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Lackadaisy (レストラン「気の向くままに」, Resutoran "Ki no Muku Mama ni") is a location in Rune Factory 5. It is a restaurant run by Elsje and Fuuka.


This store can be upgraded 3 times by buying the renovations from Palmo's Studio. Each of these expansion adds new inventory to the shop.

The first upgrade allows the restaurant to sell 2 cooking breads per day. It costs 50 material stone, 50 lumber, 500 seed points, and 8,000G.

The second upgrade adds co-op cooking functionality to the restaurant and I believe it expands the inventory again. * If anyone can clarify cost details please do.

The third upgrade is expensive and I do not know what happens yet.


The inventory this shop sells is expandable as it is upgraded by Studio Palmo.

Shop Page Item Gold
Dishes 1 Bread Buy: 440G Sell: 145G
Dishes 1 Pike Sashimi Buy: 150G Sell: 13G
Dishes 1 Salted Pond Smelt Buy: 600G Sell: 173G
Dishes 1 Rice Porridge Buy: 190G Sell: 57G
Dishes 1 Orange Juice Buy: 290G Sell: 92G
Dishes 1 Dumplings Buy: 150G Sell: 45G
Dishes 1 Onigiri Buy: 180G Sell: 57G
Dishes 1 Grilled Squid Buy: 800G Sell: 250G
Dishes 1 Grilled Girella Buy: 900G Sell: 295G
Dishes 1 Sweet Potato Buy: 870G Sell: 240G
Dishes 1 Croquettes Buy: 4000G Sell: 1300G
Dishes 1 Flan Buy: 2500G Sell: 832G
Dishes 1 Cookie Buy: 5980G Sell: 1960G
Dishes 1 Salmon Sashimi Buy: 570G Sell: 100G
Dishes 1 Baked Apple Buy: 550G Sell: 175G
Dishes 1 Risotto Buy: 7000G Sell: 2300G

Inner Locations

Restaurant Dining Area

The restaurant dining area contains five tables for customers to eat at. This area is one of the best areas in the game to increase the affection levels of multiple NPC's without running around Rigbarth, pay a visit to it, especially at dinner time around 5 - 7 PM.

Fuuka's Den

Fuuka's den is located in the basement of Lackadaisy and contains her bed and other belongings. There are some interactive elements here but nothing particularly interesting.