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"I do not know who I am or where I came from. I only know that I have been wandering, searching for...something. But this town... Could this place be what I've been looking for?"

Kyle (カイル, Kyle) is the protagonist in the first generation of Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.



With the help of Mana, he works on her farm and begins his adventure completing requests for villagers, fighting monsters, courting the candidates for marriage, and farming.


Kyle, Aaron, and Aria all look alike.


Kyle wanders into Alvarna with amnesia. He stays at a run-down form and works to get it up and running again.

Second Generation

When his child got old enough, Kyle left in the middle of the night, in order to fight a dragon. The dragon said that it wanted to punish the village, so Kyle went to defeat the dragon. His child (Aaron/Aria) knew that their father (Kyle) had gone and never came back. Then, his child fights monsters to find clues about Kyle. After that, his child found the clues and defeated the dragon. After defeating Fiersome, Aaron/Aria will see Kyle and he will say the most unfortunate thing that will make them sad, but the child can still bring Kyle back by the use of the spellbook, Omni-Gate. It was created by an Earthmate and it will lead to the Forest of Beginnings.

The child should go to the Shrines of the 4 Dungeons and defeat all boss to get all the Ancient Stone Tablets. Now that the tablets are now complete, the child can now show them to Barrett and get the Omni-Gate from the Library at the school. After that, the main storyline will end and the ending credits are shown.

Upon bringing Kyle, he will now live in house. Everyone will talk about Kyle. Unfortunately, the player can't play as Kyle again. The child can now see Kyle inside the house and sometimes in the farm. He/She also exchange gifts with him. Giving him anything will result in him giving him or her something in return.


He has to choose between seven bachelorettes: Mana, Julia, Alicia, Dorothy, Cecilia, Rosalind and Yue.