaron.


Leann is a foodie like her father, and her favourite is youCheese Fondue. But she also likes more regular cooked items like Pizza.

Gift Preferences
Sapphire Ring
Loved "Wow! [item]! Are you sure I can have this? I'm so happy! Thank you, [Name]! ♪ Milk products are so good for you, aren't they? Oh, it's wonderful! I love it! ♪"
Cheese Fondue
Liked "Wow! [item]! Are you sure I can have this? I'm so happy! Thank you, [Name]! ♪ Oh, it's wonderful! I love it! ♪"
Mixed Ole, Pizza
All other items
Disliked "Ah... [Name]... This is [Item]? I... don't really like these..."




  • She tells Aaron and Aria of the Turnip Tale, mentioning Mist of Rune Factory.
  • She has the same birthday as Ryker from Rune Factory 5.