Leann (ラムリア・レムナンド・ヴィヴィアージュ, Ramuria Remunando Viviāju) is Max and Julia's daughter.

Leann takes traits from both sides of her family, her self consciousness from her mother and her love of food from her dad. She is a very polite, friendly and intelligent girl. Leann has the top marks in the class, except for sewing. She seems to be interested in the opposite gender and seems to be friends with everyone in class.

Leann is known for being quite kind and quiet. She also is considered strange, telling you of the Turnip Tale, mentioning Mist of Rune Factory. Leann and Orland are good friends, but often asks you throughout the seasons about pure friendship between a boy and girl being possible. She can be portrayed as very curious or just lost in her own world.





Sapphire Ring

Favorite Gift:

"Wow! _____! Are you sure I can have this? I'm so happy! Thank you, [Name]! ♪ Milk products are so good for you, aren't they? Oh, it's wonderful! I love it! ♪"

Cheese Fondue

Liked Gifts:

"Wow! _____! Are you sure I can have this? I'm so happy! Thank you, [Name]! ♪ Oh, it's wonderful! I love it! ♪"

Mixed Ole, Cheese Fondue, Pizza


"Can I really...have this for free?"

Trash, Mixed Herbs, Mixed Juice, Seafood Pizza


"Ah... [Name]... This is [Item]? I...don't really like these..."

Pickled Turnip, Green Peppers

Second Generation

If you play as a boy in the Second Generation she can be a marriage candidate for the mock wedding. Another one of her favorite things are Cheese Fondue and Mixed Ole. She is the most mature acting out of all the girls.