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"I do not know who I am or where I came from. I only know that I have been wandering, searching for…something. But this town… Could this place be what I've been looking for?"
Kyle (カイル, Kyle) is the protagonist in the first generation of Rune Factory 2. He suffers from amnesia but felt a strange pull to Alvarna. Once you have your baby and build the school there will be a scene in the middle of the night were he realizes why he felt a pull to Alvarna but isnt revealed to the player. He is an Earthmate, like most Rune factory protagonists. He will have seven bachelorette choices, Mana, Julia, Alicia, Dorothy, Cecilia, Rosalind and Yue.

Kyle is the Main Character in the First Generation of Rune Factory 2. The protagonist who lost his memory. With the help of Mana, he works on her farm and begins his adventure completing requests for villagers, fighting monsters, courting the candidates for marriage, and farming.

After Marriage and a child, Kyle asks Byron to build a school, realizes why he had come to this town in the first place, and then leaves unexpectedly. Control of the game then shifts to either Aaron or Aria, depending on the gender of the child.

When his child got old enough, Kyle had left in the middle of the night, in order to fight a dragon. The dragon said that it wanted to punish the village, so Kyle went to defeat the dragon. His child (Aaron/Aria) knew that their father (Kyle) had gone and never came back. Then, his child fights monsters to find clues about Kyle. After that, his child found the clues and defeated the dragon. After the dragon's defeat, Kyle went back to home, and lived happily with his family again. But, the Player can't play as Kyle again, Kyle will just stand at near the fire pitch in home or the farm at afternoons. You can also exchange gifts with him.